Saturday, December 4, 2010


 It already feels like Christmas and its Christmas Time again , in the kitchens and homes of Bright Morning Star , so u'll see a lotta reds , whites and greens here , sprinkled with hearts and Santas ....
And love.....
 Ofcourse Snowman will be there too.

Christmas times are also times of bakes and cakes and hot chocolate and Marshmallows...

And i want to begin with a very quick and simple Vanilla butter cake , yeah with lods of vanilla everywhere, coz all good things begin with butter.
And to make things even better , i came up with this really wonderful salted butter glaze with a caramel or two , which is poured over the warm cakes and it soaks in for a beautiful flavor and delicious crust .

This butter cake is nice , not very moist ,a bit on a drier side {not dry in a bad way} but with a very wonderful flavor from the vanilla beans and LorAnn Butter flavor, a nice cake with a nice almost crispy , crust that forms while baking.
 And the flavor deepens to buttery and delicious , in a day and better the next.
I dont know if its the baking pan or the recipe that gave me so wonderful a crust.
 I begin with Butter and Vanilla , gorgeously smooth and creamy Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla ,see even the pack is moist with some of the super moist vanilla.
 2 whole beans went into the cake :-)Oh so fragrant, didn want to wash my hands after this one.....
 See the amount of fantastic caviar.......and loving bringing out all my Christmacy stuff out , these spreaders are super cute and come with little bowls too:-)
This mini board is specially for vanilla beans and its oh so fragrant at all times, love it...see all the Vanilla oil there...
Besides adding the 2 beans to the melting butter , i added another one {yeah u read rite , that takes the count to 3}, to the sugar, rubbed it well into the sugar , ahh d aroma wafting around is gorgeously delightful..
There is the butter in the background , dunno where the lone pic of the butter went, butter ,melted with lods of beans galore...
And yeah u need to have 2 eggs at hand too , 2 whole eggs and see so tiny pretty specs of vanilla here too , yeah they were all over the place i tell u..
Flour , KaF, unbleached AP flour...
Wait a minute, i did something to it , i added Cornflour to it to make it into Cake flour , tender cake flour , yeah the one that makes all cakes tender and nice , i wanted that something nice to my Butter cake too!
For exact measurements for making cake flour , Joy the wonderful Baker has a step by step tutorial here.
 And milk , not only to lighten the cake but...ok i dont know:-).......see some vanilla in there too , oh it spread everywhere!
And there are 2important things to do, one is put the oven on and two is to butter the pan well.
See i got a new pan , a mini loaf pan , so good for the holidays n gives u eight loaves ,so u can eat one {so important and a plus factor} while u dress and wait for them to set and u are left with a perfect number , 7 cute little loaves.
I went in to Canola oil this time with this , very pretty Zak Mister , its super cute, red  { ok ,not pink but so good for the hols no?}, and sparys beautiful + u can make vanilla flavored oil in there , will show u how sometime soonnn....{lods more u can do i tell u...}
Once ur done there , u can begin the mixing , the recipe calls for adding all into the bowl and jus mixing till combined , but i did it step by step ,but i still feel a had mixer would result in a fantastic texture.
So i began with the melted Vanilla butter and Vanilla sugar, love my Le Creuset Batter bowl for one Bowl cakes .

And then beat in the eggs , or mix it all as the recipe{below} says.
Fold in the flour and the milk , which i warmed in the microwave.
And scoop equally {i'll show u how i do it in a min} into the prepare pan or a 8inch round tin.
Now this Zeroll Food scoop is one of the few blue things that are allowed in the BMS kitchens during the holidays:-)
Perfect everytime and pretty colors too!
Time for the tray to go into the oven and for u to do the dishes :-)
Which for me is fun by the way , as long as the water runs warm and i have lods of dishwashing liquid i am happy there.
And baked , cooled a bit and turned out to top with the glaze while i begin digging into one of 'em.
Melted around 55grams salted butter with 3-5 Caramels , and stirred adding brown sugar , icing sugar and a few drops clear butter extract.
 Bliss, it glides beautifully over the cakkeys and the fragrance adds to the baking aroma...and then absorbs into the cake , making the crust even better.
It also helps stick any colored deco u might wanna add.
The Caramel glaze goes all in and its so good , the crust that forms gets even better.
Its fantastic outa the oven , better the next day with a deeper flavor and even better the day after that , the buttery ,caramelly and vanilla , get together as the best of pals and u have a awesome bite with ur cafe or chai.
Whether with a spread of Nutella or Apricot preserve , or Rasberry jam or jus on their own, they are Oh so Good!
Quick Recipe
Preheat the Oven to 180 C {350 F}
Place the below in a bowl,
1 3/4 th cups plain AP flour, 
1 3/4th tsp baking powder,
1 cup castor sugar with Vanilla rubbed in,
125grams butter melted with 2 whole vanilla beans {innards},
2 eggs,
1/4th cup milk {warmed}
Mix well till combined.
i think a hand beater/mixer would do all the work for u here.
Scoop into 8inch cake pan lined with baking paper or in a mini loaf pan or muffin pan.
Bake for 25-40 mins till done , u'll know when the aroma fills the air and the cakes spring back to touch.
Cool for 10mins and then invert onto plate or rack.
Make glaze as above or dust with vanilla sugar or icing sugar .

