Saturday, November 27, 2010


Thanksgiving -i love everything associated with it,the significant history, the Biblical connection, hearts of gratitude,celebration of the harvest of plentifuls,
And at its heart a holiday where family and close friends share a wonderfull bond over a table laden with delicious food-a buffet & Thank with gratitude for the wonderfull things that come by in life-a life of plenty & abundance!
Ahh  now for the thank u speech, honestly i really have to thank u all who voted on all my FB pages , twitty hearts , and all i send the emails too ,too.
thannk u for ur replies and love!!

I mean thanksgiving is here,we are about to or already have stepped into the holiday cheers with hot cups of chocolate with marshmellows & whipped cream & choco callets ,the xmas tree is up with th twinkling lites & handmade deco-so dang whats better than baking a few batches of cookies to crunch on after dinner with hot chocolate or as give aways on munch on listening to christmas time by cliff richards-oh and to begin it all are here my very fav -SNICKERDOODLES(never had 'em b4 but the min i got to know these sugar cookies that stand apart with the addition of the cinnamon sugar -tey had me,my fav!!!)

i'm in love....come ...fall in love !!!
DING DING DING-here's a reminder-whats traditional to our family-how can we have a tradition when thanksgiving aint that big here-i mean we dont really have dinners et all -but then our version is thanksgiving through out the year! Hehehehehe.
But its never too late to begin,right & whats better than stuffed onions , snickerdoodles (twice over),truffles & loads of praline for all the desserts.

Oh a table laid with a rich lacey white tablecloth with the fluted candles in golden hues on golden or glass stands creating a glow,enhanced by the laughter & song ,air so love filled & at peace.
 Fav flowers with a ribbon replace traditional napkin holders,nature at its best,champange saucers with home brewed sweet wine or wine glasses, complete the rest!!!!

A roasted & well stuffed turkey admist all,as a centre-piece nests,
but a crystal bowl floats flowers & tealites for an added glowy catch!!!

Oh the meleeness of a double mashed potato or potato Gratin,the french way, meat pies,Waldorf salad ,delicious gravies ,chocolate apple pies or pumpkin cuppys galore...

And the excitement of anticipation of the begining of the holiday season(i love to put up my christmas tree at thanksgiving)till new year-oh the joyous events...
 I would love to witness the Macys thanksgiving parade in Manhattan,NY some day!And i wont miss the santa that marks the onset of the christmas season again!

Oh there's a nip in the air as i write this thats says ,thanksgivings here & i am loving it as i write in planning for a few goodies i wanna make for thanksgiving.

And yup i wanna bake an extra batch of something to share with a few who dont have....that with my family will make my thanksgiving

And where real thanksgiving is concerned,everyday is thanks giving for me ,a whole blog wont be enough to thank God for all i have,fantastic parents & a fab family with love in the air all year round,the gift of sight,sound & smell-oh what would i do without my senses & a good pair of hands & legs in the kitchen???

And the splendid beauty of nature i see every waking hour & the beautiful dreams i dream every resting hour!!!!
I love to begin a lot of traditions for family & guest alike & still do(stay tuned for all the ideas), so with this second year of snickerdoodle in the family ,what we began is that every family member ,rolls a doodle or 2 & rolls them in their fav sugar(a few with my homemade vanilla sugar & a few with cinnamon sugar)

We loved and enjoyed it so so much & after that every body lites a tea-lite  and enjoys hot chocolate as they bake!
What i suggest is-worked beautiful for us-is bake these after dinner-everybody whisks the butter and sugar(yeah hand whisk-lets do it the ol grandma elicious way),every body rolls a ball of snickerdoodle 7 everybody lite a tea lite each.
Our home smelled of Christmas ,with all the vanilla & cinnamon wafting all around & christmas carols begining with cliff richards (on repeat on my ipod) playing over and over...oh i wish the weather was a little colder ....perfecto....
And yeah the food around thanksgiving is soo good too ,whether u want to begin with a traditional soup or have  a twisty with some very hearty soup.
And for a twist some Portuguese Cornbread to go ...plain or..
or some Spinach Swirls..
I actually baked some pull apart rolls!
And sides ,oh delicious sides...
And some Roasts and lods of dessert ideas, yummy yummy yum~~
And for some super cute gift ideas and take aways hop here .

And now the giveaway , A special Thansgiving Giveaway for Christmas, and for those bringing in the Season today at Macy's ..hip hipp horray!!
Kayne West will be performing there too {hope my sources r correct dis time}

A Lot like Christmas Thanksgiving Giveaway!!!

Now would u like this cute Polar bear couple here ....
 Or this set of presents.....

Or these pretty coco mug with Candy shaped tray set....
Or a snowman couple...Oh its Christmas again....
OR a super cute countdown to Christmas Magnet ...
All of these will be super cute on ur dining table and have a very good use too!!
One of you will win any 1 /any 1 of the above , yeah for all u BMS readers this is, and all u have to do to enter is to leave a comment here.

vote for my 2 entries ,as details below and ur are eligible to enter.
please leave ur email ids in ur comments:-)
One winner can chose any one of the above and will receive a gift card for the same.
These are from a fantastic brand and thats a suprise for u all.

vote for me here or here,On Nov. 26, 5:00 AM the widget will switch to voting mode.
this is number 26 , super stuffed chicken.

  Voting is here.On Nov. 28, 12:00 AM the widget will switch to voting mode.

HOW to Enter.Mandatory entry!
Leave a comment here telling what u love about Bright Morning Star {ofcourse i love to hear nice nice too}

and vote for me HERE or HERE.
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And second Mandatory entry

2nd entry -vote for me HERE @ number1 , Buttery Apple Delites , U get entered,ofcourse leave me that comment though.
Voting is begins  for these here.
On Nov. 28, 12:00 AM the widget will switch to voting mode..
VOTE for me, @ number1 , Buttery apple delites!
After the above mandatory entry here are more chances to win
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And YEs , it so does feel like Christmas again.....oh i feel it in the air!


