Friday, January 7, 2011


 Hiiiiii, every body , im late , but am totally here to wish u a Brite ''Cheeryy'' Sunshine New year , and am sure u guys are having the most wonderful time!
 The Church bells Strike twelve , and there is a joyous feel to the air....and fireworks of all sorts light up the air.....
u can hear and see fireworks ,music , church bells , all around u .... oh yeah its New year , and time to rejoice some more!

I look forward to new year , with the same love and joy , but with lods more hope and expectations !

I aint the resoluting type , but i always want to reach out some more , than i ever did , with a smile , kind act or deed !
To Make sure i never miss smiling at some poor or lonely or saying something happy , coz to bring joy ,more joy ,around i want!!
Yeah , its share more love , *365 , oh yeah drops in the ocean of lovee count.....

God has been wonderful and blessed me so ,and if i can make a difference to even one life on one day , i'll be so happy to do so!

If i can afford a pizza that or bucket that 50$ or more , i sure can afford to give a part away ,and thats jus the tip of the iceberg of what i wanna do!
And yup , its back finally to loveeee...

I believe that my best days are yet to come and this is going to be my best year yet ,and it will be , i believe and it happens , that every year , life just gets better ,in some way or the other and i soo hope u do too....

And i want to bake more , cook more , but more than that post as muc as i can , thru step by step pics....

And my mom who takes pickling and more to another level ,made some fantastic wine for my birthday , which is all gone , and here's another batch , jus strained off , from the ceramic jar , the pink hue will get more transparent and turn a deeper redder pink ....
 A plus is the recipe is sooo easy with always in ur pantry ingredients and mom always jus knows exactly how muc of wheat berries or yeast should go in....

And we are already on another batch ......we are dessert wine lovers and this is a very sweeet wine , sweeter than my fav Austrian dessert wine , which makes it a fav among us all!
Ahh , by the way , these wine sessions are family events and everyone's around with these activities galore!
And one of the lasts sunsets of 2010 :-)

And till then and more,lemme go thru with u ,all thats happening in the world of Bright Morning Stars foodies around here, are u with me too?

 Hah , 2010 also gave me these super cute ''onion lamps'', while chopping them for this recipe 
 Ahh, a simple play of lite....
 ie, natures beautiful sunlight thru and thru......

And when the 12days of Christmas are like repeat on ur ipod , oh yeah i mean it ,my 12days of Christmas never get over:-)
 Yeah im still not even over Christmas yet , specially when this cuteee magnet appeared under my tree ,a few days after Christmas , its a days before Christmas Magnet , i made it into a days after Christmas for sure....
 And this new year i also have the most wonderful Woofers for the kitchen and music is simply fantastic ....and i have Rhema MarvaAnne on repeat on the ipod too {yeah Christmas carols:-) }
Oh the music in our kitchen is gone to a whole new level now..

and the nip in the air has me brewing fresh espresso ,my fav , a few times a day!

And i thought i wasn t a mint lover , till candy cane happened and now these precious Candy cane kisses galore....u sure can look forward to lods of kisses too this year!

 And lods of Candied peel moments from France , forced me to making my own candied peel , which is oh so good and there is lods u can do with the candied peel i tell u..

Ahh, yes ,lods of chocolate,many ways, from Caramel lo happenned too:-)
 And some pretty Marzipan , from the Goa M Resorte and more....

Hah, and i am loving the cherries are getting ,bigger and better and cheaper at our local market.
Oh ,and u simply cant stop at one ......
And Lodsa love to u , my wonderful pals ,who are u , u guys are the best , and Sunshine pals am grateful for u guys too...


  1. Happy New Year to you and your family the pics...specially the cherries ...

  2. As always, your photos are amazing! I look forward to "feasting" over your blog this year!

  3. Hi Mia-Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog...I can see that your Christmas holiday was a great success, with all your beautiful new gadgets, and presents.
    Love your photo of the last beautiful sunset, and of course, all the other photos!
    I hope the new year will bring you everything that your heart desires, and may you have a lot of blessings and LOVE!
    Hugs, and kisses to you, my sweet bright and cheerful friend!

  4. Wishing you and your family a very happy and beautiful new year. Love the pictures, especially the cherries :-)

  5. @Priti, thannkkk u and same to ya too:-)

    @Yummy C, aww, me soo lookin forward too:-)))
    thannxx and same to ya !!

    @Elisabeth ,aww, so sweet , ur always sooo kind and generous and sweet!
    Always a pleasure and thannxx a ton and same to ya too :-)

    @Rachana, thannxx a ton babe and same to ya too!

  6. Mia,

    you make onion a beautiful model in the world, Clicks are awesome. wishing you and family a happy newyear and this year brings lot of happiness.

  7. Ha ha , Swathi , i lovee the way u think:-)
    Love d those pics too!
    Thannk u and same to ya too!

  8. A Very Happy 2011 to You and Your all Near & Dear Ones.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  9. Happy New Year dear, amazing pics especially the onion, truly brilliant. Looking forward to more delicious post from you...

  10. @Deepa ,thannnk u and same to ya too!!

    @trick and treat , thannxx so muc and same to ya too!

  11. Your posts always sound chirpy and your pictures look festive no matter what day it is.Happy New Year my friend!

  12. Happy NEW YEAR Clicks look awesome.

  13. Happy New Year to you! Your pictures are amazing as always and that sweet wine sounds delicious!

  14. I love your New Year optimism, Mia! Expecting the best year ever is exactly how to start your year.

    As far as resolutions are concerned, I rarely make them, but I made one this year. I'll tell you what it was in a couple months! :)
    YOUR resolution is spot-on. You already make ME happy!

  15. @Tanvi and u jus added the zing to the chirpiness with that:-)
    Happy new year to ya too , with love:-)

    @Simply food, thannxx a ton , and same to ya!

    @Julie , thannnk u , sweet and Brite new year to ya too!

  16. @ Barbara, sooo thrilled ur think so too!
    Yeah ,im way too optimistic at times but dont mind it all , makes me enjoy every moment in life:-)
    Oh and now u made me happy , that i made u happy , oh never mind long as we spread the happiness and love!!
    hugs and loddsa loveee!

  17. A beautiful post to welcome the New Year, Mia! Such pretty pictures, and I really love that onion lamp! I'm wishing you every happiness in the new year...happy 2011!

  18. Happy new year to you too my dear! If you're going to be blogging more then it will definitely be a good one!

  19. Hi Mia - love the look of your home-made wine - what a beautiful colour - I've never tried making wine, so that is obviously something that needs to go on the "must try" list. Love the look of those cherries too - they are in season here right now, so I'm am having them every opportunity I get :-)
    Sue xo

  20. Such gorgeous pix--you get the Stylish Blogger award!!

  21. @Faith , thannk u babe and same to ya!
    Evertime i think of ya , u hop by and make my day , thannk u for that!

    @Jo , thannnk u:-))))


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