Thursday, November 18, 2010


 Happy ChilDrens Day Everyone!!
I loveee Childrens day!!! dont u?
If u wondering about the tittle ,arent SD's sugar kissed , so they sure are blushing with that kiss , and with the cinnamony goodness mixed with sweet cinnamon , they sure are well tanned!!!
And here they are Vanilla kissed too!
And all butter too!
How good is that!
And they got a chocolate makeover here, with lods of vanilla, and for my last years cute ideas ,hop here !

Oh look at the sun basking its golden hues on the cinnamon!!
These are the best cookies in the world, honestly they are, i dont know if i will say this for another cookie again or even if u offer me a CCC,but these buttery delite's are totally melt in ur mouth!
And the Vanilla heightens that gorgeous flavor!

 And the belgian milk chocolate + belgian hazelnut choco paste,with some rich vanilla extract, pairs beautifully with these i say!!
I loveee Snickerdoddle everything and love how muc there is around the blogosphere ,filled with Spice and all things nice!!
 I adapted this recipe from Martha Stewart ,thru Bakerella ,who had already cut down the recipe to 20 cookies , though i did get 25 smaller cookies and 1 Mickey Mouse!
 My main changes were a few fills, adding zest to the sugar for rolling along with part white sugar and part brown sugar.
And a whole vanilla bean into the dough!
And then playing with flavoring the dough with more buttery goodness!

Begin by beating Room temp butter with sugar, ie 1 stick{125grams} of butter, coz i didn use shortening but all butter!
And my cookies didn spread that much!!
And with Confectioners sugar ,i always use this for my cookies coz they result in a crunchier ,crispier cookie!
 And then add a whole vanilla bean in , the caviar , the rich ,pretty good that fragrance and it makes everything better!
There's is barely a baked good i bake without Vanilla!

And then i had these , i didn know which one to add and since butter is always better , i added in a little bit of all 3 ,along with the caviar of a whole plump vanilla bean!
Yeah My snickerdoodles , had Vanilla in them too!!
Its a good thing if u beat the flavors, extract into the butter and sugar coz it gets more intense, i have noticed it many a times!!
See, how pretty the Vanilla beans look into the beaten butter
Beat well before u add in the egg!

After beating with the egg, the batter gets a luxurious volume lift!!
 Time to add 1.5cup flour...
 that has been sifted with 1 tsp baking powder {in place of Cot}
n 1/2 tsp Baking soda!
bdw, i have a sifter ,but i rarely sift and it works for me:-)
And add it to the buttery mix and fold well or beat on slow till a dough comes together which will be pretty quick!
Mia, resist eating the dough ,i tell myself, remember u dont fancy raw egg, but i cant help break pieces of the dough , very buttery dough onto my awaiting taste buds!
Ahh, now lets begin some excitement ,for  and the cookies too!!!
 By the way , i love curls, baby hair curls, big hair curls, ribbon curls, and Cinnamon curls!

First a little tool, the cutest ever cinnamon/nutmeg grater and it microplane!!
If u love freshly grated cinnamon , u will love this , whether u wanna add it to ur hot chocolate ,morning cafe or work with these cookies!!!
 Now lets make the cinnamon sugar shall we?
I dont like too much of cinnamon, so added brown sugar for a dusky tanned cinnamony color,but that doesn mean i dont like cinnamon, i love love love cinnamon.I mixed brown sugar with white sugar and added freshly grated cinnamon there!!
And lemon zest too....
And now the fillers, see what we have, Butterscotch chips , Milk Chocolate chips and cinnamon sugar , yeah i filled in all the cookies ,with these , lemme show u how, am sure u wanna see!
These are the lovely goodies that helped for little pockets of goodness.
Chocolate Chips.
Butter scotch chips.
Cinnamony mix of zest with white and brown sugar.
Was so tempted to add in some fresh home made guava jelly too.

This cookie scoop will make u life so muc easier, yeah it totally helps with balling these cookies!

See , i told ya!!!
Forming the cookies with a scoop will help you with equal sizes + make work easy,you can fill any or all of the cookies , by making a little dent, placing the filling,and then rolling in the sugar.
 Very quick and easy....these sugar and cinnamon pockets with a chocolate chip or butter scotch chip , inside or.....
the brown sugar , cinnamon, and white sugar,zest mix.
 Or stuff them directly in the scoop , even easier!!
Round balls of buttery Cinnamon goodness ,waiting to be baked....
And baked to an aroma unmatched, that fills the home beautifully with buttery cinnamon scents.  ...{this is actually d next day}
 The chocolate is Callebaut milk  chocolate melted in the micro with Canola oil added , and lods of Callebaut hazelnut choco paste and Nutella....
The Callebaut Hazelnut choco paste was a sample and am always on the look out for samples to try!!
And they happen exactly when ur not looking and its a real good quantity at that!
And Nutella we always loveeeeee....

