Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Sofia Vassilieva
Have  u met Little ELOISE??? No????

A delight full ECSTATIC child who finds mischief with enthusiasm& exuberance  and gives it a very good name.....From her bright red ribbon to cutest smile....and frumpled hair...everything about her is ADORABLE :-))))

An irrepressible imp and cherubic charmer, an enchanter...oh thats LIttle Eloise for u.....THen u must and u r about to,right here ....right now.....and i know she'll enthrall u too.....

ANd whether u meet her at the Plaza [NY] or at .....

CHRISTMASTIME...u'll fall in love with her too......
The best part about Christmas is Getting presents ,she squeals but what she means is things we do for others - not the things we get. ........

Right into ur face[love her for that:-)], looking straight into ur eyes....u fall in love as she skips along for her daily rounds..basking in the ribbons, holly, and jingle bell cheer of the festive season, the precocious six-year-old introduces u to her "sweet elegant" world - The Plaza Hotel in New York City.....oh the bells do ring.....
Yeah, Eloise ,more than happily and joyfully ,looking right at u directly [in2 d cam], keeps u informed and abreast of everything ,that u cant help ,but not only be a part of her life ...but an absolutely important part at that ....

And .....No u dont have to wait till December to meet LITTLE Eloise.....this twinkling merry story about Little ELOISE,am going to regale to u right away as she's buzzling in my thoughts and heart always(ofcourse i love her very much)......Bursting with Spring is the right time to dance with Little Eloise ...oh the joys of Spring....

Frolicking, absolutely cute...and adorably so Little Eloise lives at the Plaza ,in their Suite Penthouse ,with her Nanny......She what u could call as every bodys adorable darling ....colourful, expressive, full of charm and class.....all at once..extremely energetic too....

And she'll fill ur heart with bubbling joy and delite as she leads u to discover the thrills and excitement in every day life in every day gestures in the beautifull gift of life......

SHe fills my day and i so love her and fall in love with her everyday.....Oh come fall in love......

I promise u ....u'll fall in love with this little adorable bundle of joy who'll have u squealing in delite too .....

This precious adorable bundle of a bounce , is a daughter of a very wealthy woman ,parented long distance over phone calls and promises of being there at Christmas ,and lives with her Nanny here   [Julie Andrews darling.....ofcourse u know by now am talking about a movie which has me smitten, well Little Eloise sure does...]....

Julie Andrews and Sofia Vassilieva
But she always escapes the ''watchfull''[ not so] eye of her Nanny to meddle, [in the very very good +tive way]diving into every body's lives and set things straight where required ,and very sucess fully so....
She skips along with a positive energy around her, dancing along ,as she faithfully ,wakes up all eager beaver and bright eyed and bushy tailed,every morning ....bouncing all over the Plaza for her ''rounds''.....keeping u abreast and so involved with all happenning,looking right at ur face into ur eyes,every now and then ,oh i love that about her.....and she has u glued ...whether she's taking a Prince for a ''ride'' or bringing together true love....Oh yeah She's a match maker too......and the debutante ball wouldn be a True Ball , a sure sucess w/o her and her Caviar ideas......
A kind word and love for everybody ,whether they love her with true affection or are being politely tolerant, she has her way....helping the Plaza outa many a disaster too:-))),irrepressible Eloise has a plan for every plight, her pretty nose finds her in every body's business and her heart speaks a lesson to all on learning to love ur neighbor and not judging by ur social standn...gosh i so love her...

And as dear Nanny puts the darling to sleep ,with a bedtime story and a DO NOT DISTURB ,sign around her neck.........she seems like an angel ....An angel to love....
  Eloise at ChristmastimeAnd why Lemon BArs for Little ELOISE,coz jus like her spunk ,these to are a sunshine bar....

Capturing the spirit and charm of everything u'll love .....whether its at the Plaza or Christmas time.....she'll win u over in second....heart felt smiles galore ....that pop from the heart....

A SUNSHINE BAR that brings the light to ur SMILE JUS LIKE LITTLE ELOISE...and a Vanilla Bean to bring out the beauty of fragrance in this adorable little darling........and with never a dull moment....

Lemony sweet with a tang that only zest can bring-is that what made me make these lemon no...have them bookmarked ever since saw 'em at GERI's ....

