Thursday, March 24, 2011



Vanilla Sugar is pretty much featured more than just a couple of times here and is repeatedly used in almost every dessert recipe.
Yeah , ur right , Vanilla sugar sure has me week in my knees and has me donuts, i love the whiff of the sweet aroma that floods my senses when i open by big fat jar of Vanilla Sugar.
 And here is a jar with a little hand written label , in a jiff.
Yeah , i know , this can be better and u can order v v pretty labels online , but these got done as i was jus rushing out the door and needed a jar to take along.......

And it pretty muc tells my pal , as i hand over the jar , of the wonderful sweet moments that are in store for them.....

Whether u are off for a dinner to friends , and a need a jar of sweet something to add to the basket or need to pep up a pal , this jar is sure to bring lods of smiles ur way....

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 So tell me , what's ur fav jar of home made goodness to take along to ur dear pal/s.........

If u'd like to join in the fun , write a little about ur week too ,maybe a little incident that rocked ur boat ,and put a smile that never went away n of ur fav home made goodness too....

Ur sweet time with ur little angel and more .....
Anything ,and if u want , maybe ur fav recipe of the week:-)
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Friday, March 18, 2011


If u have Butter ,Vanilla ,and Sel Gris( a goan one) added to flour , what else can u expect but deliciousness galore and lods of it.

Thats exactly what the Salted Butter Breaks ups that we are baking this week with FFwD , is all about , plus lods of fun.

I totally wanted to try these cut out too and at the same time didn wanna loose out on the fun of a large cookies that i could break out and dip with my coffee.(my fav current being Columbian coffee, which am sipping right now as i write).
The egg wash makes it so much easier to sprinkle some more salt , though i went the sprinkle way +  u can play around here , Lavender will be so so pretty , wouldn it ? 
Or maybe some saffron threads of Green sicilian Pistachios ?
Or jus ur fav salted nut , chopped jus the way u like it best?
Another thing i love about these is that they are nice and crispy around the edges and as u get closer to the center they tender with jus a bit of chew in them.

The smaller cookies baked crisp ,all the way thru though.
And its a very easy cookie too , u mix up and bring together the dough in a jiff , press and roll out into the thickness u want , refrigerate, paint egg wash n bake .

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My heart skips a beat…no 2 , im so overwhelmed and excited that am still tingling all over….this is totally wonderful!

Dom , thannxx a ton , i am loving reading ur thoughts(no , i am sure u dont want to know how many times i did:-) ), and u have company , V ,who i baked these for , refused to share or give them to anyone , ever…

Thannxxx a ton Sarah for bringing us this wonderful world of Forever Nigella!!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011


 If Oreo's are kind of cookie , these will be too.
They have that same ,almost same chocolaty flav ,and are filled with a filling close to the original.
For those in India , this one is a replica of the Pure magic cookie , which is also something i love.
 To begin with i have a filled Shamrock cookie, jus in time for St.Patricks aint it.
I didn sprinkle these with the salt but i think Vanilla Fleur de sal is so good.
 I know , my cookie cutter is like this and then i cut them out with mini hearts.

Baked sunday morns have thought me one thing for sure , that as fas as possible i shouldn miss out a recipe from Baked , coz they jus keep getting better + the fun of baking together is not to be missed.  

And then there are flowers, pretty flowers in time for Easter and Summer, jus round the corner.
What really made me joyful about these cookies , is the filling , always wanted to whisk a filling at home that resembled my fav packaged cookies , coz the way i eat them (read jus below) , i am always running out of cream.
+ i love packing tiffins so am always giving tiffins to family even when home and all those ''creamless'' cookies find their way to the tiffins , with complains galore later.
Infact now , nobody takes an oreo from me , coz its always without the filling.
this fillin recipe has solved this problem for life.
The filling is with more shortening and some butter with some light rum ( used butter extract instead of rum ) and vanilla extract.

