Friday, May 6, 2011


I find myself reaching out for my cake tin all time whole day long , coz there are these really deliciously addictive bars in there today.

As i said in my previous post i along with my co-hosts are baking PB jelly bars this time round and i did so with almond butter for 2 reasons , i had no skippy around and secondly need to use up all that ground almond which i have.
They are buttery , which always has me grinning, + there is lods of jelly in there , actually a nice jelly layer in between.
\And not jus one type of Jelly/jam but there is some  lovely Vanilla Apricot preserve and Goiabada too .
And thats not all , instead of peanuts , one half of the bars are sprinkled with pecans and the other half with macadamia's that with all the baking get well roasted.

Whether i find a silce of one with Macadamia ....

Or with pecans , they are both excellent...
I would love to try these bars with all sorts of nutter butters and maybe with some home strawberry or cherry preserve or maybe blueberry....

 And i couldn resist a Vanilla bean or 2 scrapped into the batter too, right while beating the butter , the rest goes into my ever growning number of jars of Vanilla sugar.

am sure this would be even better with peeled roasted whole almonds but i had ground almonds which i need to use quick and this makes things so fast too.

1 cup almond meal
4 tbh vanilla sugar (more if u want it sweeter like a skippy PB)
pinch of vanilla sea salt
4-7tbh melted salted butter  (or canola oil
a tbh or 2 almond or walnut oil
almond extract a drop or 2 (optional)
Vanilla bean scrapped or Vanilla extract

All u need to do is add all the ingredients into the processor and run till u get smooth creamy butter.

Vanilla sea salt in the Almond butter takes things a notch up, as does it in the batter itself.
As does a whole vanilla bean scrapped into the batter + a few drops of sweet buttery dough make me love buttery some more.
 I halved the original recipe and used almond butter instead of PB.
Its so easy and comes together pretty fast , specially so if u have a stand mixer , i mean how long would it take to cream butter and Vanilla sugar with a vanilla bean scrapped in ( wanted to zest a little lime but didn in the end) , add in a drop or 2 of almond essence with the almond butter and a large egg , beat some more and fold in the flour with salt and baking soda.
Scrape part into pan , spread ur jam or jelly and scrape the rest..

And ur done , the oven will do the rest (unless u have one like mine thats overheating and keeping me on my feet)...

If u bake this one or any of Ina's recipe , we would totally love to have u add ur post to the linky below for Ina's Garden , all details here.
This one ,above, is the one with the Goiabada in , it thickens nicely in between there.

Now i know how muc u want a slice , so get baking , u still have a couple of days to and link right here or u can link any of Ina's recipes u might have already posted as well.

I think these bars would be wonderful with Nutella too , dont we all have our taste buds excited at Nutella?

Sedning these bars to Sweets for saturday and Sweet indulgences Sunday.

Cheers and love...
Catch u all soonnn..