Friday, April 9, 2010


          tO WISH OUR SWEET CHAYA......

HIP HIP HOORAY...........
ZIP ZIPPY RAY....................

And every body right form BABIES to ANGELS...........................DISNEY FRENS to POOH FRENS......AND all us BLOGGING BUDDIES... jright here jus for u..........


We all LOve u Dear dear sweet CHaya....way way muc....................

Now upon a time there lives a gal......a sweetest gal......a domestic godess in every sense, she not only whipps nope....... a storm of goodies but also loads  of gluten free love for her hubby dear......a domestic godess if i knew one :-))))

OK now i know u know i am talking baout CHAYA here coz i let the bag right out the bag at SUPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEE......

And todays this dear GALs, CHAYA'S WONDERFUL HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND WE HAVE A PARTY JUS FOR HER.....................

 Ok they are all set and ready to jump and wish CHAYA when the clock strikes 12.......and screammmm SUuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuPRISEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Now lemme begin with the SUPRISES n GIFTS jus FOR HER..........

FOr one ,am adding a LINKZ , for the first time that YOU ALL can bring in all the deliciousness u have to the party and leave us a sprinkle so we can hop by and relish with ya too....

And THAX A TON LOADS FOR HOPPING BY too................lets open her gifts too shall we...add urs to d linkz below.....
Now CHAYA gets Published all over the internet and sometimes we dont even know about it and by then she's famous.....and i have jus 1 link like that where she was featured in  COOK TODAY HERE, on the same day and the same post where i told her about my 1st GIFT FOR HER......


AND ITS MY FIRST EVER WIN AT A GIVE AWAY...what a win this was ..........

I MEt MOWIE at NEELS super photography blog -which is filled with all u needed to know about clocking those perfect pics- and MOWIE pics show cased an article that put thru a point....

Hoping by MOWIELICIOUS...i was blooming at its best.....of Daffodils and spring fields and lemon yellows and flowers.......

And im so glad i spoke my heart on Mowies blog that day coz its Mowie's reply that send me hopping to lovely blog again -THIS TIME JUS IN TIME FOR THE GIVE AWAY, which i won a few hours later:-)))

I'm so in love...if u knew me u'd say ...nothing new ...coz i fall in love with life everysingle breathing day but here am whispering about the dang cutest photography on Mowie's blog...its awesome and absolutely
dang creative......
Every dessert and cookie calls out my name and begs to be replicated.....but i tell them gently that i aint MOwie..:-))))

Pink flowers and macroons ...u cant get more romantic(ok i know Mowie can...) creativity at its best

And this is WHAT I WON @ my FIRST GVE AWAY Win ....and thats JUS FOR U CHAYA ......

Hotel Chocolat Hamper

Eggsibitionist & Serious Dark Fix Extra Thick Egg shells (both with chocolates), Caramel Drops, Easter Eggs & Soldiers, Sticky Toffee Easter Eggies, Milk Choc Chick Lick & An Easter Slab.

All i had to do was add a comment and i did loads of them......and the next thing i know is i won....i Didn sleep a wink that night.....overjoyed with excitement.....FOR 2 REASONS......

1] I WON .........................i won first EVER  GIVEAWAY And what a big win...

THANK U MOWIE......THank U HOTEL CHOCOLAT And Thank U NEEL ....coz if not for NEEL ,i wouldn meet MOWIE and won......

2] Main reason i even enteered and am looking for give aways ,is i wanted to do something special for my dear CHAya........

I DID ENTER A FEW MORE GIVE AWAYS but as of now this is the only 1 I WON...

AND SCOOBY DO HERE'S TOO........................

Its so muc of a delight to learn about Jewish traditions galore and the in the cutest way the time of writing she's busy with the fantastic Passover preparations where u clear up all ur pantry cupboards and fill em with goodies that are Kosher............

And she has these fantastic MEATLESS MONDAYS ............and  CHOCOLATE OBSESSION......which is amazing and i have a dream of whipping by dreams so can link up to every  week with out fail....