Buttery and delightful....
Oh so goodddd........
{am trying to edit my design to make it red and have snow but blogger refuses to oblige}

And dont forget Jesus , is The Reason for This v Wonderful Season!


  1. Love, love, LOVE your cute little cakes! I was just about to go grocery shopping, and I'm going to buy more vanilla bean pods and vanilla bean paste because of your post!

  2. @Yummy C, ha ha ha , ur so cute , i love love love that u love them, i baked them for the most special person in my life who loveesss simple cakes and this one was a hit!
    Ha ha ,wish i cud send u a good lod of beans , i know what u mean , blogs and sites totally make me shop so muc more , hope u find some very wodnerful beans !

  3. adorable cakes and so well decorated thanks for the kind words on my blog
    and for saying Jesus is the reason trying to teach my two yr old that love Rebecca

  4. @Rebecca, thats so sweet , yeah He's the reason , and thats the real meaning of Christmas:-)
    Thannxx a ton , love reading ur thougths always:-)

  5. hey Mia I am feeling christmas here on your cute ....lovely cakes!

    love the way you write your posts...:))

  6. @JAgs, hey babe, was jus thinking about u and here u are!
    Thannxx a ton and yeah it so does feel like Christmas again!

  7. Cute little cakes, nice writeup. I have to get that vanilla beans. Christmas is here.

  8. They are so cute! What lovely little tins and vanilla is such a gorgeous flavor, especially when you use the beans :)

  9. Look at that cute cake, so tempting and well decorated. I feel that Christmas is here already seeing your post....

  10. I's be happy to wash dishes for a sample of those!! ;) They look totally yummy!!

  11. @Swathi, yeah , Christmas sure is around and it feels like it:-)
    thannxx a ton for ur kind words!

    @Lorraine , thannnk u babe!Ur always aweet!

    @Trick and treat, so cute , i loveeee it too!thannxxxx....a ton!

    @Tanna, id loveeee for u to sample them w/o dng the dishes or maybe we can share ,coz i loveee dnd the dishes too:-)
    Thnnxx a ton babe!

  12. First of all, I love your header, Mia!

    And those cakes look delicious. Your molds are adorable...such a cute idea for the holidays.
    Anything using vanilla beans would be on my favorite list!

  13. Barbara, love having u over, always:-)
    He he , i have been making different headers for the past 24 hours and finally m ok with this one:-)am so thrille u loveee it:-)
    Same here, loveee vanilla n thannxx a ton , so looking forward to the festive season!

  14. The cakes look super delicious. This recipe made my day today. Have already bookmarked it.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  15. Oh Deepa , that sounds so good and u know this cake jus keeps gettn better every day and is the best for a spread of Nutella or apricot preserve or anything u want!

  16. I always love visiting your beautiful blog, Mia! Your lovely creations always bring a smile to my face. I love these gorgeous little cakes, and you're right, everything good starts with butter! :) Love the snowman and your adorable Christmas tree spreading knives!

  17. De magnifiques biscuits de Noël.
    J'aime beaucoup.
    See soon.

  18. Another fantastic post. Your cakes are very appealing. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  19. Hey Faith , And i am always eager and happy to have u over:-)
    Hah, butter is good no, i agree , thannxx a ton i loveee d snowman and Christmas tree knives too , the Snowman is almost like a Christmas Mascot :-)

    @Nadji,mutissmo obgrigado com amor:-))

    @Mary , thannnk u Mary and same to u too!

