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MICHEL ROSTANGS WHITE AND DARK CHOCOLATE CAKE,sealed with a strawberry nutella kiss

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I was intrigued , as much as spontaneously , i fell in love with this recipe...How could i not...
U bake a base , cool it , so it forms a little dip in the centre , and then fill some more with the same moussey batter and bake again:-)
Sure u can choose not to bake again and refrigerate it too:-)

Mine are more like Dark chocolate layer with Orange Zest and All spice and Creamy white chocolate layer , with vanilla and Poppy seeds , and with a hint of Hazelnut.


 And all sorts of hearts , topped with Strawberries dipped in Nutella...ahem ,,,ahem....

Bliss...and to make the layers even better , i got my basket pan out , i was already sold , despite the fact , that u use a ring in the original method and i would have to turn these over ...i still wanted to do this....
And what was i thinking when i decided on this , and that too for the first time am baking anything moussy or flourless...whew!!
It went wrong but dont worry , i fixed it!
And to make the layers even more prominent , i decided to go White ,ok its quite yellow,for the second layer and in place of chocolate ,and boy was i thrilled it worked:-)
Chocolate and Coffee , is like a marriage in heaven , evergreen my very fav Espresso ,freshly brewed, didn fail this time either.
 Brew a little extra , so u have coffee at hand , to have while baking , else u'll end up nibbling away the base ,as i did and end up with nothing much.

Strawberries swirled in Nutella melted with a bit of butter and the liquid of the Nutella....
And of course my Pink Princess Service set pleases and makes this all the more enjoyable....

The basket pan , decided to revolt and muc as i tried all sorts a trick , nothing happenned , finally i had to scrape things off , lods got eaten inbetween , press it to a triangle chefs ring , and another silicone heart case , rechill , filled with chilled cream mousse and then bake.

And a choice of Bitter Sweet chocolates ... stuck to Callebaut....coz it was open...

All the ingredients , (they are halved, so looks less),
Place in a micro safe bowl to melt and melt with an interval of 30 secs, till smooth and glossy..

And when it melted and good....
Its time to add the coffee...
And blend.....
Add in butter , little by little ...

And then whisk in sugar....
with a pinch of salt...whisk well..
add in yolks too , one at a time.
Here's i was breaking in my Kuhn Rikon egg separator , but it wen all wrong and didn work , but must have been me.
And vanilla  bean scrapped in , if using ...
And Tsp spices orange zest and all spice , if using.
 And nows the time to whisk the egg whites till firm and glossy.

And add in 1.3rd first ...shifting to a rubber spatual now.....and then some more ....and more....till u fold it all in...
All folded in...

And then scrape to well buttered rings (the pans that didn work for me)

And now to make the WHite chocolate mix , jus wash the bowl and the whisk or whatever the chocolate has touched , and dry well.
 had a choice but stuck to Callebaut again coz had an open bag.
Adding hazelnut syrup with hot water to the melted chocolate , which is already cream in hue , thannxx to the yellowy salted butter.
HEre's some of the stuff that went in...this is what the poppy seeds remind me of ....
And the egg whites
And scrape into (pink if possible:-)v) bowl , cling wrap , shut and refrigerate..
Try as muc , i coudn get it out of the pan , and between thoughts of how to salvage the base or make some more , i ate some of the base ( sooo goodddd i say) and gently scraped it off the pans and pressed into the ring mold and silicone heart.
I felt like i was making cake balls , though i doubt i should say that coz i have never really made cake balls till date.

Perfect to gift ur valetines , if u could find heart shaped spring forms or molds:-)and topped with a strawberry or ur fav cherry or sealed with a kiss
 Original recipe here

Tips, Notes and Playing around
*So here is the recipe , halved and quartered to have little {big mistake},and then since halved , quartered dark choco and quartered white , but as was making realized u need 1/3 rd for the base and the rest for the second layer , but i loveee it this way , for  dark chocolate in=more for the base , and less for the second white chocolate layer.

*Orange zest and All spice lightly spiced the dark chocolate layer along with Vanilla ,wonderful warmth and another reason to dig in , spices are good for u:-)
Another great combi might be almond extract /cinnamon or cardamon , individually they'd definately make chocolate better.

