Friday, December 24, 2010


 Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos


When you begin bookmarking cookie recipes , faster than u can bake them.....
When u think that every good cookie is a must bake.....
When u think u have to bake atleast a dozen cookies a day and then dress them good.....
And when Cherries in ur local market make u think holly galore...

And when u fall in love with recipes that say traditonal/mom /grandmom/years and more...
as also with French soups and sides and more...
and u can have the soup only in ur this bowl ..
And when u think that even if u cant bake all those cookies NOW , u will bake them later.....
and u think u have to add candy cane to every cafe store .....
and when u think red , green and white.......yet again...
and when u dream Santa and large boxes wrapped in red ruffled paper and ribbons galore in the same colors u think above.....
and then again Santa u see in ur dreams and u see holly in place of the moon...
And when u think ,and u survive on Hot Candy Cane coco with Marshmallow fluff and more.....
and when u finish one tin /tub/jar of each of the above in a week......
and when u cant let a second go without ur ipod belting "mistletoe & wine"
And when u think ur jus so in lovee ........

and when u think u need a dozen gingerbread cutters and a few more red stocking molds.....
and when u begin shopping for spices that warm u and  that sing of cinnamon , vanilla , all spice, cardamon ,cloves and more.....
and when u think u saw a big man in a white beard , with a biggg sack , bearing ur name , on every street corner and circle.....
and u think , its time to stop driving coz the sack with ur name on it distracts u:-)
and when think its the most romantic time of the year......and mugs of hot drinks make u feel so too..
and when u think Cookies , candy and fruit cake all the time.....
and when u dream of how many shapes u could make of that shortbread and how many sprinkles and red sugar u need ,all the time.....
and u think that u MUSt have green and red Vanilla sugar in ur pantry!

And u think U must have Candy Cane and have ur first Candy Cane Moment , {thannnk u Chaya}
AHh , yeah u know its Christmas Time , the best time of the year {never mind if u feel so *365 days}....and yeah the real meaning of Christmas in the Giving of love every day......

U hear urself humming ....children singing...lets have fun ...Merry Christmas Every one!

And then u find yourself making lods of spiced vanilla sugar ........and u say everything ''spiced'' is for Christmas time...
And u find ur self curling ribbon galore.........
and u find a box being delivered to u every second day....{thannk u Santa, we are best frens:-),and u always make me feel special}
and then there are many a ''mommy and me'' sets around , {= me picking them for ''us'',ie mom and me:-) }
And u find lods of books coming in too......
And some more books , oh santa is being soooo good!
and then u find u  have a new cell phone in jus the color you love.....alongwith lods Candy cane , which i so muc tresure, in my fav colors too!
I had my first candy cane moment , thannxx to my dearest buddy Chaya!
Merry Christmas Pictures, Images and Photos ♪♫•*¨♥¸¸.*•♫♪ So feels like Christmas in the Air ♫•**•.¸¸♥¸¸.•♫♪ Christmas time ...♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Mistletoe&vine♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪
Oh u know its Christmas time ,and u chime in the faith!
And Santa makes breakfast times better , with this lovely butter keeper, soft butter anytime !
And then ur baking and stirring....and loving and laughing.....and all the cookies that need catching up ,will be around there soon too....
And bringing out all ur pretty Christmas time plates.....
and u think they are sooo pretty all ur Christmas ware pops around..
And hanging in the tinsel ......tying the mistletoe and dressing up the tree even a week after Christmas.....
 and yeah before u go to sleep , u are going to have a spread for Santa :-) and if u have the video cams on , u KNOW he wont hop by:-)
Oh yeah ,its Christmas time again .....and it begins rite @September jus like every other year it rains...{ok ignore the last word , its jus there for the rhyme}
Oh yeah , oh yeah ,oh yeah , its Christmas time , and there is so muc to love and share....
And Care and be there.......
 And yeah , im always dreaming of a White Christmas tooo..

 Oh yeah My fantastic Christmas cake will be up as soon as i can get it together ,and hey ,its not too late to bake for Easter is it or or that matter Valentines ,maybe...
The cake is sooo good ,that even at New year , u need no excuse to bake it , n yeah there will be step by step pics too...stay tuned....
till then maybe ud love to Check lods of Christmas cookies and how to make ur own sugars and more......
 Merry Christmas and happy hols everyone and the gang at FFwD , all my baker pals  BwD, Have the cake,Baked and Modern Baker!!

