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An Organic,go Green,Pretty & Good for u Giveaway.

The sun shines brightly, heralding a pretty sunshine happy day.

Im here with the above,pretty pic of a wonderful herbal water, Ayala's Herbal Waters , with the best flavours around,that am begining to tell you about.

And thats not all Alyala will bless 2, yup, thats 2 of u of my happy pals, with 6bottles each, and an organic cotton tote bag], by the end of this.
Yeah 2 winners  in the contiguous US.

Aint that so happy a news?
A has positive vibes,that i love to pick,but besides dat,look at these wonderful flavours?
At Herbal Water®, the  beverages  are made by infusing organic culinary herbs in pure water.
They use no artificial sweeteners, no preservatives, and no additives of any kind. Culinary herbs have been prized for centuries, for their calming, stimulating and aphrodisiac qualities, and are the natural way to flavor and enhance any food or drink.
You’ll find Ayala’s Herbal Water a delightfully refreshing, mellow yet complex aromatic drink. Enjoy our taste of the garden, with fresh spring breezes in every sip. 100% Good For You!™

Can i use these in cooking i wonder?

Like Cinnamon ORange PEeL , to thin down,half n half,for buttermilk,for that gorgeous added flavour to pancakes.
And i can add some to stew the apple Compote or berry compote with a squeeze of lime and lods of honey for a  Super healthy Topping too!!!
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)
A warm and wonderful tasting ancient spice, derived from the dried inner bark of tropical trees.
Orange Peel (Citrus sinensis)
The colorful skin of this citrus fruit adds bright flavor and wonderful aroma.

Like Cloves,Cardomon, Cinnamon  ,to brew some green tea to soak d dates for a very healthy, no fat, Irish bread[ absolutely delicious recipe HERE]

Cloves (Eugenia caryophyllata)
Clove buds have a distinctive, concentrated aroma, which is sweet and penetrating.
Cardamom (Elettaria cardamomum)
The world’s third most expensive spice, cardamom is a sweet aromatic seed indigenous to the mountains of southwest India. Cardamom seeds are collected by hand. They have a warming delicate quality and a very rich, complex flavor.
Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum)
A warm and wonderful tasting ancient spice, derived from the dried inner bark of tropical trees

Like Lemon Grass,Mint Vanilla , to fix my daily cuppa [o black tea or cafe] ,added flavor in a jiffy.
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)
Native to Southeast Asia, lemongrass is an important herb in Asian cuisine. Calming and relaxing, lemongrass refreshes the palate with its citrusy, flowery aroma.
Mint (Mentha viridis)
The Mentha family is made up of many species. In this beverage we chose spearmint for its refreshing quality and distinctive aroma.
Vanilla Bean (Vanilla aromatica)
Vanilla is the second most expensive flavor in the world and has been prized for centuries for its wonderful taste. Ayala’s Herbal Water beverages are made with the real bean, not the commonly used synthetic imitation. 
The fruit of a climbing orchid native to South America, the vanilla bean is cultivated in few regions of the world. A great amount of labor and attention is required for the hand pollination, individual curing and processing of the vanilla pods. Vanilla’s taste is rich, deep and persistent, and contains more than 200 different volatile molecules.

Like LAvendor Mint , to fix my lemon drink, crushed ice n honey. . .how cool is dat?
Lavender (Lavandula)
Lavender is a Mediterranean plant, long and widely valued for its clean, fresh and wonderful scent. The fragrant flower buds have a slightly sweet and elegant floral flavor.
Mint (Mentha viridis)
The Mentha family is made up of many species. In this beverage we chose spearmint for its refreshing quality and distinctive aroma.
Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus)
Native to southern Asia, lemongrass is an important herb in south Asian cuisine. Calming and relaxing, lemongrass refreshes the palate with its citrusy, flowery aroma.
Thyme (Thymus vulgaris)
Thyme has a distinctive, penetrating, powerful yet delicate flavor, and has been used and enjoyed since ancient times. Thyme is an important flavor in French, Italian, Spanish and Turkish cuisines as well as many others.
Like Ginger , Lemon Peel ,for any of the Above or to thin my ButterMilk, Dash of Mayo, garlic & herbs ,salad Dressing for SUmmer Salads....
Ginger Root (Zingiber officinale)
Ginger adds a refreshing, bright aroma, rich in citrus, floral, woody and pungent notes. Its spicy, hot flavor has made it one of the most popular ingredients in cooking.
Lemon Peel (Citrus limon)
The fragrant yellow outer layer of the lemon adds light and fresh notes.

Imagine what that would do to ur salads et all....

Lemon Verbena Geranium -
Lemon Verbena (Aloysia triphylla)
Verbena is often called the “Queen of lemon-scented herbs.” The aromatic leaves of this European favorite have an unusually pure, fruity lemon note, with a clean fresh finish, and no sourness. No wonder it’s mentioned as Scarlet O'Hara's mother's favorite plant in Gone with the Wind

Very Interesting and each flavor has an interesting little write up too, click on the flavour and u'll be there in a jiffy!

