Friday, February 4, 2011


 I loveee Sundays , something special about Sundays brings on more sunshine n sparkle into my day, and here i was last sunday , whisking up a tortilla , a spanish name to a popular omelet served with salad , and on toothpicks ,for lunch or otherwise.

So this week with FFwD, i travelled to Basque, to relish this , the next time round ,im going to cut out different shapes as also have some fancy toothpicks for it.

The best parts , it came together beautifully , though i weighed and measured nothing but went along with what was available in the pantry , trying my best to stick to the original recipe:-)

This is my first time with tortilla and i loveeed it , we all did and infact i had to make 2 batches of these.
I so wanted to try this so instead of waiting to pick the stuff , i went right ahead with the greens and stuff in the pantry.

I begin by peeling , yeah lods of peeling here , garlic and baby potatoes. I used all the baby potatoes i had on hand.

And by some chopping , onions and garlic.And leeks.And mushrooms.
Ahh ,yes i did par boil the baby potatoes too ,jus so im on the safer side....

So as the chopping goes , its time to keep the pan on the flame, heat some oil , sizzle some garlic , add in onion , and toss the baby potatoes , as u see it all glistens around , thats when u add in a pinch , a largggee pinch of herbs..

As it gets done , add in the mushrooms and then zuchini.
 I loveee Broccs ,and not only coz they are pretty....
And the Broccoli ,Spinach and Peppers last....i love to leave some crunch there....

Now ths time to season and well....went light on the peppers though , dont fancy too muc heat ....
Whisking the eggs , with salt , is easy ,and all the filling in there...and if u want to make it non veg , add any chicken u might have at hand , cooked , shredded.
Used a cast iron pan for the actual tortilla , it worked perfect coz it needs to go under the broiler. And make sure the pan is jus the right size coz u need a nice thick tortilla.
Heat oil and pour the egg mixture into the pan , and leave undisturbed for a bit , as it begins to get set around , u need to run a spatula thru the sides to assure it doesnt stick , that easier than it really sounds.
Ahh yeah i did have a boiled egg at hand so add that atop.
 And well browned and ready for a sprinkle of herbs :-)
(u need to keep the broiler at a distance of atleast 6inches from the broiler but my broiler racks aint like that so its pretty close , but i love some extra browning  )

And herbed .......

A garnish of salad leaves and thin slices of raddish serves as a great side too.
These are Wedges , but as i said i sure wanna cut up shapes of these and serve them with fancy toothpicks!
Wrapped in some fresh Spinach leaves (from our local farm), they add an amazing crunch and freshness to the Tortilla .
Orginal Recipe here on page 142-143.
12 Baby potatoes ,halved and par boiled
1-2 onions of garlic(yeah this is garlicky) peeled and chopped
2 red onions (chopped)
3-4 leeks (chopped)
7-8 white mushrooms sliced
1 large piece of broccoli
1/2 a zucchini 
red and green peppers , chopped , as per taste
lots of spinach or any greens
salt (french sea salt is best) and peppers (any kind) to taste
5 smaller organic free range eggs ( we get this from home grown chickens , and there was more filling than the egg here , so this can easily be increased)

How to make , is as , step by step pics above.
Vanilla Flower