  20. Love those cute little cakes and I would love to have one with a generous spread of Nutella :-)

  21. @Rachana, wud so love that n u cud have a jar as a takeway too , id tie a pretty red ribbon around it coz i have 4 mini jars in my supplies rite now:-)

  22. Hello Summer..
    Thanks so much for dropping by.I looove your festive.All the clucks shout holidays to me.I also got a holiday cake pan yest..cant wait to bake..looved all the snowmen, christmas trees and cookies on your blog.Happy holidays to u n ur family.

  23. what a yummy and sweet recipe
    thanks also for stopping by my blog
    ha ve a nice day
    bises from France

  24. @Tanvi, so happy to drop by , i tried 2recipes already, inspired from ur blog and loved them , jus cut the spice et all , but oh so delish!
    So happy to have u over and lovee what u think:-)

  25. @Delphine , aww muitissmo obgrigado and sooo thrilled to have u over !
    Was so happy to same to u!

  26. Oh my. What a treat. You fancied up the blog for the holidays. Grand, it is.

    Love your little vanilla cakes. You make good use of the vanilla beans. The molds are adorable and just right for the season.

    When you do something, you do it totally. Terrific job, Mia.

  27. I love your new Christmas desing :) These cakes look so moist and now they're on my to-do list (I'll let you know as soon as I make them), because I love vanilla and butter and gosh, caramel! Oh, and your christmas knives are super cute :)

  28. I love how Christmasy it is around here! It makes me feel so festive.

    "All good things begin with butter" oh how deeply I agree!

    This cake looks amazing and that caramel glaze! Perfection!

  29. Christmas is my favorite time of year! These little cakes look so yummy- I love your pan! I could almost smell the vanilla while reading your post. :)

  30. @Chaya, thannxxx a ton , ur pat on the back makes me want to do so muc more!
    Im still fancing it up and wish i was a techie ,wud makes things faster and easier!
    Oh maybe if i had a geeky pal , great that would be:-)
    And thannnk u again, ur thoughts mean a lot!

    @Catalina, oh i cant wait for u to try them too:-)
    And lemme tell u these are great keepers ,i had just one in the refrigeration ,which i had for breakfast today , a little warmed in the micro with thin slivers of cheese and vanilla apricot preserve, it was so good ,the flavor has deepened even more !
    This cake hass to be baked atleast a day before!
    And oh the caramel that has sinked into the crust!
    So good!

  31. @JO , ho ho ho , its ChristMas again:-)
    Agree , agree, am so thrilled to read ur thoughts as always !

    @scrambledhenfruit, ha ha, thannnk u and now i can smell the fragrance too!

  32. Everything is so pretty on this blog. It is just eye candy every single post! I love to see all your utensils as you have so many cute cute is that little heart measuring spoon, very cute! The pan is just perfect for what you made with it. I have seen it and never been sure what I would do with it...this is perfect! They turned out so beautifully and your presentation really inspiring. Little Christmas Tree Spreaders are such fun!

  33. Kayte , i missed u babe, oh i have to catch up with u on ur blog too and will do so rite away:-)
    Thanxx a ton , so thrilled u noticed , i love cute and i love pretty and if its pink or in hearts , im super thrilled :-)
    THannnxx again for being here and always love to have u over!

  34. OMG! It looks so delicious!!
    I'm definitely going to try it!!

    Amazing pictures btw! ;)

  35. Thanks for visiting my blog Summer!

    I love love love how colorful your blog is :) And the cake looks so delish :) Happy Holidays!

  36. I see Christmas here, lovely pic and all those Christmas goodies and those cute vanilla cake is awesome :)

  37. @Eleonora, :-)))so happy to hear that, but m sad i dont have a link to visit u too!!

    @Kiran , ur so welcome and am so happy to read ur thoughts too!

    @Ananda, thanxx a ton babe!so muc!yeah it sure feels like Christmas in my heart too!

  38. You are on a vanilla roll...and I'm loving it. The mini pan is adorable!

  39. @Deeba, u have been on my mind and there u are :-)
    Me too , totally love , both vanilla and pan:-)

  40. What gorgeous little cakes, Mia. I definitely have to try this recipe. I love Donna Hay - she is one of my culinary heroes - I have so many of her books and I use them a lot :-) Thank you so much for sharing this at "Make it with ... Mondays" challenge vanilla.
    Sue xo

  41. @Sue , same here buddy ,lovee her too:-)
    Share ur thoughts and ur soo welcome ,am totally happy to have u here too:-)
    Happy to join Make it Mondays!

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