First of all , i give Glory and Praise to God Most High.
Without him , i would be able to do nothing i do on this blog.
My humble bakes would be zero without His blessings , the little creativity and talent for the love of baking and cooking comes from HIM.
I do never be able to take pics without HIM , even as muc as lifting the camera would be impossible without HIS gifts , yeah the gift of my Hands ....The decent pics here , are only coz of HIM and when i receive mails for tips or questions , i have only HIM to thank for!
and for those who asked i use a Canon PwShot point and shoot , in m mode , with natural light , never with a flash!
And yeah if ur wondering,i lovee all things pink with a little of reds thrown in , but id rather chose the pink dinner set over red , though am still deciding whether i love the pink or red KA more:-)
I love hearts , polka and gingham , and see pink hearts popping around when i walk (on air)

COME FALL IN LOVE.......................



As with any new venture or project, that brings with it an excitement for the untold but expecting future so does the same with a new blogger , and one who really didn think of blogging but until now.'
A whole new beautiful world awaits in a world where already all's so beautiful, covered with love and peace, joys and suprises, each sunrise bringing in an enchanting story.
An enchanting story now waiting to be told and bring a smile to lips that never let the pearlies see the light shine in the day and stars twinking in the night.
Joy to a heart that has nt leaped and danced with joy now for burdens of life weigh so down.
To bring a spring in the steps where there were none. All said but nothing done as would in a story still untold waiting to unfold. WELCOME TO A WHOLE NEW WORLD , A BEAUTIFUL WORLD

Dance and song

With dance and song you simply cant go wrong, to keep you happy, in a life created in you and me, so very perfectly.
Our supreme creator, a creator magnifique and omnipotent and mighty. Dance and song, dance and song oh no i will never go wrong.
Thats my life , thats my story, so what if its lite but right and a begining with a simple short summary.

A question that set me ticking is what inspires u to cook or whats ur inspiration to-is it my love for goan portuguese cuisine as much as worldwide culture cuisine....yeah i love to read up more about im about to simmer in the pot when possible-ok so its my love for food is it?It cant end at that surely,i may not be an excellent or over the top cook ,but the passion runs in my viens-im proud to say that i inherited this lineage than any other inheritence,my great great grandparents on both sides ,as far as i know the family tree,were lovers of good food,be it their excellent cooking or relishing or what have u........and it was meant to be that i got in pulled& attracted to the kitchen before any other & i love being there...the excitement of being a teen was over shadowed by the excitement when i won a few prizes 4 cooking way before being a teen-its another story that in the category i won the first place there was only a single participant-me & where i won 2nd were jut a few participants but point is that i won(i consoled myself)...and i was all grins......happy and gay....and still am with blogoshere and meeting fantastic foodies ,virtually-a humbling expierience i cherish & love!!!!


Passionately pouring over pots and pans or passion in your pots and pans(read microwaves, ranges, crocker pots and dutch ovens).

But i love to follow my heart that dictates to very traditional cooking still found in the land of my birth that calls for special mud pots in differen shapes and sizes and wood fire's that give that oh so smoky flavour that completes many a traditional meal on many a table,a finger licking magic that no modern kitchen can recreate,or maybe i am wrong but with a little understanding and yes passion you can recreate and live a tradition if you have a little more than a little corner to spare, or rather make a little corner to spare.

Delicious thick curries, seafood that spoils you(for choice ie), freshly grated coconut laced local vegies, a variety of preserves and pickles(and oh those lovely jars that preserve and mature, when needed. them so well ), desserts that hold close a heritage richer than riches, a royalty still regal.
And local brews than many a time help in blending flavour and spice, everything is just so nice.
Well this is just a outlay but soon we shall embark on a journey that leaves no spring or valley, lakes or ponds,fields and hilltops, and winding pathways no longer dusty with the first monsoon showers. untouched.yes,
A journey that shall take in every moment, leave nothing that be enjoyed, right from picking a cloth shopping bag and brown paper bags to plating with loads of love!