  1. Your posts are always full of photos! Love that! Good luck in all the contests!

  2. Aww yay! I'm so happy for you babe and I'll be off to vote!

    One year, you come to NYC for Thanksgiving and we will go to see the parade. And then I'll stuff you full of good food, okay?

    My favorite thing about your blog is your vivacious spirit! You never fail to put a smile on my face and make my stomach growl.

  3. happy thanks giving...going to vote...good luck :)

  4. What a lovely post...I hope your weekend is beautiful. I voted for the first already and will vote on the 28th too :)

  5. @Yummy Chunklet, thannx a ton and same to ya too!

    @JO , oh im so looking forward to the day !Thannxx a ton ,for ur thoughts and love , lovee them good!
    And then the nexxttt day we'll go for a longgg run in the woods:-)

  6. @Ananda, thannnx a ton , for ur love and vote:-)

    @Magic of SPice, thannnxx a ton ,and thannnxx for all ur votes too:-)

  7. Congrats, Mia!!! That's awesome that your snickerdoodles won! This is such a beautiful, festive post...I love all the holiday pictures! The thing I love about your blog is how your wonderful passion for food and your sweet, positive personality shows through in everything you do!

  8. Oh Faith , u made my day ,thannnk u:-)
    Ur entered in the giveaway too:-)

  9. I love inspiration for enjoying the holidays and your post is full of beautiful pictures and yummy goodies! Good luck and keep inspiring us with your continued excitement for all you do and share with the rest of us:)

  10. You have such an effervescent energy, Mia! Your food looks delicious and I am off to try to figure out how to VOTE!! Happy holidays to you!

  11. i second Joannes comment your passion is infectious and you cook so so well Rebecca

  12. Mia-When I voted for you, I already knew you had had the highest points. Congratulations, sweetie!
    Love all the sweet holiday, and the beuatiful holiday table you posted. We also have huge christmas parades here as well, but not like Macy's. You're welcome to come here as well. I will check out the newest voting...right now it's too much info for me to figure out.
    Hugs to you!

  13. So glad you won, Mia!
    I love all the photos of holiday tables and trees! Puts me in the mood to get started around here!
    Will definitely vote for you are the best!!!

  14. Congratulations on your win, that's fantastic! And the spread looks amazing (I'm intrigued by the cornbread too!) :D

  15. I'm off to vote for you. This is always such a cheerful place to visit. That keeps me coming back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  16. Congrats on creating a winning snickerdoodle! They are truly worthy of the win! Your chicken looks amazing as well. I've already voted for it. Hope you win!

  17. Congratulations on winning! Well done, I'm very happy for you and your post made me smile :-) Love from London x

  18. SO proud of you for winning, luv! Delighted to vote for you any time. :-)

  19. Congrats! I am happy for you.

    Those cookies look so delicious!



  20. Hey there :-) Sry for responding this late, I was quite budy all the time.
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I really enjoy your blog, too - it is full of love and pictures <3
    I will begin to write international (english) postings on my blog from time to time - so my international readers can understand my posts, too :-) You are always kindly invited to come to me - I´ll come back here for sure ;-)
    (Oh yeah, my daughter was just staring at your blog while I was browsing around and all she said was "cool" :-D )

  21. Great victory Mia :) happy for you dear .Congratulations ! I could see the festive mood and the excitement in your space .It's so colorful and appealing .

    Enjoy the holidays season and keep posting delectable recipes .

  22. Congrats on your win! This is sucha cute post and love those snickerdoodles! I have to say, your enthusiasm is contagious!

  23. Hi Mia-Please stop by my blog to pick up your award.
    Just copy and paste, both...the award and the rules, and pass it on to 15 bloggers of your choice, or less if your prefer.
    Congratulations, you truly deserved it!

  24. O.K., I feel a bit silly, 'cause I couldn't tell which recipe was yours and vote for you (and I clicked the links twice each).
    But I would be happy to vote for you :)

  25. @Pacheco Patty Thannnk u so muc , ur so sweet !!

    @Tanna, oh off u go :-))thannxx a ton babe and happy hols too!!

    @Rebecca, ahh , nice nice sure make my day so rocking nice:-))
    thannxx babe!

    @Elisabeth , oh dear would really love that some day , thankk u for ur kind thoughts and love!

    @Barbara, oh thannnnk u ,ur the best too , and am so thrilled as always to read ur thoughts!

    @Lorraine, aww thannk u , dats sweet and i agree,lol!

    @ Mary , i am always touched by ur love and support too , thannnks a ton , so need it now:-)

  26. @Julie , am so touched by ur thoughts in a special way ,love the love and support:-)

    @Mademoiselle Poirot, thannnk u so muc and bdw, i so muc loveee London!

    @Krista, thannnk u sweety pie!!

    @Rosa, oh dear , thannnnk u so mucccc...

    @Roguegirl , i love ur thoughts and ur daughters too , wud be so glad to hop over myself too and ur always warmly welomed here w love:-)
    Looking forward to hear lods more of love from u:-)
    Thannxx a ton lods for being here!

  27. @San , thannxx for the encouragement and i will and would love to have u over too!

    @honeybeecooksjackfruit, oh am so glad to hear that!!

    @Elisabeth , hoppn rite by , sorry am late:-(

    @Indie Tea, hey its all rite , over long back and aint there:-(
    thannxx a ton for all the love:-)

  28. I'm new here but I love the friendly colors, neat pictures and yummy recipes. I make Snickerdoodles for Christmas also but don't ice mine.

    I love the large print.


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