Tuesday, March 9, 2010



This bright blog is born after  3 weeks of struggle and googling and leaving a message in the google forums coz my baby bogs ,VanillaStrawberrySpringFields ,simply wasnt updating...yeah the feeds werent....ok i do have a few drafts to post at VSSF but am not at the moment coz my laptop needs a ping ....and yeah hopefully my  6 month old laptop needs to be replaced too....

Whew.....quite a list but i loved and enjoyed tweaking and playing with the html codes with help from a few fantastic blogs(resource page there u are) ....yeah i changed my header......converted my 3 column to 2 have a bigger posting space.....will try my best to move some suff from VSSF right here ....not the posts but other my stats and yeah my reader's the same so the wonderful blogs i follow remain the same....

Thanx to a tutorial from Shabby blogs ,i even have my own signature and post divider and what have u....delightfully delicious......


  1. YAY! So glad you're back online, luv! :-)

  2. Hey babe! Love the new site. Polka dots are my favorite and pink never fails to put a smile on my face. I can't wait to see the good food you fill these pages with!

  3. sweet...thanx a ton dear Joanne and Kristy...loved having u guys over...if my laptop is fixed soonnnn ,well i'll begin posting soon too......

  4. Sometimes, it is worth having a breakdown (computer). I love this and a new start is fun.
    Wishing you, only the best of luck, on this new adventure with your new blog.

    Can't wait to see what happens here.

  5. Found you! So....should we be checking both sites for a while until you get things settled? Or are you moving here permanently?
    This blog is awfully cute!

  6. Oh my dear BARBARA...u rocked my day...i love the found u......
    and yeah will post at VSSF ,a few drafts there till i leave a last post to link here....thats when my laptop is raring to go...till then will wind up with the drafts and an award post on VSSF....

  7. Querida Mia :)
    Eu adorei o novo visual deste bloG! Está lindo lindo! De facto, já não recebia as actualizações do Vanilla no meu blog!! Aguardo ansiosa as tuas deliciosas receitas! Um grande grande beijinho muito doce!

  8. oH CHAYA, cant wait to begin posting here too........

    Oh minha queridinha amiginha ISABEL, que muito bom que a minha anjinha gosto de este blog.....sim a actualizações da vanilla ja nao vem mais estou postaro uma pocquios catinhos ....
    muitos bejinhos e abracos menina....

  9. hey hi...hope ur problem gets resolved soon...waitng for ur posts...that grilled seafood looked yummy...keep posting

  10. Thax Siddhi....will post here after my last post on VSSF

  11. this site is utterly cute!!! how neat to have a refreshing site like this. you gotta teach me on how to make my page wider...
    congratulations on your new blogsite... love the name too!
    sending you kisses and hugs your way!

  12. Hola dear,ok great ,i dont know by heart but will look up my html and
    tell u where u have to increase the number-u want to add a signature
    Am so so so glad u like the blog sweety....u really made my day with
    all ur joy and love .....loads of huggies for u too...

  13. I love your new site! It's so pretty in pink and I love the adorable polka dots! I can't wait to see all the beautiful things to come! :)

  14. I love the pink, pretty in pink. Pink is a cheerful color just like you. THANKS!!! for the awards I will post them soon. I haven"t been feeling good, my Lupus has got me down. LOTS of LOVE!!! Geri

  15. The new site looks fabulous !!Pretty pink, my daughter's most fav :-)Good luck and waiting to see more posts from you !

  16. Oh FaiTH, im jus as excited too and so wanna begin here:-))))am so glad u think jus so....

    Oh GERI,hope u get fit an fine soon and looking foward to ur blue ribbon cookies and more.

    Oh GULMOHAR, i love the pink too and am so excited that ur daughter does:-)))


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