4 chicken cutlets [i used drumsticks marinated with salt ,lime,crushed pepper]
1/4 to 1/3 cup maple syrup 
1/4 cup chopped pecans (I used almonds.)
2 tablespoons of margarine
salt to taste

i added a few onions to the pan ,with a dry red chilli ,de-seeded,so had caramel onions along......

Combine the maple syrup and pecans and mix together for coating of cutlets[ me used drumsticks].

Season the chicken with the salt and pepper.

Sear both sides of chicken in skillet in melted margarine until browned, about four minutes total..

Pour the pecan mixture over chicken cutlets. [CHaya- I spread this so it covered as much of the chicken, as possible]
I had some caramalized onions and a whole dry red chilly ,de seeded too.....delciious recipe....

Cook for two minutes more on each side.  (Chaya-I cooked it a bit longer.  Add another two minutes to each side.)

Chaya-When I turned the chicken over and moved it around to pick up the pecans and maple syrup, the combination started to bubble and both sides had some coating.

Chaya ,as muc as this is ur family  fav recipe ,so it is ours now .....i think i did need a few nuts and maple syrup ,didn i ....but super delicious.....

Chaya ...this is for u ................from SUMMER ....SUGAR PLUM FAIRY....BABYDOLL........OR HAPPY SUNSHINE ......whatever my pet names ............LEV TOV is v v SPEcial..............

If there is ever a cutey doll on Blogosphere is CHAYA,the wonderful sweetheart, everybodys sweet heart............and i love the precious WELCOME u gave me on blogosphere......

She sure made me happy...and Chaya's like that ,a big heart who supports everyone and over whelms me with the affection ,kindness......


  1. Hey Mia
    am I the first one to comment! hope I am, coz always I am the last one on your blog...;0)
    let's wish Chaya a very happy birthday! and you are a such a lovely and warm person...very happy that you are my buddy...tomorrow my husband's birthday too...oh yes and your chicken dish looks superb and great clicks too..

    cheers sweet

  2. Manny happy returns of day to Chaya.Beautiful clicks and wishes too.

  3. Many many happy returns of the day, Chaya :-) oh Mia,you're so sweet..That's very thoughtful of you to give your pal a surprise party :-)
    Chicken looks fabulous

  4. Oh JAGS ,next year we shall plan something for ur hubs ok...u still can ,there is time ...and i'll be there to woot ....
    come on ..write a post and call ur frens for ur hubyy,copy the pics from here if u like ....
    and ur the first at the party ...thanx a ton...

    thanx a ton lods SIMPLY FOOD....

    Thanx a ton lods GULMOHAR dear ...

  5. Hi, Who is this Chaya you are talking about? She must be quite a gal to have a good friend like you. How could she deserve your accolades and pictures and happiness?

    You are, indeed, one great super buddy and this mysterious Chaya should appreciate you.

    I am going to find her at Comfy Cook and let her know what a wonderful person, you are. I will let her know of your generosity, your warmth, your enthusiasm, your time and effort, your love, your spirit, your beautiful soul and so much more. She has to know what a special person you are. No way, is she worthy of all this. I will tell her that too.

    In our lives, we don't meet that many super-special people and super-special friends and when we are blessed to find one, like you, we should treasure them and I do treasure you, your friendship and your wonderful surprises.

    Thank you so very, very much. I really don't know what to say that will convey how I feel. For now, I will leave it at this and I will speak to you after my Sabbath. You certainly added to it. Your joy will follow me wherever I go.

  6. The chicken looks fabulous! My birthday wishes to Chaya as well!
    Just the other day we were talking about giveaways and look at got it because of me wishing you to get lucky? ;-). Congrats dear.
    Mr.Mowielicious seems to be a daring baker, generous giver and a whiz photographer..checked his space and its marvelous!

  7. Happiest of Birthdays, dear Chaya!! You bring such joy and encouragement to all of us! Big birthday hug! :-)

  8. Happy birthday to Chea (??))
    and to your amazing... chicken.. iam already mouthwatering...

  9. I wish its bright and sunny here, been snowing on and off since yesterday, freezing rain then rain then snow... and its cold -6C today...
    Next week I have a craft show outdoors for the Maple Syrup Festival..Oh I am praying for a good weather.. its a full day outside.

