Thursday, February 10, 2011



Things I am loving this week , is something I am seeing all over blogosphere, but I dont yet where to link or who hosts this coz I have seen many a posts on different days.
Marlie and Me , a very sweet and wonderful blogger has a linky going ,and if u want her to say hullo to u , do link up here , and i too will say hullo and love ur posts ,when u link up here below.
 I sure did think thursdays would be wonderful but I think wednesday , mid week is even better, but still thursday does have a nice ring to it doesnt it:-)

Things im loving this week doesn't mean I dont enjoy them otherwise, its just a way to highlight all I enjoy, and what happens behind the scenes that make that joy a tad bit brighter.

To begin with I am loving that love is so in the air by 365, and I wish so much the same for you.

I am loving brewing coffee every single day and sipping some late noon and after dinner.
And no:-) I am too much of a sleepy head for it to keep me awake.

And its actually the nip in the air, that helps keep the coffee love alive.

Loving all the baking and cooking galore. And all the super cute stuff mom and bro get me.

And for now , am totally not having enough of going thru , my new lot of books .....

In the pipeline for these thursday specials are places to shop online,cute stuff and more.

Also looking forward to share blogger tips and tricks and how I am learning to tweak my html codes and sites with excellent tutorials.
As in also Blogger tips and tricks (how to),Nifty tools and more,Where to buy et all.

Ahh and one more thing, you will see more of me and what you'd call behind the scenes of my baking and cooking life.

I am so happy to meet you and know you and hope you are too.If u'd like to join in the fun , write a little about ur week too ,maybe a little incident that rocked ur boat , and put a smile that never went away.
Ur sweet time with ur little angel and more .....
Anything ,and if u want , maybe ur fav recipe of the week:-)
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Leave your links below of Sunshine Thursdays.
Any post is fine, even your fav baked goodies.
Just link back here and lemme know when you comment that you left a link so I can know right in my inbox that you did.
Or if not a post , u can still tell us in the comments , what was it , that made u smile today and this week , and take all the space u want :-)