Tuesday, September 27, 2011


A cake that's so buttery and pound like with lods of vanilla topped with orangey goodness and if that aint enough there is a nice orange vanilla buttery drizzle atop the little loafs before u top them with melted chocolate.
Some home made orange candied peel and sprinkles and u have a cute little Jaffa cake at hand to snack on or wolf down :-)
Besides all u need to do is dump all the ingredients @ stand mixer and whisk away till nice , smooth ,light and fluffy ( did a bit differently but for convenience more than anything else).

 Kimberly's blog made me feel even more romantic than i already am , i dont know if it was about her wedding or the mexican wedding cookies , but make me feel the love some more she sure did and once again i was so happy with my pairing @ Secret Recipe Club.

Kimberly aint just into but crafts too and i love she day dreams about moving to a beach , specially since i live in a land of beaches , with a beach less than 5mins away from home.

Walks in the evening never got better.

Though i so wanted to bake the wedding cookies , i promised someone to bake this cake for them today and i sure did.