  10. Happy Birthday Chaya!! Wishing you a marvelous, fantabulous, wonderific day!
    xoxo Pattie and Allie

  11. Iam back with plenty of Desserts all for Chaya's Birthday, let me know if they are enough, or you need me to bring more.

  12. My contribution to this surprise party - All the pancakes in my blog mentioned in this post -

  13. Oh dear birthday gurl,all i can think of now is send u the cutest Sunshine ,gorgeously stunning Happy Springtime smiles ,with lods of love and a poohy hug....i was still looking for pics but had to post early coz of the Sabbath too....

  14. Happy Birthday Chaya! Have a lovely day!



  15. Congrats on the win! I love chocolate of all types <3.

  16. Happy birthday Chaya! I adore you, your food, and all of the sweet things you always have to say. You are such a special and amazing person! Keep it up girl!

  17. How wonderful of you to host this party for our friend Chaya!

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chaya! :-)

  18. What a sweet, beautiful post! A very happy birthday to you, Chaya! You are one of the sweetest bloggers I have had the honor of meeting. I'm wishing you the best birthday ever. Mia, you are so incredibly sweet for posting this for Chaya!

  19. What a WONDERFUL!!! post filled with lots of birthday surprises and BEST!!! of all LOVE!!! from one sweetheart to another. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! to you Chaya.

  20. thanxx a ton lods COOL LASSIE and ur PAncakes sure do rock ......and i so agree with u.....

    thanxx a ton lods ARLETTE...for being here and taking the time...and ur delicious goodies sure do rock ....ur so muc a cutey to come back with desserts....
    and u know i wish it were snowing here coz its way too bright=warm :-)))))

    thanx a ton KRISTA...

    thanx a ton lods ALLIE n PATTIE

    thanx a ton lods ROSA...

    thanx XIAOLU,i love chocolates too...

    HEy JOANNE, Chaya will sure love what u say....

  21. JAGS , SIMPLY FOOD n ARLETTE.....i have to thank my sweet little gurl,''MY SHOOTING STAR'' [d name of my point n shoot cam] for helping me with this super delicious chicken....

  22. thanxx a ton MARTHA and that Spicy chipotle shrimp over sweet corn cakes ...oohhhh deliciously delightfull.....

    thanxxxa ton FAITH, love that u came to Chaya;s party,she'll love to hear what u have to say :-)))
    [psst psst...i do2 :-))) ]

    GERI,thanxxx a ton lods for ur birthday message ...oh ur a sh too....

  23. Happy Birthday Chaya!! I left some yummy rolls for your birthday!
    So nice of Mia to throw you this fantastic birthday party so we can all join in!!!
    Bless you, Mia! You are such a sweetie!

  24. Happy Birthday Chaya! Sending many Blessings your way today! ♥ Redkathy

  25. Hi dear, this chicken is so unique using pecan and maple syrup,looks so delicious, congrats on winning those Easter goodies also wishing a Happy Birthday to Chaya.This is my contribution for this special occasion:

  26. Oh BARBARA, ur a sweety too, im Chaya's PR here for the party coz she too busy with u guys and gorging on all the deliciousness galore .....thanxx for the super rolls...we love....we love......

  27. Thanxx a ton lods PALLATABLE, love those springing jelly for the burst of blossoms spring....

  28. Happy Birthday chaya, hope you have a wonderful year ahead, and thats so sweet of you Mia to give a suprise bday party for her and give her gifts too..she will be very happy...and everyone are lucky to have a friend like you

  29. Happy Birthday Dear CHAYA! Hope you have a lovely one! I know you will here with us all and darling Mia!

    Thanks Sweetie for inviting me!


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  31. Happy Birthday to Chaya. I have bring along my ice cream roll for this party. Hope Chaya will enjoy it and what a wonderful party.