Now the only change i did was halve the base while keeping the filling the same coz i wanted more of a filling....worked well....

adapted from HEART& SOUL COOKING 


1/2 cup butter, at room temperature
1/4 cup plus 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
1-1/6 cups all - purpose flour
2 cups sugar
1 teaspoon baking powder
1 - 1/2 teaspoons grated lemon peel
6 tablespoons lemon juice
4 eggs

In a bowl, beat butter and 1/4 cup powdered sugar at medium speed until smooth. Beat in 2 cups flour until dough is no longer crumbly. Pat into a ball.

Press dough evenly into a buttered and flour 9-by-13-inch baking pan.

(i actually made do with 3 tin foils of different sizes) Bake in a 350 F oven until golden, about 20 minutes.

Meanwhile in a food processor, or in a bowl with an electric mixer on medium speed, whirl or beat sugar, remaining 1/3 cup flour, baking powder, grated lemon peel, lemon juice and eggs to blend. Pour onto hot crust. [ I DID cool  the crust awhile]

 Bake until lemon mixture is no longer runny in the center (cut to test), 35 to 40 minutes.

Remove from the oven and dust with remaining 2 tablespoons powdered sugar.[ or strawberry preserve as i did:-))),sweet but fantasttic...]

Let cool completely in pan, then cut into 24 bars.

Makes: 24 bars

Oh these disappeared in no time really....

My third award for this month exciting..........aint it.....and am all up for it too[ ok i wrote this in FEB ok:-)))]
Dear Geri from Heart and soul cooking passed these to me:-)))

1. Post the award.
2. Thank and mention the person who gave you the award.
3. Pass the award on to ten blogger's who you fell embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap and whose blog's you find brilliant in design and/or content.
4. Write 10 honest things about yourself and make them interesting, even if you have to dig deep!!!
5. Don’t forget to notify the your Fabulous Sugar Dolls about their AWARD and post a link to their blog.

And then she gave me another 2 ,which are actually what i had passed on to her:-)))so they are actually are from my blog to hers originally....and created by me :-))))

Here are the rules for the award:

1. Post the award on your blog.
2. Don't forget to mention the person who gave you the award and link back to their blog.
3. Share the LOVE!!! with as many bloggers as you wish.
4. Let them know about this award by commenting on their post.
5. Now share the LOVE!!!

THanx a ton loads Jags .....



So here's my list of Happy Sunshine pals ,who i so wanna pass ALL these awards to.......

If she aint running 2 of her super blogs, she's being super wifey ,mommy and neighbour!!!
Passover at her place ,is awesome and perfect ....all that delicious and traditional goodies had me donuts ,as muc as did her kitchen makeover.
Chaya is having an AWESOME GIVEAWAY   and she could have kept these goodies for her ,but she didn and is also spoiling us for choice there, and if u hop by there u'll see how muc trouble she taken to narrow down the very difficult choice for us absoutely kind and generous soul u r dear and love u for that:-)))and more....
Last weeks birthday gal ,gets outa bed ,when she's so sick to bake for a neighbor whose down in the dumps .....and she's a super grandmom too....u deserve all these awards and more ,specially the mommy ones....

A heart of gold with some amazing portuguese recipes of my dear blogging pals who i so love and cherish, jus a line from here bring a warm heart felt smile to my face....
 My dear sweet Isabel,the writer of my site of delicacies....her portuguese recipes have me craving our muc loved portuguese cuisine and have tried her recipes too...she rocks......
And i do have lods Of AWards to post from her too ...and i will asa i can get round them:-)))

Ola minha queridinha amiginha anjinha Isabelinha, tu es uma amiga que no coracao estas sempre mesjma na meu coracao menina....pessoa fantástica e querindinha es tu ....Sim estamos no coração uma da outra bem guardadinhas,para sempre:-)))
tuas meigas palavras é um tesouropara minha vida.... com muitos saudades ,bejinhos e amor.....muitinhos bejinhos e abracos menina...