*Hazelnut oil and Hazelnut syrup (instead of coffee), flavored the white chocolate layer ,along with vanilla bean and for the cuteness , add poppy seeds.
I think Saffron with white chocolate would be wonderful too , so would almond extract , depends on what pairing goes to the base

*The white chocolate will get a yellowy creamy color coz of the yellow of the egg , thats fine , or maybe u add color there:-)

*My love for salted butter is the reson it finds its way into every baked goodie and this is no exception and so far has worked for me well.

*u will get around 6 to 7 minis , the size here, from this total batter.


Base of dark chocolate
~60grams bittersweet chocolate buttons or coarsely chopped
~3 tbh espresso ,strong
~4tbh salted butter
~77-80 grams sugar or vanilla sugar
~1 small pinch of sea salt
~2 large eggs separated
~1 vanilla bean

Top of white chocolate
~30 grams white chocolate
~1.5 tbh hazelnut syrup prepared with hot water or any flavor using with hot water
~2tbh salted butter
~35 grams sugar
~1 small pinch butter
~1 large egg

First with the ingredients for base and then repeat white Chocolate.
I like more of the dark chocolate, so i had more of Dark and that too, i m absolutely not a lover of Dark CHocolate.
1) Center a rack in the oven and preheated to 400 degress F. Butter ,very well,the sides of any mini rings or molds using.
Place of a baking tray lined with parchment or Silpat.

2) Melt the chocolate in a microwave safe bowl , stiring in between 30 secs , for 1 min , till melted, depends how long ur micro takes.
When nice and smooth whisk in coffee/hazelnut syrup {for the white chocolate one}

3)Gently whisk in sugar and with a  pinch of salt ,and whisk in yolks,one at a time , till u have a velvety mix.

4) Scrape in the vanilla bean , allspice and orange zest , or what ever spices using. This mix is nice and velvety {see pics above}

5)Now with a whisk , whisk the egg whites ,till firm and glossy, very carefully , shifting to a rubber spatula fold in 1/3rd and then the remaining.
Fold everything gently.

6) Scrape into prepared rings and bake for 10 to mins or till well puffed.

RePEAT the same steps ,till 5 , with the white chocolate mixture , cover well and Refrigerate.

7) Cool on wire rack and refrigerate the base too.

8) When well chilled , scrape ,equally , among all rings , the white chocolate mixture , and either chill till set or bake again , till well puffed and dry, around 25 to 30 mins.

9) Chill or serve warm with a sprinkle of cacao powder , Nutella whirled strawberries or jus on its own with a good  cinnamon espresso.

Definately a make again , first time with a moussy /flourless delite and am in love , im somehow going to find a way to get nutella in there, soonnnn.

Without cacao, in a Heart ramekin...spread some loveeee...

A Sprinkle of Good Cacao powder sure adds some elegance there.
  Final Thoughts and Notes and a slice for u...
 I had a nice bite of the cake before i sat down to write this ,with a large wipe of Nutella, and sipping espresso , still am.
My taste buds sang a happy song after this , despite the fact that aint fond of dark chocolate.
The pics above are taken ,of the cake at room temperature , but Dorie is sooo right , it tastes even better after baking and refrigeration , sooo good!
The orange and Allspice are subtle in the dark chocolate and the hazelnut ,jus right in the white, or rather cream.

Many had a spill , but i didn , it does puff and lift real high , but no spills , so maybe i did something right atleast:-)
Hope by to French Fridays with Dorie to check what all the wonderful bakes of the rest of the gang.
So happy to be part of FFwD, if havent joined in Yet , come on in:-)
The Nutella , the strawberries have been dipped in get even better , with a slight but pronounced strawberry flavor, as some of the juices seeps around.
Definately fantastic with a smear of Nutella!

Oh yeah its world Nutella day and the first time Bright Morning Star is gng to be there:)
Am sending these delites to World Nutella Day , where the founders Sara from Ms. Adventures in Italy and Michelle from Bleeding Espresso declare Saturday, February 5th “World Nutella Day 2011″ – a day to celebrate, to get creative with, and most importantly, to EAT Nutella.
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