  32. Happy Birthday Chaya!! I hope your day is filled with all of the blessings and love that you deserve. Im bringing cookies for you and you hubby to share...

    Love and Blessings! Lara

  33. Happy Birthday Chaya !!!1
    Here is my strawberry tarte for you !!!

  34. Happy birthday arrears. Congratls sugar plum for winning the choc hamper, like me!!!!! Love the pecans and chicken too!

  35. First, I want to send birthday wishes to Chaya. How nice of you to throw such a bash for her. Have a great weekend. Blessings...Mary

  36. You are such a sweet and loving soul for doing this! Your chicken looks so yummy! I brought my Cake Bon Bons and Caramel Cupcakes for Chaya. Happy Birthday Chaya! XOXO

  37. thanx a ton lods SUSH ,and ur being so so sweet-loving having u at d party :-)))

    Oh PAM ,so glad ur here with us today babes......Chaya sure is loving her party [i hope]

    ANNCOO- ur Strawberry ice cream rolls have melted us and our taste buds ,thanx for a wonderful addition

    LARA-those cookies are amazing...they simply are melting delicious bites,thanxxx for being here :-)))

    NATALIA..this strwberry tart is way way good and we r loving having u over here....

    Oh KITCHEN BUTTERFLY...hi5 to that,aint it an awesome win.... and thanx for being here.. v sweet ..thanx a ton lods for being at the party,we love u adding to the fun...

    CINNAMON GURL-U know what....u had us all gaga over these absolutely delicious Bon bons...pops and Winnie de Pooh is Throwing a little sweet kinda tantrum here ...coz he wans more store with his honey in the sending himright over .......:-))))
    AND OH h boy ....arent u having us donuts with these super delicious cup cakes here....oh caramel cuppcakewith a super filling....jus what party dreamz are made of....

  38. Happy Birthday Chaya :-}
    May your day (and this week) hold MANY warm smiles and much laughter!!!

    A tip for you about the chicken/onion/peacn dish. Add a bit of dill cheese to the carmelized onions and pecans. It will melt and blend in, and even though it might sound like it would not be good in it, oh my goodness girl is it ever!!!!!!!!!!!

    Again, Happy Birthday :-}

    p.s. 'Sugar Plum Fairy' invited us to your party - hope that was okay ;->

  39. IS it ok??????its fine super fine and we are loving that u joined in....BRIAN o ChERYl...we are loving havin at the party with ur wishes ,hugs and love....

    and this super dessert.....

    Ur tip 4 d chicken sure sounds exactly n more how u describe it...super delicious as ever....thanxx a ton lods...

  40. Happy Happy Birthday Chaya!!

    I hope you had a very special day today and spent time with your friends and family!! Your friend Mia is an Angel..what a sweetheart....
    Much love and happiness to both of you!!

  41. Saw your profile on another page. Glad I stopped by your wonderful blog. Look forward to following you here. Cheers!

  42. What a lovely birthday party going on here for Chaya! You are a dear dear friend to do this for the guest of honor! Love and Hugs! xoxo

  43. A very very Happy Birthday to you Chaya. And Mia dear that is really very sweet of you to throw such a nice bash for her. It show that how a true friend should take about another. Chaya is really lucky to have a friend like you.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  44. Hey Mia, I m sure Chaaya must be very happy. Though I dont know her, Happy Birthday to you Chaaya.

    Thanks for mentioning, but I am sure you would have found Mowie even without me. He is doing good things and with his photography, I am sure he wouldn't miss any eye :).

    Chaaya, Happy Birthday again.

  45. Belated Birthday wishes Chaya! Hope you enjoy the Falooda anyways.

  46. What a party! Hey, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHAYA! May many happy returns. Here, I'm sending you a slice of my Lavender Meringue & Dulce De Leche Square. Make sure you have lots of fun, food, drinks and crazy things but don't go naked! HAHAHA..... And be a good girl! Cheers always.


