Thursday, November 25, 2010


 T'was time just before easter .
And besides other things the menu was being decided.
A home cooked meal is always the best but we still called up our local resorte to check on their stuffed birds. 
One thing led to another and before I knew it I was chicken shopping.
One thing I can never miss for easter is marzipan and eggs and one thing I never want to miss for Christmas or thanksgiving is a good stuffed bird.

And now these Buttery Apple Bars , u must simply not miss.
With meat so moist and white.
And thats so so fantastic with all the stuffing.
You'll love this one and its totally easy to put together too.
There is nothing much to this.

Pick a can of swason broth and your chicken. Marinated the night before ,cling wrap and refrigerate and you make the stuffing pretty quick.
I had 1 skin on chicken and one without.
 All stuffing cooked in Swanson Broth.
 Spicy Goan Sausages get a lift cooked in Swanson Broth.
 And jus a bit ,when stuffing the bird, goes a long way.
Pan drippings and stuffing gets all the more better with Swanson Broth
 All you need is a few pans , a box of swason, and 4 burners.
Recipe from the Kitchens of Bright Morning Star with love
1]MARINATE A WHOLE CLEANT CHICKEN IN THE FOLLOWING {i made 2 chicken ,one with skin and one without}
~~~100 ML Flavooured Oil
~~~A few tbh of Swanson Broth or 1.5 tbh maggi seasoning or stock powder
~~~ 3-4 tbh RED WINE and BALSAMIC vinegar
~~~~herbs of ur choice [ thyme & basil or with rosemary good choice]
~~~crushed whole white n black pepper to taste
~~~loads of garlic & some more , crushed.

~~~heat Olive oil , Caramalize a few ONIONS with a large pinch of salt and sugar, season and keep aside [ a blob of butter is welcome though not necessary]

~~~In the same pan add a few CLOVES , CHOPPED GARLIC, and as they sizzle their aromatic self , tip in MUSHROOMS ,sliced .
Now here i also added a little boneless chicken, cocktails and
alongwith seasoning  - WHOLE DE SEEDED RED CHILLI, Swanson Broth or STOCK OR STOCK POWDER /MAGGI,pinch of sugar.

~~~As the water dries, ur very fragrant filling will be almost done , now this calls for a good blob of LURPAK danish butter Or PRESIDENT french butter or DANISH BUTTER ... [ Was happy to use coz my bro got me 3 packs of these 2 brands}
~~~Check seasoning and a little more Swanson Broth,if necessary.

~~~Take off flame ,and fold in the following ,a little of all or any favs:-)))
all boiled in Swanson Broth
---boiled potatoes/sweet potaoes peeled
---steamed sweet corn and peas
---boiled eggs cubed
---chopped spinach
---toasted almonds/walnuts
---bits of spicy boiled chourizo
---fav herbs like basil /thyme /rosemary/ parsely

Mix around a bit , not too muc , coz each has some great individual flavor or jus stuff in any order a little of everything into the chicken!.

Stuff  Marinated chicken and bake for 2 -3 hours depending on the oven:-))) 
Mix Olive oil with some Swanson Broth and keep brushing with a silicone brush,a few times, as it bakes for a delicious bite!
Add atleast 1 cup of Swanson Broth to get really delicious pan drippings, ahh  Swanson Broth makes Gravy so muc better!

And i so want to try this recipe as soon as possible.

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  1. Oh, my, but this all looks wonderful. You've outdone yourself. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  2. Oh Mary , yeah i am and thannxx a ton !!
    happy holidays too!

  3. Oh dear, my heart is beating fast.
    Awesome work, delightful flavours.
    Happy Thanksgiving ♥

  4. Hey Anna , thannk u and samee to u too!!!
    Happy Thanksgiving ♥

  5. Happy Thanksgiving and hope you're enjoying all that delicious dishes:)



  6. Happy Thanksgiving to you dear. Stuffed Chicken looks simply awesome and inviting.


    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. I don't understand how your food is always so beautiful. It just pops out at us, shining and glowing. Just beautiful.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family, Mia. Hope you're having a fabulous time. Your thanksgiving menu looks very tempting. Wish I was there too. Yummm... Enjoy!
    Blessings, Kristy

  9. thannnk u GEra, and happy thanksgiving too!!

  10. @deepa ,thannnk u babe ,so muc for ur thoughts!!

    @Kristy thannk u and happy hols to u too:-)w love!
    I wish too:-)

    @chaya, ha ha , ur cutttteeeee,super cuteee!!thannnk u!!

  11. Mmm your meat looks like it has the perfect crisp crust and is stuffed with a gorgeous array of spices! Can I come to your place for Thanksgiving? And Easter? And Christmas?

  12. SO gorgeous, Mia! You always make your food look so moist and succulent and full of flavor. :-) Congratulations on winning, luv!! :-)

  13. Summer, That dish looks absolutely beautiful! I'll definitely head over and pass you a vote.

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  14. This looks amazing, love that you stuff with
    herbs :) Beautiful Mia!

  15. That's beautiful looking chicken Mia. We don't celebrate Thanksgiving here in New Zealand, but I have been really enjoying reading so many Thanksgiving posts out there in the blogosphere and hearing of all the things so many are grateful for. I think this must be a very special kind of holiday.
    Sue :-)

  16. @JO , hey yeah sure , we will have a thanksgiving together soemtime , with lods of good food and the parade, how muc fun that will be !!
    and id love to cook with u too:-)

    @krista, hey thannnxx a ton ,always love to read ur lovely thoughts:-)

    Julie, thannxx a ton for ur votes and love:-)
    happy thanksgiving to ya too!

    @magic of spice , thannxx a ton and so do lovee herbs!

    @Sue , this is only my second thanksgivng and feels like forever already!
    Thannx a ton for ur love and thoughts always!

  17. MAGNIFIQUE! as usuel.
    Un menu et une table magnifiques.
    Bonne semaine et à bientôt.

  18. Yum! Your chicken looks sooo tasty :) And stuffed chicken must be absolutely delicious :) I love the golden colour of your chicken!


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