Monday, March 7, 2011


Savory and herby.
Not jus herby , but filled with herbs , to the brim ,which is a good thing here.

There are poppy seeds to make it prettier (ok fine i wasn't adventurous enough to add vanilla and i cant do without my tiny black seeds fixation , not to forget i have a rather large jar of poppy seeds)
And there's some slight garlicky goodness too , jus so , to add some garlicky to the home garden garlic chives.
If that aint enough, its cheesy , very cheesy , really , there is all kinds of cheese happening here , and it was the perfect bake to add in all sorts of cheese's that seem to be collecting in my refrigerator.
 Its nice to have cheesy and pockets said in the same sentence about this bread.
U can have it warm ,right out of the oven or 2 days later , if it lasts that long, lightly toasted , with butter.
Good with lunch as muc as with brunch as muc as that food basket u seem to carry everywhere u go,specially if u drive around with ur mom or sibling while they are at work.
 Really , its the bessst savory loaf i ever had , moist and flavorful, full of cheesy and herby goodness.

I wanna tell u that i am going to add some Broccoli too , blanched broccoli, i did more than blanch so my broccoli got a little soft ,when baked ,other than that , they were a good addition.
U should too.
I have the book , but its was on Lorraine's site i saw the idea and have been wanting to try that ever since.
For a v pretty and authentic version and recipe with excellente pics head over to her wonderful site.
And lods of Garlic chives , grown by me.
And added a leek or two...
and lods of these ....Miniature Basil i think they are...if u know any info on this post (details and pics here ),please fill me in too...
 And all the assortment of cheese's i added , it should be around 4 ounces of grated and 2 ounces of chopped little cubes , but i finally had , 10 .5 ounces of both.
While shaving/grating , some of the cheese was crumbling , so i kept the pieces aside to use as the chopped pieces.
 All the cheese , grated and chopped in bowl , along with some grated and chopped garlic too. love garlicky and this one rocks.
Now into the flour u add the baking powder too , i skipped the salt , coz of all the salty cheese's , and added the poppy seeds too.
I love Poppy seeds.
And some whole french pepper , yeah that goes into the flour too.
Now since we have everything prepped , all we need to do is whisk some eggs till nice and foamy....
Add 1/3rd cup extra virgin oil , this is our family fav.
And 1/3 rd cup milk....and whisk away...
Pour in the wet ingredients into the dry, and stir to mix , jus so , and gently.
No need to over work the dough , as it could actually make it tough , the wooden spatula helped me check that.
And then fold in all the cheese and herbs ....stir till jus folded and gently...
I added Sunflower seeds more coz i have 2 jars of these , than the healthy factor , though that is a very welcome feature.
And i love the idea of sunflower seeds in breads too.
The recipe calls for 1/3rd cup walnuts which i think would be great too....
I added a teeny weeny bit of yeast to part of the batter , besides being almost bread like , didn find any change in flavor , but then i didn keep the dough aside or anything.
Place the broccoli in between the batter , u need to push it in or cover it with the dough.
 And mini loaves are what i love, i think 2 instead of 3 would give me moundy loaves here , i should have added more batter , coz its thick and there is not muc chance to spill here.
 And then there is some v v good Parmesan and herb roasted Garlicky potatoes , with Broccoli , this was my v quick version , to bake while the bread baked , a recipe for this calls for another post.

Cheesy Pockets....
Absolutely excellente with Colombian cafe, with Vanilla SUgar and Cinnamon bliss...
(original from Around my French Table)
1) Whisk 1 3/4 cup flour, 1 tbh baking powder , 1-2 tbh poppy seeds , and some whole pepper corns in a large mixing bowl(coz u are going to pour in the wet ingredients here)

2)Whisk 3 large eggs (rt), and when foamy add 1/3 cup each of whole milk and olive oil(i slightly warmed both).

3) Pour wet ingredients into dry and with a wooden spatula , fold in gently.

4)Next fold in around 10 ounces of any cheese some grated , some chopped, lods of herbs of ur choice ( mini basil and chives here), and 1/3 cup sunflower seeds.

5) Please DO NOt overwork the batter ,gently fold everything in and turn the thick dough into either a large 8 *4.5*2 3/4 pan or 2 to 3 mini pans, well buttered , muffins would be fantastic too.

6)If u want the brocs in the middle ,add and cover with dough, i think boiled eggs would make a beautiful bread too.

7)Bake till Golden brown and a slender knife inserted in the middle comes clean (the book says this but i never got one clean coz there is so muc cheese happening there).
Takes around 45mins to 1 hour , around 15mins before i thought it was done i brushed the loaves with melted butter.

I think of so many variations for this bread , like a thyme garlic bread or poppy seed nutty bread with all sorts of nuts and chives , or how about a veggie bread  with spinach or home grown fenugreek sprouts.

This was actullay last fridays choice for FFwD, this week we are tossing some delicious pasta, do join in the fun too, we'd love to have u over. 
On another very exciting note, i have joined in with my v wonderful pal Chaya, who has brought a few of us together to begin , a really wonderful group.
Yeah its us great pals, Faith, April , Yummy C, LouAnne, and meee.
We are going to have fun and share love  with good food , good frens and have really good times , how wonderful is that going to be....
wont u love great food , better frens = Happy Sunshine times...
Am sure u would , so stay tuned to know more ,though i think u guys have kinda guessed it right?
there will be prizes too , and we will be more than glad to have u join in , hope u do!
Am sending this bread to Chaya's meatless mondays as well.