  47. Hey, and congratulations on your winning as well! Have a great day! Cheers!

  48. That chicken looks INSANE! In a good way! haha

  49. oh my Mia, I am so late here! but hopefully you did save some bits of the birthday cake for me :) You sure know how to throw a party, girl! everything looks so delicious.. loved your chicken recipes and the clicks. Wishing Chaya a very happy belated birthday and congrats for the giveaway win!

  50. r u dear?...i was off blogging from past few weeks so missed mnay of ur yummy recipes...but n vl read them...m back on track now...hey lovely post...such a yummy treat for bday...chicken is very tempting...loved it...nice n vry sweet post

  51. Thanks to everyone for their good wishes and their good food. I am going to be busy for a long time, hopefully, making some of these recipes.

  52. Dear Mia, My hubby thinks you are a doll to do this for me and so do I. Thanks for bringing over all the wonderful people who participated and making my day, that much brighter.

    They are all right. You are one special gal, not only because you did this, but because of who you are.

    Always be that person. You are young and I predict greatness for you, as you grow older.

  53. Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the invite.

    Happy Birthday to Chaya!

  54. A wonderful birthday surprise post - Happy birthday Chaya!

  55. Have a great week, Dear!



  56. hello mia... im so sorry i'm late for the party... but hey they say better late than never..
    so everybody snap those fingers, clap those hands, stomp those feet
    1, 1, 1-2-3 1, 1, let's sing:
    happy happy birthday,*•♫♪♪♫♫♪
    happy happy birthday! ♫♪♪♫♫♪♪♫
    happy happy birthday to you! yeah! ♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫

    let's sing it one more time!
    happy happy birthday,*•♫♪♪♫♫♪
    happy happy birthday! ♫♪♪♫♫♪♪♫
    happy happy birthday to you! yeah! ♥¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪♪♫

    chaya... happy birthday dear friend.. i love your food and i love the background music that you have too... keep cooking!

  57. Wow, that chocolate looks so good....Happy Birthday to Chaya! Hugs - Julie

  58. Oh my, I'm so late in commenting too! Happy Birthday Chaya!

    Mia, this is so sweet of you! x

  59. That chicken sure does look delicious!

  60. Happy Birthday! That is some amazing looking chicken!

  61. Have a lovely end of week!


    Rosa xoxo

  62. ton nouveau blog est magnifique j'en ai mis du temps mais je l'ai trouvé
    ton plat rien dire il me met en appétit avec ces superbe photos
    bonne journée

  63. De magnifiques photos. bravo.
    Happy birthday Chaya.
    See soon.

  64. Mia, my sweety pie, what a lovely birthday tribute to Chaya and congrats on winning Mowie's chocolicious giveaway! That chicken looks insanely delicious..your photos are just mouth watering!

  65. Can't believe I am so late here with my dish: for your surprise birthday party. Last week just had been so hectic! Like I said before, I hope you saved a slice of this delicious cake for the latecomer :)

  66. Mia linda,
    tu és uma luz: iluminas a todos com a tua doçura! Aqueces os nossos corações com as tuas meigas palavras! és um tesouro que encontrei na Net e que ´não quero perder nunca, mesmo quando a vida nos ocupa mais um pouco! é como dizes: estamos no coração uma da outra bem guardadinhas! Eu quero preservar uma Amiga belíssima e preciosa como tu lindíssima Mia! Este post é bem revelador da maravilhosa pessoa que tu és! Aproveito para dar os meus parabéns ATRASADOS à Chaya e contribuí um bocadinho atrasada para a sua festinha com um bolinho! O teu frango parece delicioso como tudo o que tu fazes! A propósito, a foto do teu perfil é linda linda linda! Serás tu minha querida Mia? Tão bela e doce? Poderias dizer-me a data do teu aniversário linda Mia? Um grande grande grande e muito ternurento beijinho!

  67. I am so sorry that I am late to this. I did not know about Chaya's birthday. Some friend I am. I shall send her an email as she IS very very dear!


and thanx a ton loads for hopping by....
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And have a cheerfully rocking happy day♥Sparkling with the joys of SPRINGTIME and warmth of SUMMER..