And thannnxx a ton lods to the fab gang at SYW and am thrilled with ur very generous gift too!!
Merry Christmas to u all !!

And to all u , my dearest readers, ur the best and fantastic , love reading all ur kind and sweet thoughts!

And lodsa love to all my pals here!! 
And yeah the real meaning of Christmas is the Giving of love everyday * 365...
Jesus is the real reason for the season and He wants us to be Happpppppy......
♪♫•*¨♥¸¸.*•♫♪ So feels like Christmas in the Air ♫•**•.¸¸♥¸¸.•♫♪ Christmas time ...♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪Mistletoe&vine♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸♥ ¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪


  1. Wow, you have been spoiled! So many books, I am jealous. ;-P

    Merry Xmas!



  2. Hiiii pal , ha ha,ur cute , and i didn put up the pics of all the books and i know there are some more awaiting me under the tree, i cant keep my hands off all those presents really!
    Huggies to u Rosa dearest!

  3. Wow, look at all this festivity over here. Very fun to see it all showcased in one place like this! Love all those books, would love to have them all, but especially that Madhur Jaffrey one. Merry Christmas!

  4. @kayte, hey babe, happy to have u here, thannk u and Merry Christmas!

  5. Another lovely post filled with good cheer for the holiday. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings...Mary

  6. Oh my dear Mary, same to ya too!!
    Wonderful weekend and Merry Christmas!

  7. Whenever I visit your blog feels like festive.
    Wish you and family a Merry Christmas and happy holidays

  8. How lovely! I wish we had cherries here at Christmas, but its winter now and too cold. You're so lucky to get at this time, they look perfect!

  9. Have a Joy packed Christmas . Best wishes for you and your entire family.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  10. @Swathi :-) and samee to u!!

    @Indie Tea, this is the first time ever we found these year and some are rum spiked now coz i need to bake lods of cake:-)

    @Deepa, thannk u and same to u too!

  11. Merry christmas Mia! I hope you have a beautiful day full of tons of good food! I only wish I were there to give you a hug and celebrate with you!

  12. @Jo , oh babe, same here:-)huggies ,lodsa them!

  13. WoW Mia,What a collection of books!!Wish u lived near by & I could borrow some.I love those candy cane butter spreads and Santa Plates and star bowls and....everything actually!!!
    Wish you & your family a Merry Christmas & lots of Joy for the coming year!!

  14. @Tanvi , first of all soo happy to have u over!!Oh id love to share not only these but all of my books with u , dont have a v big collection but a few 100+ and growing and would be fun to share:-)
    Im in love with my Christmas ware too and there are lods more not here:-)))
    Huggies and merry Christmas to u with love!

  15. @Trinidad, joyeux noel egaulmenta e mais!


  17. ♫°° Amiga,

    °º♫ Desejo para 2011
    ° • ♫ "O sonho realizado...
    °º ♫°° ♫♫ O amor esperado...
    ° ·. •*• ♫ A esperança renovada..."

    Brasil °º♫
    ° ·.

  18. You are absolutely bonkers girl...I think you've been spoilt silly this Christmas, and I'm loving it! That's why you are a fairy right? Ooooh those books. I have a couple from the bunch you received and I have Chocolate Epiphany, Just Desserts, Baked Explorations and Baking For All Seasons on my wishlist! Enjoy this beautiful bounty, ceramics and all. Sprinkling of Christmas love for you Mia! xo

  19. Ha ha , oh my dear Deeba , loveee hearing that from u , u soundd so cute!!
    And ur thoughts are always a treat to read!
    I have jus opened some more last night and am so thrilled to add to my collection , now i need a pretty glass with dark wood ,!
    Its is pink , i'll be happier really!
    Hah , i loveee being a fairy ,but looks like every body being a fairy to me, but i so want to be a fairy to u and am waiting to hear from u so we can get working on the parcel exchange.
    The delay is good , i got some nice stuff from US/EU to give ya!
    And to u too Deeba , amny times over ,with lodsa love!

  20. @Magia da Inês muitissmo obrigado menina , e tambem para ti , 7vejas mais e com muito amor e bejinhos!

  21. Hey sweetheart
    Hope u had a lovely xmas:)

  22. There is an award waiting for u Mia:)

  23. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, Mia! Looks like Santa was really good to you -- love all your cookbooks! Wishing you a happy upcoming New Year, sweetie!

  24. @JAgs, thannxxxx a ton lods , was already there and will be back there to bring it over !
    Thannnk u babe!