Can talk about food n foodies and cooking spice and all things nice and chocs n cremes n caramels and yuppie all that goes with it and what follows too , all in the same breathe , for hours on the end and not get bored
 ( myself ie dont know about you...)
 now whether that makes me a self confessed foodie or no i know not, but id more than love to say that i am, and aiming to be a gourmet one at that whatever that means,
 and id so love scraping the caviar off my gourmet bourbon vanilla beans to qualify me for that,
 but it wont and but ofcourse i'm kidding and actually what am short of saying is that if it sounds like am short of saying that live, breathe and of courz eat then maybe i shouldnt be giving any picture right in the begining!
 and dont i love and immensely enjoy researching and experimenting whatever the topic of interest be it shopping,new products,completing assingments and yes cant forget keeping home and cleaning tricks and with home comes a nice cozy warm kitchen so its so much more then relishing a morsel or whipping up a delicacy,
 a passion thats right from scourging the market for the perfectly right reds n greens n yellows n what have you to the storing and pouring over pots n pans and if you can do it with style and panache , why not?
 ...well well my little ideas of a not too expensive but happy happy me style!
 can say the same for keeping hhome, shopping and perfumes too and it aint a funny coincidence that its all to do with my senses!
 whats a dinner without hollow pillar candles lending a warm golden with the help of a couple of those amazing tea lites with some aromatic vanilla thrown in for good measure,tht keep glowing on and on for hours on the end,
 i think tea lites are an amazing discovery, i mean invention.
 well christmas time, is enjoying every moment in time, well that applies whole year round too ,,
 the enjoying part ie,a time that would have me for months ahead collecting all thats green , red and cream and all that looks like a dream n helps in any which way for brightening up any corner or table top which for sure includes whateva gives a nice glow with a little help from a vanilla perfumed tea lite, and all this and more is mine for the season .
 collect glasses n holders and what have you....
 remember one i sited some type of tiny vase kind of glasses, very cute after picturisation of a idea which i implemented after a nice load of running around to put it all together so after was done with them with a good dose of gold spray paint with glitter,beautiful ribbons in hues of red and ofcourse my by now infamous tea lites completed my take aways for the season but not without the help of some typical goan bamboo "sups" with golden tool thrown over and there was my take away for the season which everybody lit as they walk away happy with it to your home sweet home! now now, i wasnt writing about xmas was i?
 oh what was it that i began with?
tealites and all things spice? but well well thats me i begin to write and just go with the flow n b4 i know it am at the north pole at santas door!
so muc for writing with my heart, write with your mind gurl,go strait, look ahead and dont wander around so back to checking what i began with it was FOOD or me?
well same thing?
didnt drive too far away from the highwaqy did i?
but the flames always alive and the flame of xmas is so aliven i simply cant stop or should i really?
the rest later that was me for you for now baby,........break for rest and recuperation
  I'm ♥ Summer ♥,dat ♥spring♥time♥ welcomes gusto&zest with the vibrancy that only beautiful summer hues bring along.....

Spring TIme which speaks of clear blue gorgeous skies and a little drzzle of happy shower here and there sometimes........ 

HAPPY SUNSHINE is my other name or make it TwINKLING is SUMMER......., coz when we are a part of our beautiful destiny, playing our role to the hilt......Joy and HAPPY SUNSHINe jus excudes from within u , u dont have to try....
When we walk in our  Springing destiny and do what we are called to do, enthusiasm and excitement will exude from us any point of time.......

SunSHINE SUMMER gives way to HAPPY WINTER    .....cozy♥n♥warm romantic♥snowy♥winters with hot choco and marshmellow dreamz........♥hearty♥laughs galore..

dis is   ♥love♥

this is    ♥life ♥


I am sure ...actually i know that every single one of u reading this has a ''my parents are the best story'' and this is mine....

D fresh aroma of coffee wafts my senses as i write this, my mom wasnt a cookie baker and i dont have build up memories about baking cookies with her.....

but sure she baked, like the cutest n most amazing bolinhas i ever gorged on and the best batica ever and amazingly luscios pudim de caremelo.....

am i complaining way...i am not , coz the amount of love i had and have from my parents , no cookie baking session can replace and honestly ,i m the only [almost] cookie lover in the family.....