An absolutely  sweet gal ,love rocks her boat as muc as does mine :-), there's barely anything i dont like about her, whether its her Impromtu posts that make her a diva she already is ,or her kind heart....a fantastic gal to meet around blogosphere-am so glad to meet ya and love having u for our parties with all the cheer u bring ....Food with passion and a zest for life...i love her sunshine smile as much as all those cuteys she has attached to her name and her a amazing heart ....with a combi like that i only wanna hop by her blog at all times....and the music in her voice that i can almost hear when i read her kind words...sweet heart she is....always...oh and ur sprinkles always ring with laughter and joy...

if the blog tittle doesnt already bring u joy...well her posts sure will....the love filled stories and her travels that introduce her to amazing food promptly re created in her kitchen....Indian cooking from United Kingdom....oh no there's lods more...memories and travel that all breathe food and get recreated in her warm kitchens...all these some right together on her blog.....
JAgs most of these awards are from ya ,but would love u to have the rest:-)))


Love what she says about herself -A simple and homely person with a passion for cooking, sharing mouth watering recipes to tickle and tantalise your taste buds.
A "homecook" without culinary school training striving to make my dishes feel complete without being complicated....all this awaits us at her site from United Kingdom:-)))

 Right from her delicious Criss Cross cottage pie, to having lods of nice things to say,everything points to a very nice heart and love that about her.....Here are these for u too gurl...u rock!!!!!


Whats so sweet about this blog ,.is 2 dear pals, both in the US, write this blog together,its cute.....cheers to great pals ,GUL and Sunitha......bdw ,that biscuit pudding [cake] sure rocks.....


BEsides being a darling ,i love those blue ribbon recipes she posts and sure these lemon bbars are from her blog too....and she has lods of those awards for me too and yeah i can never miss her out........


Her sprinkles ring with laughter....or they have me giggling and make my day...she's kind...she's sweet and and has me up ,if am ever beat.....
Whether its her onion jam or her writing or her smile i love hopping to movable feasts and feasting not jus my taste buds but also my heart...that smiles for hours after.......
She makes me grin and my heart swell....a doll she is.....
I never saw a maple tree until on her blog and with her maple muffins she had summer bursting in my mouth -for once i loved summer.....
Love to walk the walk with u thru those gorgeous Verrines or fantastic lesson on the gorgeous French Eaux de Vie (Eau de Vie)..... , or exciting spring top that u always have a sweet word for everybody ya for that and more....

PALLATABLE of TRICKS AND TREAT    OVer real good Coffee cookies ,u award me cute awards and always have something to have me drooling ...i love being there,here's thanking u for the awards as muc as giving ya the rest.....ofcourse those butter rolls are darn good.....

PAM of HEALTHY PROTIEN      Pam , here's wishing u all the best and deliciously healthy days with ur new super healthy blog....i sure love health that goes hand in hand with flavour and thats why i'll be around there too :-)))

SUSH from AUTHENTIC FOOD DELIGHTS  Whether she's working at accounts in the UK or cooking up a delicious storm in the kitchen ,with lods of cuisines sure u have a wonderful springing time with ur adorable n sweet are these for u too Sush....


Loved the ICe cream rolls u got for the party as well as the bursting with the most delicious Asian Flavours chicken ,we had for dinner, i love what ur hobby is all about ,as muc as that super orange cheesecake...From the kitchens of singapore ,u delight me ,and these are for u too gurl...


 If loving that cute blog aint enuf,well am a WTP pan too and have a super huge crush on him,aint he adorable? u never fail to entrall for the gorgeous kitchen of Reeni @ Hudson Valley and here are these for u too......and ofcourse those Italian cookies are very pretty....


Mary, i love ur quest for that one perfect bite and am all with u ,thru this world of foodie eliciousness that u always have in store for us ...complete w history and sweetest write up...An absolute array of deliciousness ,always and with frequency u'll simply love.....all u need to know about some deliciousness is always right there for u...right from the history to the know how to yup...the gald to add u too and these awards are all for u too....

FIMèRE OF Aux délices des gourmets     

I Speak Portuguese with a barely there sprinkling of french ,but the deliciousness on ur blog, many a times doesnt need google to explain beauty and flavour too....choclate dreamz are right here and thats jus the begining....MErci merci ,para este monde. Este tous prix pour vous....bonne journée

NADJIBELLA of Saveurs et Gourmandises 

Well with that same little sprinkling of French ,i love ur world of light airy mousse's , delightful cakes and oh Yeah....lods of chocolate stories.....oh sure ,there;s so muc more tooo....MErci merci ,para este monde. Este tous prix pour vous...bonne journée.

Barbara of Barbara Bakes 

I love to bake too.....and so do know u'll love to add these to ur awards page.....and yeah the snickerdoodles bread for the American bake sale sure rocks.....

