Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer rains quench d skies,relishing an Asian Stew and Ellie's Curry

 Piiter Patter ....Pitter Patter ....falls the rain off the Window pane......
Love the respite it brings from the warm SUmmer heat!!!!

I so look foward to the rain during Summer, like i do for hot Chocolate during Christmas time and winter or for sprinkles every day!!!:-)

Dont u love what the rains are going to do now.....

I love what the Blazing , about to begin setting sun , does to the skies.............when the rains are round the corner............

Sets it on fire.....................a passionate orange.............

with Clouds peeping by to quench the Summer Skies.................or is it the sun peeping thru the clouds...........glowing to a golden hue......

And while i enjoy and love the rains i have a few things , so wanna share with u all...

First of all many Happy returns of the day to my dearest Fren Isabel , ud love to meet her and she really is a gem, i had something planned for her but am sad i couldn bring it on here, but look out for something special for u my dearest Angel Buddy!!
And she was recently featured in an interview ,by a local journalist, boy is she good at fondant!!!
I think,if anybody,she would pull the cakes below, beautifully!

Yeah, have a couple of exciting things on my mind or rather heart....first of all i have joined the BlogoMania Gang this season, well its really exciting , the blogs participating have giveaways from 100$ to well 20000$ and more...and jus for 2 days ,the giveaways galore end in 2 days and boy, it so muc fun + ur blog gets a ping , a push and lods of followers too:-)
I am still with collecting sponsors but from my side there will cookie cutters, books , vanilla beans et all, its sure going to be fun , remember the date -15th and 16th September!!!
And be there, and if u want to join in too, as a participating blog , hop by here for details!!!
And the seats are fast filling , yeah there are only about 200 or so total seats!!
Best parts they give u all the support, how sweet is that!!!

And wait  there is a bit more of news, i have a theme, yeah thats right!!

Theme: Sunshine Happy Cute and pretty Giveaways!!!

Yeah there'll be lods of cuteee stuff ,ur sure going to love!!!

Other bit of exciting news is that my lovely goodies of bake it pretty arrived and biy am i thrilled......
Honestly Bake it Pretty has me bursting to tell u about how interesting this site is....i mean jus too good.....
They have the cutest Sprinkles , cookie cutters , twisty ties and more and i am so looking foward to get creative with their stuff and before that ,of course u willa sneak preview of the good that arrived in my next post!!!

To make it easier for u to shop , i am having  a wonderful Giveaway for a bake it pretty Voucher so please do hop by and participate!

THe Lovely Herbal water Giveaway is about to end, and there arent muc of entries, so while ur there at it , enter in :-))
There are 2 prizes here for the winners!!!

And another Super Giveaway for 100$, yupp, my dear pal Amanda, has some of the best giveaways at her blog and i have won a few too, and at the moment besides the many giveaways she has a 100$ Giveaway!
Hop by and u will love her blog!!
She is the most helpful pal i met around and u will love to meet her at her space too, and believe she has so many prizes that ur bound to win something!!

Also a nice day to tell u about a few delicious stories about some goodies i simmered from the sites of a few blogger buddies!

The first is a delicious Asian Stew i simmered this Jan, adapted from Kristy's site, My little Space, she has lods of wonderful deliciousness happening there and i love to hop by!!!

I grilled the potatoes instead of frying them!!!
~~~Worcestershire sauce
~~~Lite soy sauce


3)FRYthe marinated chicken.

   ~3 CLOVES GARLIC CRUSHED[d more the better really]

FRY d ONIONS IN GARLICKY OIL with a pinch of sugar-cover and cook on slow fire till it caramalizes beautifully.
 5)Now its time to add the stir fried chicken with all its juices,green peas,carrots,seasonings and grilled potatoes and tofu/cottage cheese.along with some water.

Seasoning- Lite soy sauce + oyster sauce + pepper + sugar + corn starch [optional]
 Simmer till done!!!
Absolutely delicious with noodles or steamed Rice.

Spinach Chicken Curry
 Moving on............
T'was a beautiful evening when my cell phone begun playing the was mom...she wasnt going to be home before sunset...

Its been awhile the the delicious of ELLIE at ALMOST BOURDAIN ,beckons me to simmer in our own kitchens...

And these 2 recipes are very similiar to some deliciousness my mommy darling simmers and i love it when i find a tiny bit of beef in there :-))))

So to the tunes of  TANGO's .......BABy can i hold u...Faithful and some more form Boyzone ...this one simmered in the pot .....saved the best for last.......