Oh Chocolate....and hearts , i love....
 One of these has guava jelly under the chocolate!

Snickerdoodle Cookies

A tradional cookie with lods of twists by Mia!

1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon cream of tartar{i used baking powder}
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
8Tablespoons salted butter, room temperature{1 stick}
3/4 cup sugar {icing}
1 egg {small}
1/4 cup sugar + lite brown sugar{u may need more here ,depending on the rolling}
2 Tablespoons cinnamon
zest+vanilla bean seeds scraped{optional but a must for Mia's snicker doodles}
choco chips/butterscotch chips/guava jelly for filling{optional}
  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
  • Line baking sheet with parchment paper or silpat {perfect}.
  • In a medium bowl, sift together flour, cream of tartar, baking soda and keep aside , now lemme be honest though i have a sifter i rarely sift , i jus mix it all with a fork or whisk in a bowl.
  • In a mixer, cream butter and sugar on medium for about 2 minutes.
  • Add any flavoring ,vanilla, if adding and beat till creamy again.
  • Add egg and mix until combined.
  • Add the flour mixture and beat until combined.
  • In a small bowl, mix sugar and cinnamon with zest if using!
  • Use a small small cookie scoop to form balls.
  • Release in the cinnamon-sugar mixture and roll until covered. When coated, you can shape them in a nice round ball and place on the baking sheet.
  • If adding a crunchy or gooey  filling, scoop balls , make a dent , add stuffing and  then roll in the sugar!
  • Bake for about 10 minutes or until the cookies begin to crack. My oven takes muc muc longer and my cookies didn spread muc either though i had an all butter Snicker doodle here!
  • If u feel urs are spreading too muc , refrigerate the dough for a while till cold. {20mins}
  • Remove and let cool on a wire rack.

SAve the best for last ....Mickey Mouse:-)
And even better for a very special baby gurl O , a little baby gurl , who looks so pretty in pink and will soon grow to love MM,Pink and cookies:-)

Honestly ,the best Snicker Doodies ever, they didn spread too muc, had awesome flavor ,and everytime u open a tin of cookies, u have the fragrance love ur senses!!

Oh yeah its world Nutella day and the first time Bright Morning Star is gng to be there:)
Am sending these delites to World Nutella Day , where the founders Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso declare Saturday, February 5th “World Nutella Day 2011″ – a day to celebrate, to get creative with, and most importantly, to EAT Nutella

And lets end on vanilla  note, the delicious bean!
For lods of ideas on how to make extract and, yummy recipes& super vanilla pics and more , hop by here.


  1. What adorable cookies! I'll be making these for my nieces!

  2. @yummychunklet ,thannnk u!!
    m sure they will love them:-)

  3. Oh, those look lovely...anything with sprinkles has my immediate attention! Love seeing all the packaging, I don't know a thing about those emulsions so I will do a little research now about those...thanks! Mickey is so cute!!

  4. @Kayte, oh i heart sprinkles too!!
    These extracts smell fantastic and real good!!
    love them:-)
    Mickey me love too!!
    thannnk u for being here!

  5. Bonjour, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog, really appreciate it :-) All your food looks great and your photos make my mouth water ;-) Have a lovely Sunday, Love from London x

  6. Hey Mademoiselle, thannnk u ,and ur so welcome!!Happy to have u over and ur v kind!!

  7. These cookies look BEAUTIFUL and sound so delicious, especially with all the surprise fillings! Gorgeous photography! Love the light!

  8. Sue, thannnk u for ur kind compliments!
    Ur kindness makes my day:-)

  9. That is a great idea for snickerdoodles. I love the idea of finding a little surprise upon biting into a cookie. Yours are the prettiest snickerdoodles I've ever seen.

  10. You are baking up a storm, Mia! These look yummy-licious! Nice little surprise inside too!

    Will go take a look at the magazine site. Congrats!

    (And yes, the Rose Bakery cookbook has tons of photos...)

  11. Now THAT is a snickerdoodle! Those are amazing looking! I have to try them!

  12. YUM. Those look so utterly delicious! It was a treat just to SEE them! I can only imagine tasting them!

  13. Thanks for dropping by my blog. You have some amazing recipes here.

  14. Oh Barbara, :-)
    Dont we love baking?
    Thannnxx for the tip on the Rose book, have orderd for it now:-)

  15. Oh Julie, u must and tell me too!!
    Thannnk u !!

    Tanna,so sweet and cute, always!

    Divya, ur welcome and thankk u too!

  16. My, my, my! Now these are supersnickerdoodles! I love snickerdoodles and these are all dressed up to go to the ball. They will capture the eye and the heart of all those who have the pleasure of seeing these!