KRISTY of My Little Space 

Oh i simply cant stop raving about her sweet Logo.....and if that aint enuf .....hop by her posts and u'll find it topping with deliciousness galore....
I did try her potato stew (ofcourse i plan to post it ) and it was a real real good recipe....
She got it amazingly perfect with her recent Chocolate croisannts....intirgues with her sweet potato and cardomon ice cream....oh the yummy'ness galore...I
love Malaysian cusine too and if there are these super goodies that u do....well am a fan forever ...these are for u too babes...

PJ of Ginger & Garlic    

Her posts make me love her...with detailed intensity of cuisines and her recipes ....she makes u come back for more ....and i love that about .Your passion and profession bring u together for this fantastic web  recipe catalogue and whether its the Indian flavors or Far flung medditrn ones ,u cover them beautifully....these are for u too PJ...

LISA MICHELLE ofParsley,Sage, Desserts and Line Drives 

 Food ...glorious food ...she says and honestly if u wan some inspirational ideas that top right from tiramisu's to mezze's to cheese cake ...well u have 'em all here.....i know u'll love to add these too to ur awards page cutey pie...Well the kitchens in NY await the magic that happens here,when its time for all those fantastic DB challenges or re-working the Lev CC cookie....she rocks and in style....a foodie style i's to u too buddy, specially for ur awards page...


One of the best Armchair travels i've had, i love walking the walk to many a foodie Food and wine festivals with her, whether its about  pebble beach or Local Cuisine or Truffles or how to roast a bell pepper or A meet up with fellow Bloggers, she's always at her best....and at equal eaze...and at the moment ,has a simply orange give away at her site .....these are for u too Christine.

For a gurl who's gone thru a lot...she shines.....her stunning pics are a feast to the eyes and the splendid flowers make me wanna tell her that her life as beautiful and she'll only keep blooming.....
she attends the most fantastic foodie meets and whips up delicious days too...thats our Kristy for u.....
And my first follower at BSM ...thanx a ton sweety and u deserve all the awards in the world....

a stunning photographer and absolutely amazing foodie from Sydney...there's so muc i've bookmarked from her blog that wanna re create everything right away....
And if i as so muc come close to that....i'll be thrilled ....honestly ,i dont know what with the blog name,but i sure do know whats with her blog...its super deliciously delightfull...
And recently won thechosen as one of Babble’s 50 Best Mom Food Bloggers:More excitingly, she has also been ranked #6 for best photography: Cheers gurl and wish u lods of awards ur way too....

She one of the fantastic gals responsible for the friday follow hop the blog button she proudly displays and yeah i sure do agree with u that HEarts Do Make Families...
 One fantastic mommy and neice and daughter and wife and good fren ,as she puts it,not necesrly in that order:-)))) i so agree....

That blog name has u and so does the blog picture but then there is lods more in store for us at her blog and she is an important part of many a blogger events ,write for a few blogs and yeah i do love farmers markets too:-)))as muc as the weekly market plans :-))
and love the background of the sea on ur blog dear and these are all for u too:-)))

Shahana baker of " me n my apron "     

Thanxx a ton lods these lovely awards and ur banana pancakes still have me drooling good.....oh yeah the strwberry muffins are way way good too......and love the wall paper u have ...ensures me delicious days....


All about lebanese , mediterranean and middle eastern cuisine, i love her detailed posts and so muc so.....we've jus met but am loving to get to know her so....and thanxx to ONe perfect bite ,i met this gorgeous Gourmet....all these are fo u too babes...

  And now i add my own little rule,i enjoy receiving and passing these lovely awards ....

well if u dont ...u dont have to but well u can try receiving 'em graciously with a smile maybe...:-)))  LOL... 

ok am kidding but i so want u to enjoy these awards....

not to be a burden as i repeat everytime and will again coz i have loads of 'em lined up....

I want them to fill ur day with sunshine and love and bring smiles that last forever to ur  sweet face....
and with that intention with loads of love i hand u these precious babies...

Whatever the rules maybe, these are my Rules, all i want is for u pals to ENJOY these awards, accept them but u can do what u want with them.....

If ur up to them ,post about them and pass them on or jus post them.....whatever rocks ur boat is fine with me :-))))

Or now blogger has this great new feature where u can ADD PAGES,so go right ahead and ADD an AWARD PAGE ,so u can collect all ur awards there and it'll be fun too......

Pick what u want and like and please feel  free to do ur own thing.......