Did thin the freshly extracted coconut milk ....coz was looking at a light chicken n mushroom curry for dinner and u can thicken it up by simply doubling the amount and skipping the stock.....

adapted From 2 recipes from Almost Bourdain Here n HEre

1] Marinate  2 POUNDS OF cuT CHICKEN in 1TBH CURRY POWDER [madras c pwder is what i went in for]

2]HEAT 2 TSP OLIVE OIL- aDD 2 CHOPPED ONIONS...stir fry well.
3] add in MARINATED CHICKEN and stir a bit ,cook a bit ......take in the aroma a bit ......
    when done add the following-    a whole de seeded red CHILLI
                                                 1 TBH CURRY POWDER
                                                 1 /2 TSP EACH WHOLE CUMIN 
                                                   and GROUND CORIANDER
                                                  1/2 TSP TURMERIC POWDER
4].TIP IN    
                            SWEET  POTATO[1] ,
                            a COUPLE OF MUSHROOMS
                            BABY CORN
                            200ML COCONUT MILK ,
                             STOCK ,
                             2tbh SESAME OIL ,
                              4 tbh GROUND PEANUTS,
                             1/4 whole ALMONDS,
                              2 tbh  BROWN SUGAR                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          350 gramsCHERRY TOMATOES and BIG TOMS Mixed
[ u can add some later ,so have little bites] and pressure cook / cook / SIMMER TIll potatoes and chicken are well done .
the quantity here can be adjusted to ur super taste buds :-))))

4] Finally add in Loads of CHOPPED SPINACH and CILANTRO......

Absolutely fingerlicking good with steamed rice!!!

I have so much to post here and so muc to say to u all on ur blogs, but my laptop has slowed me down way too muc, imagine posting with a laptop that hangs every 2 mins:-(
Till i have a new laptop or this problem is sorted , whichever earlier, u may see a little less of me, i'll miss u and hop u do too, but honestly will be very muc around!
I have so muc to share about the goodies i have received ,the books i love and more...stay tuned.......

 Arent these Jars so so pretty and super cute....well im very excited too, to tell u all about them and whats happenning with them in my backyard:-)

Talking about Pretty , i was happy to meet Matty in my Inbox ,one fine day and loved to hear about what he had to say!

Matt has a lovely site about Ties and , honestly ,one hop there and u will see how passionate he's about them!!

I mean there's everything from the cutest ties to the places to pick them to ...hold ur breathe.... the most absolutely cutest ever tie cakes [ here] ,all in one place!
A perfect fathers day idea if i could master the art of fondant!!!

Honestly u have to hop by here ,if only to see the pics!
Adorably cute!!!
this is for every body, who emailed me about the Pretty Jars, Visuell Creations In Bombay Imports them besides lods of other goodies , i will give u updates on more resourcing next time round, but for now , u can find their stuff at Alfa and Premsons and for details u can contact Robert on 09322005985!


  1. Hey Mia
    as usual your post, pics and recipes bring joy and smile on my face...superb!! I'm vegetarian so I don't know much about meat dishes but I am sure tasted very good..:-)) ya and Matty has sent a mail me too...:-))

    havea nice day!!

  2. Lovely recipes from both two great bloggers.
    Yeah, whats with all that jelly?Do tell.

    Hey, what is this blogmania? I checked it and I am all the more confused.

  3. So sad to hear about your lappy's condition. I liked the chicken curry very much and your pictures are just amazing Mia...
    Keep it up
    Take care

    Hamaree Rasoi

  4. loved the chicken curry and the first photo of the approaching rains! yeah, summer rains are so unique.. right, the way the earth smells after all that scorching... so beautiful!

  5. What can I say I come to your blog and each and every post is packed with wonderful eats, gifts and awesome clicks.I often get confused when the post is ending.Very colourful illustrations also.I love the cakes and the awesome cake cases.I guess all these giveaways are for people in US???

  6. Minha belíssima e adorada amiga Mia,
    Que maravilhoso presente recebi do teu coração! Fiquei muito sensibilizada com o teu gesto minha amiga. Muito obrigada: nunca esquecerei!! Valeu a pena toda esta minha aventura na blogosfera só por te ter encontrado e seres uma Amiga que considero com toda a honestidade: ESPECIAL!! És tão terna e doce que nos tocas bem no fundo do coração, não só com as tuas palavras mas também com tudo o que fazes e nos mostras! As tuas receitas são sempre divinas! e estes bolos que nos mostras, serão fonte de inspiração para trabalhos futuros minha bela Amiga!! Eu desejo que esta nossa Amizade perdure no Tempo, pois é um verdadeiro tesouro.
    Um muito muito grande beijinho querida Mia, e mais uma vez Obrigada!!

