Friday, February 25, 2011


A pairing of cheese and Guava paste make a Romeo and Juliet cake , here a totally vanilla cake , that has cheese in it , and covered with a 7hour home simmered perada, also with vanilla , and a little sprinkling of Lavender here and there...
I dressed up the cake as my imagination of Juliet , full of love ,as the shape of the cakes, with flowers and crystals pins in her golden hue'd hair , in long layered gowns of wispy lace , in pink....
Here shot , as rustically (ok sort of...) as might have been in the pathways and cobblestone ways of Europe...
Romance and in the 365....

Have the cake is the second group {the first one doesnt run anymore so this almost like first now}, i joined after joining in blogosphere!
I have lods of reasons as to why i have caught up inbetween one of the main being, i was without a laptop for a few months co our order was delayed by the company!
 Christmas time was delighting and we are thru the month of love , oh yeah lovee is in the air *365 and this is sooo wonderful!!
Its my turn to chose this months recipe and after going to and fro , around 4 , really wonderful but quick recipes  this one  finally  made me feel like i arrived home....jus fitted in ....for the month of love*365...
Before this one,I thought and baked and thought and baked ....and then baked some more and thought and came up with lodsss of baked goodies options, oh so right for valentines!
Some things dat will breathe love into the air after its a rustic if ur down the local coffee shop ,by cobblestones in Europe, having the most romantic holiday fo ur life and enjoying every min of dng so.... its the month of love after all and what could be better than the ROmeo and Juliet Cake , jus like the perfect pairing in love , {ok minus the tragic end}, here 's a perfect pairing of cheese and Guava paste....
Here's a link where u can make it easily at home or maybe buy it at a store , and well , if none of the options appeal to u ,dont fret , but go rite ahead and chose any pink /red, preserve/jam/jelly and make it ur own!

 Despite that i urge u to make ur own Goiabada/perada or Guava paste /jam , its so worth it and u will love and enjoy it on ur heart shaped toast at breakfast or a light snack at noon !
And with a hint of vanilla ,it makes it so muc better!

I'll wanted to post mine earlier but here i am,and yeah having them into heart shapes , adds to the fun even more , so get those heart shaped baking molds out!
I can think of so many ways to flavor this moist cake too , ofcourse along with Vanilla , say ur fav cinnamon or a clove or 2 or even lemon or orange zest!
I think Cardamon as well as saffron or lavendor would pair wonderfully too!
I think this cake would hold in a few of ur fav nuts as well but i think i would want it plain , as muc as i think coconut would make it even more moister , ofcourse i so want to stick to the original!
But the cheese has to be in , coz its the cheese and goiabada pairing that makes it a romeo and juliet cake , a perfect pairing.
Romeo and Juliet is the name of recipes that combines cheese and goiabada (guava paste).
A soft, light and moist cake with cheese flavor. A creamy and brightly colored topping of goiabada. The perfect pair!
U can read more about this tradition here and honestly i first found out about this on Talitha's wonderful blog and actually is the only real R&J recipe i could find online to the extent that the Romeo and Juliet site on Fb has posted her recipe, so its quite officially the Romeo and Juliet cake recipe.
Ofcourse u can use a recipe of a cake that has parmesan r cheese in it , but this one is the most authentic recipe.

My Suggestion is as far as possible to bake this HEART SHAPED , yeah lets all have heart shapes this month, but if u dont have the mold cool , bake as u wish , though BAke it Pretty , does have some cool heart liners, ie baker molds.
So lets begin ,shall we , and before we do i have to show u these eggs , these are free range organic eggs = eggs from home chickens...get 3 to 4 fresh daily , almost..
 And lets break 3 eggs, 3 nice and yellow eggs...
And some sugar, i used vanilla sugar ,and since mine had some lavender in there , there was Vanilla and Lavender happening eeverwhere...
+i added a vanilla bean there , honestly i really go overboard with this Spice....
And beat away for a good ten mins ,till really light and fluffy , i think i did this for almost 15mins and while the mixer was at work got the rest of the ingredients ready.
Now time to fold in the flour , and then add the whisked milk and oil , in 2 parts and lastly fold in the Parmesan cheese.
I loved what Corrine did ,so i had a little layer of guava cheese in the middle too...
After the first bite ,i realized i sure needed to add salt to the batter , ,so well its already baked so what i did was shave some himalayan pink salt on all the cakes...
Why did i dress this cake with flowers and glitter?
Coz i somehow think Juliet would be dressed in pink layered gowns , with flowers and crystals in her hair...
(conversions using my scale , so hope they are right , else stick to the grams)
3 large eggs
210g/1 cup/7.4ounces vanilla sugar or add half a bean scrapped in
200g/1.1/4th cup+1tbh/7.1oz flour
2 tbsp cornstarch
1 tbsp baking powder + 1/2 tsp salt
20g/3 almost heaping tbh/0.7ounces grated parmesan cheese
200ml milk(slightly warmed)
40ml oil

300g goiabada cubed (guava paste)

Preheat the oven to 350˚F. Grease a 22cm round pan or mini heart pans
Sift the flour, cornstarch and baking powder. Set aside.
Beat the eggs with sugar for 10 minutes in high speed.
Beat for more 2 minutes in slow speed ,till really light and fluffy.
Fold in the sifted ingredients, till blended.
Mix the oil and milk together and whisk lightly .
Mix in 1/4 of the oil and milk mixture in the batter.Fold in.
Mix in the remaining , into the batter and add the grated parmesan, fold in everything now.
Spoon into the pan and bake for 25 minutes.
Let cool on a rack.
Cover with goiabada.
if u making a layer inbetween , use a cookie scoop so u get a layer in the middle , like use a 2tbh scoop , place some guava paste , then cover with another 2tbh scoop full of batter.

Melt the goiabada with water. Let boil, stirring until reduce. Let cool slightly and cover the cake.
If ur using any Jam /jelly ,do the same , warm it with a splash of water , jus to liquefy and spread over the cake.

Am also sending these , Romeo and Juliet heart cakes, to Now Serving , For the Best Western Desserts Valentines Special where her dear fren Jan Silverman will be choosing the best desserts.