And hope have not left any of my pals out, if i did,i will promptly update the post awright.....:-))))

Leaving u with LITTLE ELOISe for company and Hope u loved meeting sure u did......what her eager ,eazi going and effusive exuberance ,she's sure to have U FALL IN LOVE TOO........and though have tried adding lods of pics,some simply aint showing here
Sofia Vassilieva


  1. Im so sorry but i really dont know whats with the dancing [changing] fonts here, am trying to fiddle around with my html and hopefully will get it sorted ;-)))),till then sorry about that....

  2. Minha querida Mia,
    Cada vez que venho ao teu blog, me maravilho com a tua doçura e gentileza! Encontro sempre miminhos para mim!! Vou levar com toda a gratidão e carinho e vou postá-los orgulhosamente em homenagem a algo de tão lindo que nasceu entre nós: a nossa amizade! Obrigada pelas tuas lindíssimas palavras que tocaram minha alma e o meu coração!
    Adorei também a receita que irei experimentar com toda a certeza docinha amiga!
    Um grande grande beijinho e mais uma vez obrigada!

  3. Those lemon bars look fabulous!!! congrats on the awards!!

  4. Hello my wonderful friend...
    I just love your beautiful Soul and spirit... You made my day with your sweet and lovely words...
    Thanks so much for thinking of me and sharing your gorgeous awards with me... I am honoured, and thankful. Cong. to you and to every one on the list...

  5. Oh sorry
    I forgot to mention that , I am going to try your lemon bars soon.. will let you know.. they look gorgeous to waive from them.. So i better taste them.

  6. Hola minha querdinha, obrigado para honour de tua visita e amor e docinhas palavares...
    am glad for ur words and all i want is for u to enjoy the awards babe,u dont have to post them or anything:-)))
    And to answer ur question,my birthdays on 3rd dec,i so know urs in June,am i right[i so muc hope so]....
    lods of love and hugs to u my dear buddy!

  7. thanxx a ton lods KRIS

    oh ARLETTE, am so glad ur loving these awards and was thrilled to pass
    them to ya too....yeah im actually missing these bars right now:-)))
    thanxx a ton lods sweety...ur really sweet

  8. Those lemon bars look great. Thanks for your kind words.

  9. Dear,
    Thanks a ton for your sweet words and your awards. I accept. The Lemon bars look exquisite!I so want to munch on it now!

  10. Your Lemon Bars look AWESOME!!! and I like the idea of the strawberry on them. Lemon and Strawberry are a WONDERFUL!!! combinations. You're such a GREAT!!! person and I LOVE!!! you with all my Heart n Soul.

  11. What luscious lemon bars! And beautiful pictures! Congratulations on your awards1 You are so sweet for passing them on with so many kind words. Thank you so much! I think you are the real ray of sunshine here! XO

  12. Hello my friend, tes barres au citron semblent délicieuses et il va falloir que je les essaye.
    merci pour tous ces prix que tu offres. Je les accepte avec plaisir.
    Bravo pour ta générosité et l'amour d'autrui.
    Tu es une fille très spéciale, je dirai même exceptionnelle.
    A bientôt.

  13. sunshine in a bar indeed! what a colorful post and pictures! it sure brightened my day a lot :) congrats on all these awards, Mia and thanks for passing one on to me!

  14. Eloise sounds adorable! I've been longing to make lemon bars for a while now and just this past weekend I bought vanilla bean...I think it's destiny, I need to make these gorgeous bars!

  15. Sorry sweetie, I forgot to say congrats on your lovely awards!

  16. Congrats on your awards well deserved. This blog would put a smile on anyone's face. Great job. Cheers!

  17. Congrats dear for those awards, thanks so much for sharing and your kind words about my me, the lemon bar looks so rich and fantastic, can I have a slice please?

  18. Lemon bars looks fantastic and so perfectly done, and congraz on all your awards...

  19. Thank you so much, you dear, dear lady! :-) Your words made me smile and a bit teary. :-) Life is so much better now, my heart is healing and I have much hope. Thank you for all your love and support. :-) Your lemon bars are GORGEOUS! So cheery and sunny and wonderful - just like you. :-)

  20. thanxxx a ton CHRISTINE

    thanxxx COOL LASSI[e],would love for u have the bars now andyeah Little Eloise would too....

    Am thrilled u love them GERI,they are for and thanxx for the awesome recipe dear, i love them with the strawberry too and i think it would be fantastic with fresh strawberries too:-)))Lu lods 2 dear...