  17. oH Katy, u make me happy and u make me go and we can go to the ball with the Snicker doodles too:-)
    ur rite, all who got them ,totally loved these babies!
    Thannnk u Katy,wish i cud bake u a batch too:-)

  18. Mia-You never cease to amaze me with your creativity. These cookies not only beautiful but they look outrageously yummy. Beautiful step-by-step photos, as always.

    Mia-Come by my blog to pick up your award. Copy and paste the award to your blog post...mention who it came from, and pay it forward to 15 bloggers who you feel deserve the award. truly deserve it!

  19. I love your photos :) Sooo cute and lovely and I really appreciate so detailed directions as I have never done snickerdoodles before and they do look extremely tasty :)

  20. love the idea of stuffing and those cute little hearts wow!!

  21. That's funny that you added all three! Butter does indeed make everything better! :)

    Love all your pink utensils!

    Happy Monday!

  22. Snickerdoodles are definitely one of my favorites! I love how you filled these with chocolate and butterscotch chips, what a great idea! The Mickey Mouse cookie is adorable!

  23. Elizabeth, first of all very sorry for the late reply, my internt was down and jus up today!
    Thannnk u for all ur kindest words, i love that pat on my back and u always encourage and appreciate me, makes me want to do better!
    THannnk u for the award ,will be there soonnn!

    @CAtalina, am sooo glad u think so, do lemme know when u do try them ok:-)

  24. @Ananada, me too:-))

    @Ingrid, lol, Ha ha , i cudn resist and they make the coookieees soooo good!!!
    I totally loveee Pink too!!

    @Faith, thannnk u sweets ,i loveee MM too:-)

  25. Yum! We dont have Children's Day here, but snickerdoodles are so perfect for children. I love the added chocolate and yumminesses.

  26. @Indie tea, yeah i know:-)
    I loveee snicker doodles anytime but specially at thanksgiving:-)
    thannnnk u for being here and ur lovely thoughts!

  27. My son would go crazy for these little cuties. I wouldn't resist either.

  28. Only you would make a snickerdoodle gorgeous, in so many ways. These are the sweetest cookies, each an artistic work. How do you do it?

    I must make snickerdoodles. Mine will be plain so hubby eats them but I bet they will be good.

  29. What a terrific post. Everything looks delicious. Congratulations on the new venture. You will do well I know. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  30. @Katerina, he he, cute, i go too!

    @Chaya, oh my buddy and u make me feel all the more special with ur love filled thoughts!
    Oh ,i know for sure ,ur snicker doodles will be awesome!!

    Thannnk u dear Mary !!
    Lovee having u over too!

  31. What a delightful site you have here...I can definitely see why Elizabeth adores you ;)
    These cookies are delightful as well, and being chocolate dipped, wow :)

  32. @Magic of spice, aww ,ur so sweet too, thannnk u for ur thoughts,they make me grin!

  33. Snickerdoodles are one of my favorite cookies, but I have never had these kind. They look amazing!

  34. They look so darn kiddo will love this one!
    Good luck on your new sounds really exciting!

    US Masala

  35. Gorgeous looking snicker doodles. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your lovely comment. I am not sure which one of Giada's books has the most cookie recipes (I have ordered a copy of Giada's Kitchen, which I am still waiting to arrive, so not sure what it contains in the way of cookie recipes). I've asked the question of a few other bloggers I know who have copies of several of Giada's books, so as soon as I have an answer I will let you know.
    Sue :-)

  36. Ces petits gâteaux doivent être extraordinaires.
    Avec tout ce que tu as mis dedans, ils ne peuvent être que délicieux.
    Je t'en prends un ou deux pour déguster.
    Bonne journée.

  37. @ELAINE, thats so sweet , am so thrilled to read ur thoughts on these cookies!

    @Aipi, wish i cud send ur kiddo some too!!

    Sue, thats very kind and sweet of u!!
    Thannnk u very muc, so appreciate ur help!
    U are very kind with ur compliments too and thats so highly appreciated!
    Thannnk u and looking forward to ur blog !

    Ola NadJI, muitissmo obgrigado para amor!

  38. Incredible cookies! I can eat for dozens :)

    All the best,


  39. @Gera, thannnx , am glad for this and wish i cud send u some!

  40. What a gorgeous cookies! They're truly irresistible and all the best for your new project....

  41. Iam gonna visit you for the holidays :D your space is really mesmerizing me day by day with delectable recipes .Now its cookie time :)

    SD is so cute n love all the pics dear .

    Happy thanksgiving ! Enjoy the holidays .

  42. @SAn ,thannnk u for being here !!!
    Love it when u love these goodies!!
    Oh cookie time is so perfect for Thanksgiving , will be baking more of these for 25th and with COT this time round !!
    Yeah its arrived and i am happy!!

  43. Ca y est, j'ai voté pour toi.
    Je pense que tu vas gagner car tu es celle qui a le plus de voix pour le moment.
    See soon


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