Wednesday, August 24, 2011


If the word diet puts u off , well it does to me too (ignore the word in the tittle though), and for me its more of a lifestyle , eating a bit of everything.

But for someone who needs to shake off some pounds build up on eating (read binge'n)way too muc than normal amounts in the name of being a foodie , this is te way to go.

Now i have been working out for around 3 months and lost  weight (i loose faster than i put on bdw), totally into weight training to build that all that muscle which will continue too burn all my calories even while i sleep and absolutely enjoy it coz i love high energy and always have lods of it left even after a 2 hour workout ..
(sounds like music to the ears doesn't that ?? )

Still have some weight to knock off and the Dukan diet is more feasting than dieting + u eat healthy + u get to eat so muc variety + there are desserts for that sweet tooth too .
And in the later phases , u can eat everything u love too....

PS-- AM NOT FOLLOWING the DUKAn diet , am only incorporating some good habits into my lifestyle and there are some very interesting recipes to try and u can come up with , as u read thru the book.

I eat healthy around 3 times a week (and really healthy) and it works for me , the rest of the days its back to baking and feasting.

I love the 8 day Pure protien , attack phase to begin with , u see results the first day itself and that motivates u all the more.

Now am pretty used to see my scales making me happy for the last 3 months , and from the 3 months i have had around 7-8 weeks of bad eating ( read lotsa snacks and chocolate's) yet managed to loose weight but this diet u eat alot more (than i usually do) and still dont weigh heavy at the end of the day.

+ the first week totally detoxifies u , totally....


~~~ 1 onion is allowed per day in the Pure Protien phase , as that goes as seasoning .

~~~looking for options to replace my before workout cafe with 2 crackers / milk with Kellogs G  with a banana had me looking at the oat bran pancakes , an excellent option.

~~~ONLY 1.5 TBH OF oat bran allowed during this phase , either in pancake form or vanilla porridge (yummm with cardamon too)

~~~~Only 2 yolks but any number of white's allowed during this phase.

~~~the book has menu plans but honestly i dont eat that much and pretty cant :-)
~~~its best to stock on the food u need , like i simmered a pot full of soup , marinated lods of beef to grill at anytime , and baked a recipe of Vanilla COffee pudding which saw thru my sweet cravings for 3 whole days.
~~~Love what Dr.Dukan says , u arent going to deprive yourself of anything , your just not going to eat it for sometime , not forever , after awhile, when u reach ur desired true weight, u can enjoy all the foods u love.
~~~No vegetable , fruits , carbs , sugars during the Pure protien Phase but then are some really good desserts with non fat milk or oat bran muffins or oat bran galette/pancake to see u thru all those cravings.

Now for the recipe ,lets begin with dessert first , a creamy Vanilla coffee pudding..(more recipes comin)
Recipe from the Dukan Diet book


3 egg yolks whisked till smooth with 1/8 tsp cornstarch
1 cup non fat milk
a whole vanilla bean
1 tsp instant coffee or unsweetened coco powder dissolved in water
zero calorie sweetner to taste (if following the diet )else Vanilla sugar as per taste.

1.Add the vanilla bean to the milk and bring to just about the boiling pan in a sauce pan.
2. Remove from heat and add the warmed milk to the egg yolks , a bit at a time , to temper , and beat until incorporated.
3.Pour the mixture back to the sauce pan , and place over very low heat , stirring constantly ,with a wooden spoon , till mixture thickens and coats the back of a spoon (arnd 5 mins- 7 mins).
Remove from heat as soon as this occurs else it will split.

4. Add sweetener to taste (optional) , if adding sugar , add right at the beginning when boiling the milk.
5.Pour into 2 ramekins and chill for several hours.
Dig in whenever craving for something sweet strikes.

THis can be made into Ice cream , jus follow ur ice cream maker manufacturers instructions after chilling.

quite yummy even with the Vanilla sugar free /splenda i tried it with.
( make ur own Vanilla sugar free/splenda by adding lod of vanilla bean seeds to a jar of the powdered sugar sub , dont add the outside ie the bean after scraping the seeds in , high moisture so it'll harden the sugar sub )

for any of u interested in this diet u must buy this book , it'll also help never to put on weight .
Love the idea of Protein thurs , i mean guys how difficult is it to have ONLY protein jus once a week (make sure ur neighbour /sister/ buddy aint baking on that day though , he he )
and well u can visit this site for lots of detailed details.

PS -normal ( read high butter+ sugar) baking still happens here and will resume asap :-)))