    @Faith, i sure did , ho ho , Santa is right over here and have some more stuff cmg now:-)
    Am off to make Santa some hot chocolate now :-)

  25. Beautiful pictures! You have some of the books that I was dreaming would be under my Christmas tree!

  26. You and santa must be close friends, you have a lot of great stuff there! Such cute Christmas ware and some great cookbooks as well!

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas holiday and have a fabulous New year!

  27. Hey Mia ,

    I hope that you had a lovely christmas ,not sure whether it was white christmas .Your pictures are highly showcasing the holiday season ,whenever i visit here your space brings a smile on my face .Lots of attractive goodies around esp books,guess you must be in some other world now he he :D Getting ready for the new year huh ?

    God bless you dear ,may you have an awesome year ahead !

  28. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! Have fun cooking with all those great new cookbooks. All of your pictures are so pretty - you have me wishing it was Christmas all over again! Happy New Year!

  29. Hi Mia-I'm leaving you another comment, I can't find the first one, that I submitted, I think it got lost in all the Christmas treats, and yummy baked goods!
    Also, I wanted to correct what I wrote. I meant to say that your blog sparkles and twinkles like your personality-not your personalities!...oops, sounded as if you have (more than one personality)
    Sorry about the mistake!
    Hugs, and kisses, and Happy New Year, my sweet friend!

  30. You will be busy this year baking and cooking from all those wonderful cookbooks! I hope your Christmas was a merry one and that you have a very Happy New Year. Wishing you all the best in 2011!

  31. So much festivity at your place - it makes me smile :-)

    Mia I hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas, and I wish you the very best for the new year. Look forward to reading more of your blog in the year ahead :-)

    Sue xo

  32. @Lisa, thannk u so muc!!!

    @Julie M :-)))
    Thannnxx a ton lods!
    And same to ya with a Brite and Happy sunshine new year with lots and lots of love !

    @San , hiiiii , yeah we sure did and i still feel like the holidays and for me the 12days of Christmas are like on repeat u know:-)
    :-)thannnxx ,u make me grin and laugh happily:-)
    Yeah sure am , and its been up and down and around , jus about hoppn by to wish u again too:-)
    Brite and Happy sunshine new year to u, with lots and lots of love !

    @Reeni, thannxxx sooo muc and same to u too:-))))))))))
    Ahh , u know i still feel like Christmas here:-)
    Brite and Happy sunshine new year to u, with lots and lots of love !

  33. @Elisabeth , ha ha , nope , it didn get lost but stayed put on the other cookie post :-)
    Thannnnk u for ur kind and very encouraging words galore!
    U always make my day , dont u?
    Hope u had the most wonderful Christmas too ....Brite and Happy sunshine new year to u, with lots and lots of love !

    and no , it didn sound like that at all , infact love the sparkles and more added to my name :-)Ahh happy sunshine is here:-){in the heart coz i loveeee snow}

    lodsa huggies to ya too!

  34. @Elaine , i would sooo love to be busy dng that:-)
    thannxx a ton lods and Hope u had the most wonderful Christmas too ....Brite and Happy sunshine new year to u, with lots and lots of love !

  35. @Sue , yeah we sure did and i still feel like Christmas :-)
    We are sure having a wonderful year and its seems filled with so muc hope , faith and love@
    Thannnxx a ton and looking forward to u too!
    U make my day ,always:-)
    Brite and Happy sunshine new year to u, with lots and lots of love !

    @Torview, sooo happy yo have u and would love to have u always over:-)
    Brite and Happy sunshine new year to u, with lots and lots of love !

  36. Hi dear- I hope that you have a wonderful 2011, full of lots of cooking and discovery and joy.
    Good luck and lotsa hugs..

    US Masala

  37. hIIII Aipi, i sure did:-)
    THannxx a ton and same to u , many times over with a brite new sunshine year with lodsa love and hugsss!

  38. Wow...about a month or two ago I kept looking for new posts here but I guess you were on a break? So glad to see you back, and everything looks so colorful, festive and lovely as always! Happy New Year to you!! *hugs*

  39. Hey Lisa , am sooo happy to find u here , yeah ur rite , i was on a forced break till almost septmber -octbr coz was w/o a laptop , the order took ages and was without it :-(
    I was thinking of ya for a day or 2 n am so thrilled to find u here:-)
    Lookin forward to new year ,have a sunshine one:-_)


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