Love parents didn teach me love or to love .....they jus let me feel it ....gave it to me & loved n loved me........thru them i xpireince it and  love      , go thru those astounding ,ecstatic, effusive and exhilarating emotions ...that today are what i am and make me.......

Rocks by boat and keeps me cheer full, is an energy boost when i need it and builds my enthu 24/ muc as SPRINGTIME n SUMMER does...

OH i so so Love the RAINS too ...but couldn think of  a HAPPY name for the rains here...say maybe FreSHNESS of the Rains......

Even as i write this tears well up my eyes and my heart goes swell, as it does always when i hug n kiss them goodnight ....and to my blessings ,i have this thrice over ,coz my dads super bro ,who aint married,is a dad to us too ,yeah we all do live together.......

Oui,oui ,oui....

Theres so much i love & so little i dont.....

The zing of life & the brightness of a real smile to begin with.....
I had no computer & knew not much on the world of blogging that i hadn even sighted...but that changed twice in a span of a few months......

In june,while browsing on a cell & researching a topic,read about blogger and  outa curiosity signed in with none of my blognames avaible finally found VSSF & was content posting 2 or 3posts that were flowing....but that changed this september when was gifted my own netbook,my first ever comp & began shoting& boy im hooked now.....

its just a month but i love this so much,have been trying tweeking my look,havent yet been sucessful in fitting in the navigation bar under the header but i embark on this journey ,treading with a gay heart & joy & smile on my lips...

and now there's a sweet little Gurl ,who helps me with this blog....well with the main part of the blog ie,pictures....she's MY SHOOTING point n shoot cannon her good...




 Foodie in me or i in the foodie...what is food to me?

Oh i can call food by its various perfecto names...

platefull of eliciousness....

gorgeousness to the palate at its best....

 the bestest comfort platter....

cartload of memories......

Food is care,fondness ,passion & more than all a buffet of unconditional love......

No dinner is as fantastic as the one simmered with lods of love....none is!!!!!

Memories-the first time u bit into a capsicum with mommy kind assurance that it aint no mean spicy chilly(was a tiny tot then,but yeah the memories had begun building on.....)

the first time u realized how the best drink in the world was (and still is) Hot Chocolate while giggling under the blanket sharing gay laughter and song when a buddy was over for a in ur satin pygamas-sleepover (and espresso mochinno & vanilla milk got added to the list along the way.......
Food that surrounds with fun and love-all at once ,filling u with so much warmth- be it with ur buddys or ur bosom buddies,ie ur parents on the dinner table each night....


and the first time u were attracted to the kitchen not to fix urself a midnight snack but to expierence the joys of cutting,grinding,brewing,simmering,whisking, baking et all and drown right into the world of herbs and spices ,meats and veggies,butter and flour....never to look back...

And all this before the teens cot up with me....

A few years down the line....the passions still going strong....

Memories still building beautiful...
And all the memories so splendid are all to do with-FOOD...
Food -memories that spell love and warmth in plenty...

Grindin that perfect spice mix on a aged grinding stone for the days creamy and smooth curry laced and spiced with local souring agents & the freshest shrimps of the day...simmered later on the wood fire in a special curry pot.....

Or the 'fat red local' rice brought to boil & then strained on a aged wooden block that partnered perfectly with yesterdays(and the days)creamy curry....

Or the fresh as ever,midly spiced fish,perfectly sliced ,slow fried on a heavy cast iron pan,on a low wood fire......

And all this while a beefy stewy pot simmering away,again in a brass or mud pot,the meat tenderly falling apart ,saturated(in a elicious way)with the mild spices ,condiments and garden onions.....

Drowning into the world of spices and condiments.....
herbs and garden veggies.....
meats and fresh fish....
butters ,sugars and flours....
c'ing em born,cleaned & transformed rite before my tiny nose has been ,is & always shall be
 (I CAN PLAY FAITHFULL BY LOBO HERE) a exciting ,enthralling & exhilariting expeirence .....

The kitchen the outlooked the huge kitchen garden,as i still love to call it...huge coz it was like a mini farm with our pets and plants and fruits alike...

