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Oh its Christmas time ,the best time of the year.And i have a few gift ideas or Diy projects just for u, something u'll love.
I did and hope u do too.

Gather ur ribbons and pretty jars , i have jus the rite fun for u , and well if they are in Red, Green and white, Santa make want some too.

To begin with i have a very lightly spiced Vanilla sugar with jus a hint of lavender, lavender coz it so romantic , as is vanilla , as is Christmas , Oh never mind:-)
And Vanilla with a jus oh little whiff of lavender is oh sooo good!

And see the layers , i mixed it all later but couldn resist begining with pretty layers ....
 All there is to it is sugar , sugar with lods and lodsss of vanilla , seeds scraped out the beans,some more sugar and some more vanilla.
And one layer is this lightly spiced brown sugar.
and ur can use some for ur cafe too..
Later u can have little jars to give away , add lods of ribbons , a cute tag and u'll have everybody smiling.
Oh so pretty and oh so good!
 SPiced Vanilla Sugar,layered or no
Vanilla Sugar is every bodies fav for so many a reason and more so for Christmas!
And this one is lightly spiced and with an addition of brown sugar.

Well this big jar holds more than a kg of sugar.
Add a cup of sugar to the jar.
Add a cup of sugar to a bowl and scrape as many beans as u want into it and mix well , so u'll have almost black sugar.
Pour over the sugar in the jar ,and then repeat to get layers or jus mix it all together.
Add this this lightly spiced brown sugar, if u want too.
You can leave it in layers or give it a good shake after a day or 2 as i did.
Well u can add 3 beans upto 14 beans or more.
i have a good supply so i added lods of gourmet bourbon beans.

Red & Green Vanilla Sugar

This is soo good for those who dont find sanding colored sugar easily and its sooo easy.
All u need is sugar and gel colors of ur choice.
I added Vanilla too , so i have Colored Vanilla Sugar.
Perfect for lods of things, and so easy.
Lemme show u step by step how its done.

***First u begin by taking sugar in 2 jars of ur choice.
***then scrape a bean or 2 into both the jars {this is optional}and mix well with a fork so u spread the beans around , not too muc coz when u shake things up later they well spread well too.
***take ur fav gel color , i took the 2 Christmas colors..
add a few drops , close the lid tight and shake things up really well to mix throughly, if u want it darker/deeper u can add more , begin with little at a time.
***and red sugar ready....
***Same way with green vanilla sugar and here's our green sugar ready.
Yeah i sure am using lods of beans , if ur wondering , besides Vanilla sugar what i do with the beans after i scrape the seeds, well i have jus an idea for u , i have a large jar filled with 50% alchl vodka , i add them all there ,and then with this vanilla vodka , i make extract with Vanilla seeds et all.
Here are lods of ideas of how u can use these sugars from cookies to cakes and more cakes  galore .


  1. So So beautiful colored sugars.I love your jars.Such recipes are keepers.Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. colored sugars looks beautiful and sure awesome gifts. Lavender and vanilla sugar too.

  3. The colored sugars look delicious! I just bought a new jar of vanilla bean paste and can't wait to pair it with some colored sugars!

  4. Oh my god this is SO much cheaper than buying colored sugars! I am definitely trying this as I already have tons of gel colors sitting around my apartment. Thanks for these great tips!

  5. This is an important post, Mia. I learned a lot and it pays to learn because as Joanne pointed out, you save money.

    As usual, photos are outstanding.

  6. Another beautiful post, Mia! Your lavender and vanilla sugars are both gorgeous and I love the idea of dying them festive colors! This would make a truly beautiful Christmas gift.

  7. What a fun post to read! great idea!

  8. Such a great post! Not only these are beautiful but at the same time money saving. Love your jars and those amazing clicks dear....

  9. Love the festive deco on the gorgeous cookies, Mia. Beautiful pictures, the colorful sugar looks pretty.

  10. @Tanvi and Swathi , thannxx a ton gurls!!

    @yummy chunklet , so looking forward:-)thannnk u!

    @Jo , yeah thats so true ,and those gel colors sure need to get used too!

    @Chaya, oh my sweety , thannxx a ton , love to read ur thoughts always!

    @Faith , oh babe , u make me smile ,always with ur kindness and sweet words!
    Thannnk u , and i coudn agree more:-)

    @laurie , thannnk u!

    @treak and trick , thannnx u !and i love thme too:-)

    @sanjeeta, oh sooo happy to hear that:-)thannk u!

  11. Oh, Mia, this vanilla sugar looks wonderful - I can just imagine how good it tastes. Love the idea of the lavendar with it as well. This is a beautiful idea for a gift - I'm bookmarking this one to try next Christmas :-) Thanks for sharing it with "Make it with ... Mondays" challenge vanilla.
    Sue xo


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