    Thannnxxxxx a ton LOds REENI, ur so so sweet and make me feel like happy sunshine summer now, am so gald u like the bars:-)))

    NADJIBELLA,merci merci becoup querida amiginha,ur so so sweet...
    A beintot ,bejinhos com amor.

  21. Hey PJ, thanxx a ton lods babes and loved to hear what u think,and am
    so glad glad glad to brighten ur day :-)))

    Hey FAITH ,these awards are for u too dear,am addin u in a bit ok.
    Am so glad u like Little Eloise ,i do too,oh gosh i love how ur lemon bars are coming together.
    and thannnnxxxx a ton.

    thanxx LAZARO, am glad to see that smile:-)))

    PALLATABLE,id love for u to have them all, and thanxxxx a ton babes:-)))

    Thanxx a ton lods SUSH...

    Oh KRISTA, i dont want u teary eyed sweety,unless in a good way :-)))
    thanxxxx a ton and am glad to gladden u....

  22. Ciao ! This bars are a dream !! I want one now !!!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. Oh NATALIA, i would love to have u tp live ur dream babes:-)))
    thanxxx a ton...

  25. Thanks a lot for the awards mia,..its really very sweet of you to share it with me as well

  26. just keep getting sweeter than honey Mia!....thank you so much for the know I appreciate them and you my dear! Bless you!

    Congrats on your awards too and those lemon LIVE for!

    Your post is so cute!


  27. Lots to say to you today, sweet Mia!
    I love, love, love funny little Eloise! Love the books and you described her personality perfectly!
    And I kept wondering...what's in those lemon bars? Poppy seeds? And then...Vanilla beans! Wow. That's a lot of vanilla seeds. Delish!!!! I love lemon anyway!
    And last: congrats on all your awards! You deserve every one!! Twice! Because you are so sweet, so generous and always have something lovely to say about everyone!

    Thank you again for passing on awards to all of us! You KNOW how I love awards!

  28. Do you realize how many people love you? You truly fill our hearts with joy. You are always thinking of us and going out of your way to do something wonderful.

    You did a beautiful job with the lemon bars. I am out of hubby's flour but when I get more, I am sure, he will love these. They are sunshine like you and Eloise are.

    I love Eloise and how you portrayed her. I will take "her" to school with me, today. We already have an imaginary boy who causes all kinds of trouble. Now, we can have a cutie pie girl.

    I am going to take the new awards and put them up, probably Sunday. Thanks so much for them. I have met some new bloggers to share these with. You deserve every award you get. You are one of those rare people, we are blessed to meet, in our lives. Thank you.

    Send everyone to ComfyCook for a fantastic giveaway. I am so excited about it.

    Thanks for the kindness and love.

  29. First of all, congratulations on all your well deserved awards...daaaahling. You're just so so so sweet! And also thank you so much for all your kind words and for passing all the lovely awards to me. I am truly honoured. Oh, I am almost speechless! What else can I say except Thank you for everything, dear friend! May god bless & your family.
    Cheers always,

  30. Btw, your lemon bars are awesome! It's a keeper! Thanks.

  31. Oh my ! that looks splendid..wish I could eat the
    Congrats on all your well deserved awards !!!That's so sweet of you to write a note on us and share those awards..Hugs...

  32. Congratulations on your well-deserved awards. The lemon bars look absolutely scrumptious. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  33. BTW Eloise is my daughter's fav and mine too...Will show this post to her :-)

  34. Thank you so much for sharing your awards with me. It really is appreciated. Hugs...Mary

  35. bonsoir ma chère amie
    que dire!!! tu es un amour et tu as un grand cour très généreux, merci d'avoir partagé ces magnifiques prix avec moi et toutes les autres blogueuses
    c'est avec un grand plaisir que je les accepte
    et bravo aussi pour cette superbe et délicieuse recette
    bonne soirée

  36. Hey SUSH, ur so so welcome babes!

    PAM, ur really sweet....And am so so glad u do appreciate them too,i enjoy these awards too:-)))
    These lemon bars sure were delicious:-)))

    Barbara, u are very very sweet dear, u have the best things to say and make my day:-)))
    Oh i love the idea of Poppy seeds in baked goods,but we dont really find the black poppy seeds here:-))

    Ur so right ,i use a lot of vanilla ,coz i have lods and pic it up directly from the processors here:-)))
    Am more than glad to pass on the awards to ya babes and am glad u enjoy them:-)))
    Yeah i do ,and i love them too:-)))

  37. Oh so much happening here as always! Congratulations on your well deserved awards. You do bring such sunshine and joy wherever you visit.