The hens(we didn eat these) assured we never ran out of eggs...and oh the joys when those eggs hatched...those tiny beaks breaking the shell open (with a little help from the little me when no one watched).....

The doogies running all around ,my kittys keeping distance....

The fish i threw into the well(the well used only for irrigating the gardens & farm)

And the coconut, Kokum,Blackberry, Lemon ,coconuts ,breadfruit,papaya ,mango ,banana,cinnamon ,'BimBlis', "Zamos", and what have u trees and plants....

And along with these turmeric ,onions,root veggies,lemon grass,tomatoes,curry leaves,cilantro too flourished well.....

LOve to see new baby shoots and leaves boom & blossom & catch on the color.....
The fruits born and grow in big and bright....

The aroma of the curry leaves or cinnamon bark as u lightly rub 'em between ur fingers to release a heady scent....



COME FALL IN LOVE.........................



 i dont know what it is about gourmet that fascinates me to write it again and again. . Is it the glamour? i repeat. But i love aTtaching gourmet to a hearty dinners or passionately baked fairy cake. . .now now i am no chef nor an expert baker or cook, just a heartfull one who passionately churns pots of rice as delightfully as a choco cake.......

I am no trained pastry chef or gourmet chef but i use the word as naturally ,though naturally i dont plate gourmet meals i worked on with a few assistants in tow and a prep kitchen.......
 infact i am the opposite, i clean, i cut, i snip & scrub too but yet i use gourmet, but forgive me that i do, i know i shouldn call a simple hearty dinner gourmet but in my world to me it still is.

Gourmet to me is delicious tossed with loads of love and topped with some more. I admire a lot of baking on the net, well i am nowhere close, but i love what am doing & maybe thats the only quality i have in common here , it ends there, yeah my gourmet'y begins and ends with love, zest, zing and passion:) .
 Oh the things that make my world go round and gourmet does too...

And yes i am a total candy pink floss romantique,round the clock ,i am so in love all the time & i think my heart love me for that-everythings as the good side of it is!!!

Its what they say head over heels ,truly madly deeply..& so goes...i love everything that screams dang cute,be it my winnie the pooh quilt or disney bedspreads or soft toys...

I fall in love with every new parfum i experience....

i am in love with my whole family & my most adorable ,awesome parents,i fall in love with every crunchy cookie or delicious cake i bake or dinners i experiment....

I fall in love with all those absolutely cute cookie cutters,mini pans & cute sprinkles.....i am in love with that WTP bubble machine that i dont own

And more so than it all I'm in love with all of God's creation,the sunrise & sunset ,the trees & the shrubs,the foot hills & mountains Oh just all nature at always its best....

I fall in love with love every time i watch a cute movie(check list to the left column),and am floating for a few hours till something else comes along and am floating again...

Everything in love excites me,even if its just a trip to the city with no shopping....

Love's always in the air,true love that sails to eternity......falling in love with all things anew is feeling on top of the world round the clock....Oh to be on cloud 9

Come fall in love & be full of the joys of spring......

Oh there is little i dont love-come fall in love.....

It'll make u glow that none can,the sunset looks golden & hued more than ever & my espresso couldn have got better....

Buts thats what love is & my world revolves to love....more than making my world go round...

Come Fall In love ,it make u jump for joy & makes u look good coz ur only as good looking as u feel....

Come Fall In Love & be over the moon.......

Come Fall In Love........its the best to be !!!!!


  1. Welcome to the world of blogging. Watch out. It's addicting. :) Thanks for the link to Shabby Blogs. I have it in my favorites now. I need all the help I can get!

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  29. Hello Mia….Thanks for your comments….I’m sorry that i was very much hooked up with my exams till February 4th…..i have bookmarked your blog and surely i will read it….

    and The story is partly true and partly due to my imaginations and still the story continues. I started writing it out of sadness that my sweet heart left me some two years ago and still her memories are unmercifully taking control of my mind…..

    some parts such as Memory loss is just a creation of my mind…lets see how my mind thinks in the coming stories…and even i dont know if there would be some ending to this true cum fictional story….

    any way please let my exams be completed….and i will stay in touch with you


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