  7. Hey Mia,
    your posts are always so colourful and refreshing :-) The first few photos are so stunning and I absolutely love summer rain and the smell of the earth... Simply beautiful!

  8. love the colour of the chicken curry and beautiful clicks too:)

  9. So glad to see you back again! I missed you!

    That blogomania sounds so cool! I've been meaning to shop at Bake It Pretty but my wallet keeps telling me DON'T DO IT! Sigh. One day.

    All of these dishes you made look AMAZING. I don't know which one to make first...

  10. Oh Mia, congratulations! You did it! And thank you so much for posting it. Your potato stew looks as wonderful & delicious. Frankly, I am darn tired right now. Just came back from my hubby's workshop & have been busy for the past few days. But then you really made my day! ((hugs)) & kisses <3 Love ya! Hope you're having a wonderful time.
    Best wishes,
    p/s btw, those cakes look pretty awesome. Will hop over to check on them soon! Thanks!

  11. What a amazing pictures and both dishes turned out perfect and colorful...

  12. Your stew looks so delicious and your chicken curry too! So perfect for curling up with when it's raining! I love those pretty cupcake liners. And your beautiful pictures of the sun! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  13. What beautiful photos, dear Mia. :-) They make my heart happy today. :-) And I LOVE the dishes you made. So healthy, comforting and good. :-) I love those tie photos too - so cute! :-)

  14. Mia,
    What a GREAT!!! post I LOVE!!! all the colorful photos and the recipe is AWESOME!!! I LOVE!!! curry and chicken and this is a WONDERFUL!!! recipe with all my favorites.
    LOVE!!! you ALWAYS!!!

  15. It sounds like you have a lot of exciting things going on right now! :)

    Both recipes look amazing. Curry is a favorite in my house so I'd love to try that Spinach and Chicken Curry!

    Those tie cakes are adorable!

  16. AnonymousJune 18, 2010

    This is Matt the guy with the necktie obsession, I love your blog!

  17. AnonymousJune 19, 2010

    Glad you enjoyed the curry! Love the cakes....amazing, i wouldn't know they are cake.

  18. Hi Mia! You were chock full of news and recipes today! Love it!
    I'll stop by Blogomania and see what it's all about.
    And I love Bake It Pretty...put an order in there yesterday!
    AND those tie cakes! Aren't they wonderful?? Perfect for Father's Day!

    Sorry about all your laptop problems!
    I'm off to check all your links!
    Happy Weekend my good friend!

  19. You have featured two great recipes from two great bloggers and your post is chock full of other information.I hope you are able to resolve the issues with your PC. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary.

  20. Contente de te savoir de retour.
    Cela fait un petit moment qu'on ne t'a pas vue.
    Comme d'habitude, un très bon menu, les recettes très bonnes.
    J'aime beaucoup.
    See you soon.

  21. You bring such excitement to Foodieland. There is so much going on here. I am off to check out your links. Thanks so much.

  22. Mia, your Asian stew and chicken curry looks AMAZING..and what a great idea to grill the potatoes! That said,you really captured summer with this post, the photos are gorgeous!!! Also, I just so happen to be on my way to bake it pretty to check out their loot. I always wondered where everyone got such adorable and whimsical cupcake liners, wraps etc :) Now I have to actually start baking again LOL

  23. LISA-Am so glad u got to know about BIP, and they are so reasonable too:-)
    U'll love to bake honestly!!
    Ahh ...i love what the rains do at summer, splendid!!!
    Start baking??
    Ur a wonderful baker gurl...i myself have a bigggggggggggggggggg wishlist at Bake it pretty.

    thanxx a ton CHAYA....hugsss

    Muitissmo Obigrado NADJI com

  24. MARY, am so glad u like the recipes and bloggers , we are on the same page here!
    Yupp , i so hope too i can post normally too, as and when i want to:-)
    Cheers and thanxx a ton lods.

    Hah BARBARA, u sure will love the cutesy stuff i know:-)
    YEah i so hope the prob sorts and yeah the cakes are so cute!
    Cheers and happy day , so glad to have u over!

    Thnnnxxx ELLIE, we sure did love the curry and yup the cakes are so cuteeee....

  25. Hi! I'm your newest follower from Wobble Over Wednesday!

    Have a great day!


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