    And those lemon bars look like sunshine. Big YUMS up!

  38. Querida Mia, vim aqui para te dar um beijinho grande e agradecer-te o lindíssimo comentário que deixaste escrito no meu blog! Adoro-te minha preciosa amiga!! Um grande beijinho e um resto de uma feliz semana!! :)

  39. So can I tell you - I LOVE Eloise! My high school boyfriend bought me all of the books for my birthday a few years back and they are just TOO funny. I wish I could have been Eloise as a child. She is just so awesome.

    those lemon bars look amazing! I love that you infused them with vanilla beans!

    Congrats on all your awards. you deserve them LOVE.

  40. Aw, what a sweet, lovely post! I would love to try those lovely lemon bars...and congrats on the award!

  41. The lemon bars look stunning and thank you very much for passing me all these awards. Really appreciates it.
    Next time when you're holding another party, please let me know. I'll bring something special for you.
    Have a great weekend.

  42. Ah yes, I remember that Eloise now. They did a good job choosing her, didn't they? She looks so much like the book Eloise!

    Come and visit me, sweetie, I have a nice giveaway!

  43. My daughter and I love Eloise! And those lemon bars look absolutely heavenly! Have a fabulous weekend! Hugs!

  44. Thanks for sharing these superb award thats so very sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet of you.
    the cake slices look mouth watering and so kewl its amazing.

  45. CHAYA, u always make me grin with glee and joy, but today u have surpassed that feeling into something beautiful, lemme be honest ,ofcourse it feels amazing with something u've jus made me realise sweety:-))
    Thanxxx a ton ,u r really sweet ,to lemme know this and i love what u think about the lemon bars:-)))
    Ha ha, so sweet ,i love that makes u think Sunshine babes:-)
    am so thrilled my dear pal loves Eloise and she sure will make an amazing pair to ur little ''trouble maker'' sow ould love to have u take her to school, i so muc want a daughter like her someday :-)))he he he.
    And ofcourse ,have posted up ur give away on the side bar, and i will be there for my turn too:-)))
    and thanxxx a ton lods again my dear pal ,for so muc making my day....

  46. KRISTY, thank u so so so very muc ,amd am more than glad to let u have them for ur wonderful little space.
    Actually am very touched with what u said here, thanxx dear and God Bless u and ur family too!
    And am so glad u like the lemon bars.

    GUL, am so thrilled u think so dear and thanxx so so muc.
    hugs to u too and i so enjoyed writing these little notes ,which i actually learnt from my pal CHAYA, and she's having an awesome give away at her blog:-)))
    and GUL, am so thrilled that u gys love little ELOISE too, i have some pics up now ,but u know in between a few pics turned into some naughty gurl, and i was stunned to find those pics on my blog ,when i had actually copied pics from the movie,that too thrice,even after deleting, and i so muc hoped that nobody stumbled upn them before i deleted them:-((

    MARY,thanxxxx so muc dear and am so happy about what u think about the lemon bars and am glad to pass the awards to u too,coz u so muc deserve them too:-)))

    FIMERE merci merci becoup minha amiginha ,ur so so sweet,A beintot e bejinhos com amor:-)))

    KATY , am so happy to have u around again and thanxxa ton dear . would so muc love to pass on these awrds to u too dear, and am so happy to be able bring sunshine and joy ,that then flood me too...
    thanxx again babes.,ur truly really sweet.

  47. ISABEL, minha queridinha, u never fail to bring a smile to my lips,that springs from the heart, ur an amazingly wonderful gal and buddy and love i for that and more...
    Mutinhos grandos bejinhos e bom fim de semana.

    JOANNE, ur memories associated with LITTLE ELOISE, are so so cute jus like her dear....
    ha ha, actually im compared to her now,around here ,but u know i secretly wish for a daughter like her, am absolute darling:-)))
    i love that u love the LEmon bars, oh the vanilla works beautifully:-)))
    and thannx a ton lods for ur words dear,always sweet:-))

    thanxx a ton lods SOPHIA ,and u sure do share ur lovely name ,with the amazing actress who played little ELOISE.

    ANNCOO, oh thanxxx dear amd am so glad to know what u think and yuppy dear, i sure wan u to be there for every party in town:-))and ur so special babes,that ur presence itself is very special.

