Sunday, January 30, 2011


Its a lazy Sunday noon , real noon , we were snuggling together ,almost asleep when we thought we'll take a break from "relaxing" and brew some cafe and we sure did , in our very fav princess cups (here), yeah they are pink:-), if u didn already guess.
And then sat down to some more cafe and tart time and after the wonderful time and some more love , went back to sleep, oh Sundays !
 Not that every sunday is the same , but these tarts i would loveee to have everyday , n never tire , and since they arent too sweet , i think they would be perfect for savory too.
And we snuggled back and slept , till now , and thats my mom and me im talking about.
And these tarts i want to talk about and Dessert wars , in the month of love.

Oh how i loveee to say this all year thru but specially so now....                                                       

Loveee is sooo in the air * 365 and it feels wonderful.
And i loveee it to be there all year thru , to keep us warm and fuzzy and gay.
Thats not to say i aint a Valentine lover , im sure am , for me its Love's birthday , jus like mine:-) and urs :-)

  + there is so muc of Nutella love going around , dont forget 5th Feb  is World Nutella day and u can link up all those entries here .

As its also time for Desserts wars , the theme being Nutella !
Some Cherries and hearts , in a Nutella Filled tart complete the pic....for love ...Nutella love...
Ever since i saw this tart on David's site (oh doesnt he introduce us to some of the best of Paris), i have been wanting to try this one and well the Nutella filling is a perfect match when wedded with this tart base.
First of all its really easy to make , no fuss , and absolutely forgiving too.
 I loveee there is no egg in there and lods of butter.
+ its a very different way of making a tart and that to the wonderful Paule's recipe....
Couldn get better , could it.
Some of my best ballroom dancing (one of the few ''classic'' things i love), happens when i bake these kinda delites!
If u catch me in the kitchen , u'll find me ballroom dancing from one counter to the oven and back and to the cupboard to the wash basin.
Good music does that to me , has me alive and swaying ......and the waltz and tango come together here.
To the music of  ''thats amore'' and ''together forever'', this one is easier to bring together than u think.
And i love the tiny specs of Vanilla peeping thru all of the tarts.....
And Cherries and berries are always so pretty to add some eye candy+luscious bites as u dig in to these delights....
Well am sure u are as excited as i am , so lets begin with it shall we , and soon we'll have a delicious tart on hand.

U need to add all the ingredients in an oven proof bowl , large enough to hold the 150 grams of flour later , and here i begin with 1 tbh of canola oil.
And in goes a spoon full of sugar.....a table spoon full to be precise.

Since i cant seem to keep my hands off Vanilla when i bake ,i indulged n added halve a bean ,Papua New Guinea Vanilla bean.
See , how pretty it looks here:-))

So all the above , with the cut butter(90 grams) goes in with 1/8th tsp of salt.
Since i loveee salted butter soo muc , i used that with a tiny pinch of salt , if u stick to unsalted butter ,add in the 1/8th tsp salt.
Butter extract added to this will make things all the more buttery ,which is always a good thing.

Place it in a Pre heated @ 410º F (210º C) , oven and let things bubble up.Though the recipe says 15mins , my oven took more than half an hour ,but then ,as i always repeat , my oven takes time to fire up , urs may not ,but the main thing to look for is all bubbling up butter , thats beginning to brown at the edges.
I took the pic a little late ,else u'd see all the bubbling happening there.

And do take care coz things get really hot here , so i place the the large bowl on a baking tray and the tray on a wooden board to cool things up.
And while the butter has been bubbling in the oven , hope u did keep the flour all measured up.

Of course the all things heart and pink lover in me , chose my mini heart tart tins , they are around 3-3.5 inches and dividing the dough , roughly among the 4 , left it there to cool a bit , till i could handle things.

Ahh ,now David says using a fork aint necessary , but i totally wanted to , coz Paule uses one too.
Ok this pic aint too clear , but then taking pics with one hand and posing with the next has its limitation u know :-)
But sure enough , u loved using the fork at the edges.

All pricked and ready to bake....
well ,barely anything to wash this time....I love this one , comes together sooo fast and by the time it baked (infact took longer ), my dishes were done n the step by step pics were up with this post.
Yeah the extra tart pan u see is coz i thought that i would get 5 outa the dough , but 4 it was.
 And baked, i baked for a higher temp for half the time ,and then at a very low temp longer ,keeps things crisp ,which i loveeee.
 And the total time for this , which my oven took , was more than double ,from stated in the recipe.
Nooo, dont do the calculations , i dont go with my oven with time , coz it never works , i go with my sense of smell and sight , always works ,bang on:-))

And Done with the dressing pretttyyyy....
Oh they set so wonderfull and cut beautiful too...