Now whether an Oreo or Pure Magic, there is a way i eat these , i join all the filled sides together to make a sandwhich of 3 layers with 3 layers of the cream , yeah the cream is never enough and the rest i store in my pink , heart painted tin , to dip into Nutella and leftover fillings ,so there are no complains around home that urs truly eats all the cream and leaves the biscuits for the rest of the gang:-)

Friday, March 11, 2011

♥AN OPEN LETTER TO D PIONEER WOMAN-WITH the best cherry cake pudding ever!!!!!♥

I Love Pioneer women and with me ,a big whole world choruses....''we love her too'' ....and here is my open letter to her..which she might jus not ever read , though i hope she does :-)
We sooo loveee her......Whether she's asking u ,u like this thing or that thing?
I want to bake all her cakes too...
I love all she has to say about love and the way her children love, i love the romantic sweet love full of suprises and more [ and i aint talking about keepin plastic green snakes in d laundry in d hope of scaring malbro man,never mind u get scared the wits outa u , n thrice over:-))) ], but i love the daily kinda love too!!
I love a good sprinkling of both and i am saying this outa practice mind u, Love in action ,PW says, i second n 3rd and 4th dat, Ree!!!
That  doesnt mean i dont fancy Valentines day , i sure do....infact i love pink , red and hearts all year round (yeah these are baked in hearts too , and i wish i could lay my hands on the pink of the same ), but Valentine's for me is all year round , where hearts pop when i walk(in air) ...
The love when i see my mommy's beautiful face , first thing in the morning ....and she smiles....
The love, when she shuts the door , so quietly ,so that i can sleep some more.....
The love ,when am pouring over pots and pans , to fix lunch or dinner or brunch , with something or not ,my family requested...
The love, when we go for a lonnnngg drive , and there are giggles and laughter , and we stop to watch the sunset on the beach.....
The love ,when times are low, and we need 'us' more...
yeah Love is sooo in the air * 365...always.....
Ree , i lovee that in ur life too......

Her book, is peep into a life, her life, large size, u wont keep it down , till ur done, with the beautiful walk and the buttery ,and super yummy foods!!!
And i want to tell her about me too, i dont know whether she would want to know though:-(

But Ree's a super woman!!!
And she so adoringly knows when to call it a day , and asks u too;-))

Hi Ree,
( can i please Pinky Promise please say ''My dearest Ree'')
Against my hearts wishes , I have to sadly say you dont know me .

Monday, March 7, 2011


Savory and herby.
Not jus herby , but filled with herbs , to the brim ,which is a good thing here.

There are poppy seeds to make it prettier (ok fine i wasn't adventurous enough to add vanilla and i cant do without my tiny black seeds fixation , not to forget i have a rather large jar of poppy seeds)
And there's some slight garlicky goodness too , jus so , to add some garlicky to the home garden garlic chives.
If that aint enough, its cheesy , very cheesy , really , there is all kinds of cheese happening here , and it was the perfect bake to add in all sorts of cheese's that seem to be collecting in my refrigerator.
 Its nice to have cheesy and pockets said in the same sentence about this bread.
U can have it warm ,right out of the oven or 2 days later , if it lasts that long, lightly toasted , with butter.
Good with lunch as muc as with brunch as muc as that food basket u seem to carry everywhere u go,specially if u drive around with ur mom or sibling while they are at work.
 Really , its the bessst savory loaf i ever had , moist and flavorful, full of cheesy and herby goodness.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I am baking right now ,(ok now at the time of publishing its already baked n we have happily enjoyed more than half), of course u will see it (asap) too, right here.
But till then i so muc wanna know what these herbs are?
I know ,i know , its been more than a couple of times , that i find something and have never seen and used or had it before ,i love to blame it more to the village i come from in Goa than my frog in the well status , but honestly i am so comfortable with u guys , my readers , my frens.
U'll have helped many a times with fruits and veggies i never knew.
 The are flavorful and actually have a fragrance that makes me feel like im in a room full of basil , and i actually think like these are Baby Basil , maybe the bonsai kind?
 Or maybe Basil crossed with thyme? I really have no idea , hope u do.