    BARBARA, ha ha,ur so sweet,glad to have u back, isnt she adorable. and have jus been at ur awesome give away:-))

    NATASHA, am glad to have u 2,at the little ELOISE, aint she adorable and fantastic weekend to ya too...XOXO.

    SIMPLY FOOD,am thrilled to be sharing this with u....its amzing and so muc fun...cheers gurl..
    thanxx aton dear.

  48. The lemon bars certainly look scrumptious and how very sweet of you to include me in the awards! Congrats to you on all the awards, they are certainly well deserved!
    Have a great weekend, HUGS! :-)

  49. I love Eloise and these lemon bars suit her spirit to the core! Very sweet, very bright, a little sassy, and definitely lovable!

  50. MARTHA, am glad to let u have them and thannxxxx a ton lods...
    Super weekend to u too,and XOXO.

    CHEF AIMEE,thanxxx a ton lods,and am so happy to know what u think of dear little ELoise,love her.

  51. whoah mia.. more awards??? girl you are very popular on the blogosphere huh! and yeah btw thanks for including me in your award roll... thanks mucho my friend.
    you are a ray of sunshine yourself... you put a wide smile in my face when i skip in here...
    mia you don't know how much i appreciate having a friend like YOU!

  52. Merci pour tes passages toujours très chaleureux.
    C'est toujours un plaisir de te lire.
    Bon dimanche et à bientôt.

  53. Ha ha, well i didn think so MALOU, but aint it exciting if it were true:-)
    I love bringing u sunshine and bringn that smile ....and u do too, i love and appreciate ur frenship too babes...and u definately deserve the awards dear.
    cheers and happy weekend.

  54. Hello dear
    you are more than welcome to use the recipe and do whatever. I have some tips of my own for the chocolate chips cookies, now one like them crunchy except me and you, the rest prefer them ouwy gouwy and crumbly, I found the sugar is too much I dont use 2 cups total make it 13/4cups, and also to keep them ouwy gouwy and crumbly all week if they last, roll them one by one, put them on a baking sheet and freeze 30 mint and bake them directly from freezer to oven. try one batch and let me know...

  55. Hey ARLETTE, am so glad to have some great company for crispy cookies, thanxx for all the links and yup will email u a few of my tips too, though yet ,my cookies do get a wee softer the next day:-((

  56. lovely much colour ...and the lemon bars..oh so luscious!

  57. do u still live in Goa? cuz thats whr I got them from...

  58. OMG... Fabulous blog... following you

  59. Hi Mia,
    Congrats on your well deserved awards. The lemon bar slices look mouth watering and amazing clicks as usual dear.
    Hamaree Rasoi

  60. Hi Mia,

    Beautiful lemon slices! Congratulation on your well deserved awards and thanks for passing it on me :)

  61. Querida e docinha Mia,
    Sou eu de novo minha querida Amiga!
    Desta vez, para te agradecer o teu lindo comentário e o teu gesto tão generoso de teres votado no meu bolo! Muito muito muito obrigada linda amiga!
    O meu inglês não é muito perfeito e penso que também me perguntaste se uso vagem de baunilha? Terá sido essa a pergunta querida amiguinha do meu coração?
    Um grande grande beijinho docinha e inesquecível amiga!

  62. These bars look tasty!

    ~Aubree Cherie

  63. Wow...those flecks of vanilla beans are just gorgeous!! They look absolutely delicious! Congrats on your awards :D

  64. Hey Mia
    Missed you so much during my break..but now I'm enjoying more all your posts and your dishes..You always make me smile Mia!! such a lovely and kind person..Congrats on your well deserved awards, and thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much for those heartwarming words and awards...

    and yes of course those yellow lemony cake, just send me here if any left..;-)

    Take care and god bless you

  65. Congrats on all your hard won awards!! I am so honored to be in your chose of bloggers to receive them from you. Thank you sooo much.

  66. SRIVIDDHAya, thanxxxx a ton lods :-)))))

    thanxxxx a lod DEEPA:-)))

  67. thanxxx a ton ELLIE and ur welcome :-)))

    Hola ISabelinha docinha , tu es uma joi ,full de amor
    bejinhoa e bom fim de semna,
    PAra uma Tresoure:-)

    thanxxxx Aubrre CHERRIE!

  68. Appreciate the rеcommеndation. Will try it out.

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