And that was me with the dough , now for the original recipe , from David's site , read below.

French Pastry Dough
One 9 (23 cm) tart shell
Adapted from a recipe by Paule Caillat of Promenades Gourmandes

90 g (3 ounces) salted butter, cut into pieces
1 tablespoon canola oil
3 tablespoons water
1 tablespoon sugar
pinch of salt
150 g (5oz, or 1 slightly-rounded cup) flour
Preheat the oven to 410º F (210º C).

In a large bowl ,mix all the ingredients ,except the flour . I prefer to use a larger bowl coz it makes things easier and saves u from any bubbling splattering on the skin.

Place the bowl in the now heated up oven , and let it stay there till it all bubbles up and begins to brown around the egdes, it should take 15mins but my oven took almost 45 mins to reach this stage.

Nows the time to take it out from the oven , with silicone mittens or thick ones , so that ur hands are all safe and add in all the flour all at once and with a wooden spoon stir it all together , till it forms a nice ball.pretty fast this is.

Divide the dough equally among 4 tarts pans or transfer to one 9inch tart pan , till its cool enough to handle. And when it is pat it into the tart pan with ur handsand ur fingers to the side.
I loveee Paule takes a fork and reinforces the dough to the sides, which is exactly what i did.

Now u need to prick it all over with a fork and bake for around 15- 20 mins in the preheated oven. I usually bake for a few mins at the temperature called for and then for much longer at a lower temperature , which i find keeps the tart really crisp for longer.    Let it cool slightly before filling.

Nutella filling from this recipe (which is nutella warmed in the micro with butter and little canola oil) , or u can even use it straight from the jar.
Nutella Filling
 3tbh Nutella
20grams butter(salted is so good)
1tsp canola oil

Melt Nutella with butter ,(10grams) jus enough to make it right , salted butter is good, and some Canola in the microwave. add the remaining 10 grams of butter, to get it nice and glossy and fill the tarts , thick or thin.
If u are gng to pipe the Nutella , dont add more butter , if ur jus going to spread it or fill a tart , u sure can.
Used some semi sweet chocolate to cover , for an even more glossy finish.
A close up , jus for u , with loveeee...

And now for the tarts filled with Goiabada....
 And Goiabada (recipe in detail here,step by step), warmed with a little water, for these 2 tarts...
Jus a little closer..
Ofcourse they were all sorts of cherries and berries dressing these 2 up and here sprinkled with cardamon and topped with little mint leaves.
U can do as u wish, kisses would be a good choice too...
And here's one with strawberries....
A closer look will show u the light sprinkling of Parmesan here...
And i must say , that though we loveee Goiabada and always have a jar at home , jus like nutella ,i had these with a large helping if nutella too....
And my final thoughts....
The tart is not only easy and comes together quick with barely any attention , but is very good to do when un planned or guests drop by.
Bake the tart , fill in Nutella and serve :-)
The tart , is fantastic , jus as i love it !
I dont know if u can call it really flaky but then i am not the final word on flaky , but what i really want to say its almost shortbready , buttery and oh so melt in the mouth , like sandy melt in the mouth which is good.
The Nutella filling is ofcourse a perfect pairing for the perfect tart and the Goiabada/perada , one with a sprinkle of Cardamon and one with parmesan , is welcome and loved with a cup of espresso , light , which is my fav , when a little cinnamon and vanilla sugar is added in.

OFcourse am sending the Nutella tarts with Cherries , to Dessert wars , where this months theme is Nutella , Ahoy Nutella.

Here are the rules to join in and u can too:-)

Dessert Wars
Because we all really appreciate the sponsors and are excited at the opportunity to be really be able to participate to win this, here are links of the sponsors and the amazing prizes to be won.
And ofcourse thannxx a ton to Reeni from Cinnamon Spice & Everything Nice and Christine of The Cupcake Bandits who started this wonderful competition.

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Oh yeah its world Nutella day and the first time Bright Morning Star is gng to be there:)
Am sending these delites to World Nutella Day , where the founders Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso declare Saturday, February 5th “World Nutella Day 2011″ – a day to celebrate, to get creative with, and most importantly, to EAT Nutella.
I am linking these Nutella delites to my dear blogging pal's ,Sue's, MaKe it Mondays ,and this one is for Nutella , do add in all ur link, the linky will open for a bit...
Am also sending these , very French tarts to Now Serving , For the Best Western Desserts Valentines Special where her dear fren Jan Silverman will be choosing the best desserts.