Thursday, August 4, 2011


Cashewnuts are as Goan to me as Cashew feni to a tourist traveling to my land of sun , sand , sea and sea food , Goa , for the first time or second or third (if u have not heard this , i have many many times over, that they HAVE to feast on the cashew feni when in Goa on a holiday or not )

Too good , too fast to be true...
See how well the sweet and salty spiced butter coats the nuts..

Never leave Goa without some of these.......

Even if i cant generalize that , well i want to for the love of Cashewnuts anyway , besides being a wonderful nut , it connects me to my goan connection , in a good way .

Always looking forward to grind , slice , chop cashewnuts in baking or cooking , here was another opportunity and so for this weeks Appetizers and snacks , Rosemary roasted cashewnuts from Ina's Barefoot in Paris .

I dont know what part of this recipe is French but i like the sound of it ....

U simply cant stop at some....

If u have any recipes u have already posted on ur blog or are looking to make these , please do , u have 2 weeks till the linky will be on , so do join April at The 21st Century Housewife, Chaya at Bizzy B. Bakes, Yummy Chunklet at YummychunkletPeggy at Pantry Revisted, and me .
Or u can even link at our main Ina Garden's site.

Ina's Garden

And u can really play around with these , absolutely...

These are a snap to put together , and great to put together when somebody drops together .U almost always have nuts, sugar and butter in your pantry and u can add in any spices or herbs u want to.
Sweet and salty with a hint of spice from the pepper flakes .....

Goan cashews jus before going into the oven for a little roasting.

And while they pop in the oven , u get the spiced butter together , which includes some pepper flakes , salt ( yup i did indulge in some flavoured salts ), and sugar ie lite brown sugar....

Whether its smoky salt or Hawain salt , go wherever ur taste buds take u to make it ur own or jus stick to sea salt...

Flakes , any chilli flakes is good as is pepper...

Now the flavour of rosemary ain't something i dislike but i didnt know how we would take it with the nuts , so what i really did is left Rosemary only for the garnish and didn't mix it with the spiced butter ...

Dont get that wrong , i really love Rosemary with my meats and grills and even seafood but wasn't too sure about adding them here but they make such a pretty garnish , dont they?

So get a batch going this weekend ( pretty filling too so u wont have to cook that muc :-) ) and link here , the linky will be waiting for u , for 2 weeks .

recipe source here

200 grams unsalted roasted cashew nuts
1/4 - 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper or any pepper flakes u like (depends on how spicy u want them)
2 tsp lite brown sugar
1 tsp vanilla sugar (yes)
1/2 tbh of ur favourite flavoured sea salt
1 -2 tbh salted butter
rosemary to garnish


~~~as mentioned use any chilly flakes u like and it all depends on how spicy u want it.

~~~well the recipe would call for less than 2 tsp of sugar for this quantity but i thought it needed more , and i went right ahead and added a tsp of vanilla sugar too.

~~~for salt , same way , anything u fancy or sea salt and if using unsalted butter , add a wee bit more .

~~~cant tell u how muc i loveee salted butter but by all means use unsalted as the recipe calls for it.
I did add more butter than called for and it gave me little clumps of the sweet and salty mixture as u see in the pics , and later as it cools , it all thicken around to a very flavourful coating to the nuts.


~~~these can be made with any herbs or seasoning u like. I didnt add the rosemary to the spiced butter but rather used it as a garnish , this way those who don't fancy rosemary in their nuts could leave them out.

~~~Thyme , garlic chives , or even garlic (finely chopped and roasted) would work really well.

~~~increase the sugar to vanilla sugar and add a few saffron strands with the butter and u have one sweet bowlful of nuts to snack on while watching a movie next weekend.
Caramel nuts , anyone ??

~~~Cinnamon , cloves or all all spice with some ginger for warmth would make a great holiday nut .

Am thinking of a great combi , which am sure u will love , so if i can get some going this weekend , they will be up next week.


1. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees, spread the cashews in a single layer on a sheet pan and toast in the oven for around 10 to 15 mins
( depends on how hot ur oven gets so watch out not to burn them )

2. In a large mixing bowl  toss together whatever flavours , herbs , salts , pepper flakes , sugar with the butter to make the spiced butter.

3. Thoroughly toss the warm cashews well and serve warm or cool.
I stored these in an air tight and they were fine the next day too.

Am absolutely excited to try the flavour i have in mind this weekend so watchout for this linky next week ...for the suprise flavour ,its common but am having it with snack nuts so am sure u will i hopw u will love them...