Monday, February 28, 2011


 After these intensely gooey Brownies made their Debut here , u'd wanna think its raining brownies..well id love to think of it that way , but here's a birthday celebration.
And i think i should call these Super cuteeee+ super quick, one bowl , zesty , chocolaty ,light and  yummm, chocolate brownie babies.
Apparently , yes , i have not learnt the art of writing short and sweet yet, so please put up with my lonnng tittle's till then.

Super quick , coz all u do is melt the butter, chocolate and brown sugar in a pan , add vanilla and some zest rubbed vanilla sugar , when cooled stir in an egg, and fold in flour and bing, ur brownie batter is ready to bake and this is one delicious batter , but then i love to eat all sorts of batters , yeah me , the very me who really doesnt fancy raw eggs.
 I actually thought i'll bake them in a pan and then cut them out with my little heart cookie cutter , but then decided otherwise.
The lemon zest in there, is jus so light , yet a good addition.
Baking With Dorie , started by the wonderful ,GrapeFruit , is celebrating ,one year of baking thru , Baking from My home to yours , and im glad to be part of this small group and today celebrate one year of (not)baking with them.
 And no , i havent been for a year , but the few months i have been here , i have baked some wonderful goodies along with the gang.
Pretty in pink here.

 We have something special for u , these little babies ,packed all up, hope u enjoy...
We sure are....
These are the cutest brownies ever , i mean they are called brownie Buttons and thought the pics might not show it , they are tiny , half of my little finger , almost.
And i can't seem to resist hearts , vanilla and pink , besides other things so u have an overdose here too, with a Fair warning , lods of pics - step by step and finished babies.
 And they are a really good chocolaty snack to have , when those sweet pangs , strike after lunch , early evening , or night ...well for me they strike in the mornings and then i cant seem to get rid of the pangs thru out the day , i need something sweet and if its gooey and chocolaty ,all the better.

Plus they are so easy and super quick to put by 
Sugar, this is not jus sugar , but Bourbon Vanilla Sugar, i keeping adding an used bean and sugar there, someday i will soon have more beans and less sugar.
1 tsp of sugar .....
With lemon zest , not that i didn have fresh lime's , but when i have a pack of European Lemon Zest , waiting to be tried , i couldn resist and its truly has an excellente fragrance...
It aint only about the zest in the sugar , but rubbing the zest in the Vanilla sugar....oh things got all aromatic here......Zesty fragrant Lemony Vanilla sugar...
And here's all set to melt the 53% cacao Callebaut chocolate with salted butter and brown sugar....
And when the melted gooeyness has cooled a bit , break in an egg , some vanilla extract , and stir well till smooth and glossy.
Next fold in the flour , and since i had some european peal as well , which i LOVE, along with my baby mini Callebaut choco chips , i added some of that too.
Stir ,till jus blended.
Thats it , scoop into well buttered mini molds ,i halved the recipe and got 17minis , and put a tsp or 2 of water ,in the empty cups, to keep things moist and warm ,and bake in a pre heated oven.
( i can't figure ,why oh why , did i forget to add some espresso powder in there, next time)
These are sooo quick and this is all the stuff i needed cool and quick is that.(i know im repeating a bit too often here , how quick and easy this one is , but it really is )
Set the timer to 14 to 16 mins , my oven doesnt take to timers very well and has a mind of its own , i had to put the timer for 20 mins twice.
And the only reason i use the timer is coz its Mickey Mouse , and i like the cute factor , ticking away on ,y counter.
So i go for the feel of it being done , here ,bake ,till it springs back to a light touch.
Cool for 3-5mins and gently take it outa the molds.
I didn feel like dressing these , coz i loveee that light crust that formed , i find it pretty, yet i went ahead and did a little almond choco drizzle.
 Here's how:- melt 53% cacao Callebaut buttons , with some salted butter, till melted , add a drop or 2 of almond oil , and dress up the babies.
Brownie babies with cupcake babies.
Some more.
Hearty loveeee.
I sure do wanna a bite , do u?
Sorry , couldn resist another angle.
RECIPE as i Baked it.
(original recipe at GrapeFruits blog )
zest of 1 lemon/1/2 tsp of European lemon zest rubbed into 1/2 to 1 tsp vanilla sugar
1.5 ounces 53% dark chocolate chips
42 grams salted butter
1ounce/3 tbh brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 small egg
3 tbh flour w a pinch of salt.

Method (details in pic above)
1) Melt Chocochips or chocolate , butter and brown sugar , in a pan , over really low heat , carefully and slowly, till smooth and glossy.
2) Add the extract and Vanilla sugar rubbed with lemon zest , and stir , leave to cool a bit.
3) Stir in the egg , till smooth and glossy and then fold in the flour.
4) Stir till jus blended n scoop into tiny ,well buttered molds , and put a tsp of water in the empty cups, bake in pre heated oven @ 350 degrees F , till they lightly spring back to touch.
5) Cool a bit and unmold really carefull , cool before covering or drizzling frosting over.
TOPPING (optional)
Melt some semi sweet choco chip, with butter , and add a drop , a wee drop of almond oil , and stir.
Drizzle or cover the brownie buttons.
On another very exciting note, i have joined in with my v wonderful pal Chaya, who has brought a few of us together to begin , a really wonderful group.
Yeah its us great pals, Faith, April , Yummy C, LouAnne, and meee.
We are going to have fun and share love  with good food , good frens and have really good times , how wonderful is that going to be....
wont u love great food , better frens = Happy Sunshine times...
Am sure u would , so stay tuned to know more ,though i think u guys have kinda guessed it right?
there will be prizes too , and we will be more than glad to have u join in , hope u do!

Am also sending these Buttons to Lisa @ Sweet as Sugar cookies for Sweet Saturdays.