Interchange any for any,and u still have a highly flavorsome winner.

I mean if that aint enuf, they are Organic, so pure,    I love their Giving back too, Give and u shall recieve, yeah they sure do care for Community!

Yeah recently Sunsweet has Invested in Ayala's too....
Sunsweet invests in Herbal Water
Feb. 4, 
2010 Sunsweet & Herbal Water
Herbal Water, the leader in herbal infused flavored water, is excited to announce its strategic collaboration today with Sunsweet Growers.
In addition to an equity investment in Herbal Water, Sunsweet will collaborate in the marketing, sale and distribution of Ayala’s Herbal Water® to help meet increasing consumer demand in the strong and growing market of healthy flavored waters.

Aint that an exciting news too????

I love these happy pics,i picked from their gallery

Everyone of them,has a story to tell.

A positive story. .
A happy sunshine story. . .

The gang at AYALA sure are a very joyful lot. . .

It shows here
And here..............
and here too. . .
We so muc lv u....they seem to say......and care too....
and ''ur v welcome too''. . . . .

Ayala is pretty "famous" too. . . .

Now u know this is really good for u........

Pick me up. . I'l be real good 2+ (4) you. . .
Green (good4u) Revolution on wheels. . .
 Water...that Refreshes...infused with organic culinary herbs in pure water...Dleightfull refreshingly Breezes by.............
If u hop by the Gallery u'l see how much everybody loves AYala's Herbal waters...
A smiling happy face tells u that. . .and more.....
A sunny day,on the sandy beach, with the blue sea. . . Lods of AYala's sips. . . .....Summer is so so Good.

Now if u Hop by their site they sure have lods of ways to win Goodies GAlore:-)))
@ Zero calories , this is sure ,a Winner ...all the way thru.....yeah u sign up for their newsletter and get a $5 off, on ur first purchase...

Now to Win a 6 bottle pack with an Organic Cotton Tote....2 winners will be chosen at the end of this Giveaway on 14th JUNE 2010

You have to be a Follower thru Google connect, of this Blog to enter the mandotory entry below , if u dont have a blog/google ,then there are other ways as below.

You need to have an address in the contiguous US, to be eligible. 

First hop By to Ayala's Herbal Waters and tell me what u like best , what flavor u like best or what would u like to try with ur win:-))

After the Mandatory entry above here are more ways u can add entries, for every entry ,please leave a separate comment.

Ofcourse , i love to add more entries too, so here are chances aplenty, the more the better.

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Am glad to be here to write this for Ayala's Herbal waters , love this product !
Thanxx a ton Nicole, it was great Knowing Ayala's water thru u and Happy meeting u too!
All theBest to u Happy Pals and i will Announce the Winner right here!!!

 Disclosure: I didn't receive anything for this post, I am only giving away the product, opinions expressed are my own"


  1. Seems like a good one, wonderful give away

  2. Hey Mia
    how are you my sweet? hope everything is well...loved this post..liked tha last pics seaside one! feel like grabbing one bottle right now...hard choose for me which one shall I grab first..;-)

  3. The cloves cardamom cinnamon looks interesting, they all do! Great giveaway, thanks!!

  4. Wow! flavored herbal water..nice!

  5. Now so glad to find your blog and wonderful post..with nice info..these water looks real gud

  6. The Lavender Mint sounds delicious! Great giveaway!

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  14. I always told u I never won in giveaways/...
    I wud love to have every bottle...
    If u tell me to choose surely lemon n ginger :)
    Send me send me :)

  15. Another great giveaway...difficult to choose which is flavor is the best!

  16. Hey...thats for that comment on my did come thru :)
    Well..i do wish u have all the romance in ur life like ur parents...really..cos that makes a whole lotta difference i feel...
    nice giveaway... :)

  17. I'm loving these flavors, Mia! The lavender mint and cinnamon orange are my favorites. And yes, wouldn't these be great in any number of recipes? Great giveaway, sweetie! Your birdie chirping makes me happy!

  18. Hey Mia! How are you doing?

  19. Oh BARBARA, the little birdie means alot to me...u can click off his chirping if he irritates u though!!
    Yeah i would love to try this in cooking ...all the best and have jus added another giveaway!!!

  20. I really like the Cloves Car. Cinnamon flavor. yummy :)


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  34. Hi sweet girl! :-) I think I would love the lavender mint best. :-) Such pretty sounding names. :-)

  35. Hi Mia,
    Am new here.Lovely giveaway.All the herbal waters look delicious but sure woould prefer the one with ginger.Am following you thru google connect.

  36. The winners of this giveaway are BArbara of moveable feasts and Sandy S.

    Will email u guys in a bit for details!!
    Thannx to everyone for being a part of this giveaway!!!


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