Monday, March 22, 2010


Ok that aint me am talking about  me here ...but the sweety poo of a movie that  jus finished watching this sat afternoon and its so cutey.....(ok this was last saturday afternoon)

And besides a few things it did ut me in the St.Patricks day mood .........(ok this happenned last saturday pals)

Made me feel happier and lighter and cuter than i already felt.....  the lovey dovey romantic in me felt a little more awakanenned than already was and maybe i loved the end with swipn the pleasure's of shopping with a credit card to love.......for love.....and made me shed a few tears and jus then mom popped with a hot cup of perfect.....and loving.....

Now what does this movie watching have to do with a holiday...with St.patricks?.....AND COOKIES......whats the connections that holds.................

Well nothing......well everything too.....coz the movie made me feel so on a holiday too .....the sweetness...the truth ...the lie...the romance....the way sucess came to her.....all of it did.....and it somehow lightened the already light happy me a little more......

If u think i identified with the movie coz i shop like that, well i dont .....its local markets and food stores and home tools stores that excite me.......

ok ....who am i kidding do perfume stores specially if they house my all time fav Farahniets and Pleasures and Kenzos Flowers and many more.....

And so do Nike and Reebok stores and Levis and what have u.....yeah tees , pants and keds are more of me than not......

And does that make me a shopoholic or happy.......well i can go for weeks and months w/o shopping for my personal closet but not without shopping for my baking pantry and kitchen tools.......and add a laptop and a digiSLR and sunshine and u have one  happy gal here....very happy......
ok ok jus kidding....

I dont know where all the surges of laughter and pure joy bubble from but i do know that i want to loose nothing i have today ,  to  drive a point home  that  i was so happy with what i have and dont need anything else too............ strong limbs to skip along.......

 my hands to whisk along ,so what if i dont have a kitchen aid or hamilton beach.....i can whisk away........

my eyes that spot cuteness in a store or the hues of a rainbow........

my sense of smell that recognize fragrances in a crowded room and i aint talking cookies here.......

and most of all the love i have around me with my family.......

What is happiness or what makes me Happy?And what makes u happy dear Happy Buddy?

Why am i so happy all the time...i feel like am on a permanent holiday when am not  :-))))

thats coz i define what is a holiday for me.....a holiday = happiness = coming home to love =   the warmth of a kitchen simmering a stew for dinner  (and loads of other things) =  enthusiam and zest that fills our lives= being with my loved ones = being happy about what i have today and not think that maybe a little more will make me happy (unless its chocolate:-))) ) = i love the feeling of being happy that surges from inside and i dont really push hard or struggle ....its jus being me.......

=baking these fantastic cookies for a holiday i never knew about till now = my honesty to admit it so spare me those shocked looks :-))))))))))

Oh my Oh my......what a wonderful day.....
Zippyty zippyty da do......
Oh the sunshine's coming my way......

Well at the time of writing this ,i have joined the bakers at Toll house....i would love to call it toll home honestly....joined in the sense that am a member of their community online......

And for a long time that chocolate chip cookie i want to roll out OR add chocolate chips to a roll out happenned right  HERE and exactly when i have been reading about this Lovely Irish holiday all over blogosphere and cookies are my love......

HAving jus finished my last MOMOFUKU MILKKBAR COOKIE (ofcourse i will post about them)  and these seemed perfect ot fill the jar ....(well mine storage is more of a flat ''jar'' coz i always dress up my cookies...)................i mean could i resist CUT OUT CHOCOLATE CHIP way.....

Ofcourz i did hop to WIKI for some enlightment and know how on Saint Patricks day and loved all i read....and all those of u around can CELEBRATE HERE...oh id love to watch the  preeminent  water colorists who will dye the Chicago River at 10:45 a.m.
This year the river dyeing crew can be seen east of Wabash Avenue and west of Columbus Drive...

I picked this pic via WIKI and love this Irish Clover,its significance and the Shamrock cookie cutter and sprinkles i simply cant find.:-)))))but i sure found my way to Food on Friday here :-)))))

And then i read loads more about its wonderful significance in REBECCA post at A GATHERING OF THOUGHTS......I SO LOVE THE SHAMROCK ALL THE MORE NOW AS MUCH AS I DO HER IRISH SIDE.....


  • 1 cup (2 sticks) butter or margarine, softened
  • 1/2 cup packed brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup granulated sugar (sub for icing sugar for a tender cookie)
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • a tiny pinch of soda and 5 grams of cream of tatar(for added crispness add these to the flour)
  • 1 large egg yolk (i used a whole smallish egg)
  • 2 1/2 cups all-purpose flour
  • 2 cups (12-oz. pkg.) NESTLÉ® TOLL HOUSE® Semi-Sweet Chocolate Mini Morsels
  • 1 container (16 oz.) prepared vanilla frosting, colored green if desired
  • 1 container green coarse sugar or candies(all i have is green sprinkles)

~~~ what really excited me were these were crisp cookies according to a a little extra time would have my cookies crisp and way way a  happpy me (taste buds)

~~~~And yeah with  my 3 petal cookie cutter and a little stalk i added ,maybe i got some where close,i should have cut out hearts and joined them together as petals.

~~~~ok i wasnt super steady at the frosting but i did honestly try :-)))))


BEAT butter, brown sugar, granulated sugar, vanilla extract and salt in large mixer bowl until creamy. 
 Beat in egg yolk. 
Gradually beat in flour. Stir in morsels. Shape dough into 2 round discs; wrap in plastic wrap. Refrigerate for about 1 hour or until firm.

PREHEAT oven to 350° F.

ROLL each disc to 1/4-inch thickness between two sheets of waxed paper. Cut into shamrock shapes; place on ungreased baking sheets.

BAKE for 9 to 11 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on baking sheets for 2 minutes; remove to wire racks to cool completely. Spread with frosting; sprinkle with coarse sugar.


These Easter cookies go to dear Faith and BRandy at ALL THRU THE YEAR CHEER ,for their Easter Basket

As also it does for after dinner Cafe ,at the super SUPPER CLUB at Chef In my HEAD ,fantastic blog and even better club, and the best parts that i was the first to link, with a tingle i did ,and The CHEF herself sure had me super excited this morning that being the first to link ,i have a prize.......yipppeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!



Blue and pink are Easter Colors and would love to add a few pastels to this basket-next time for sure.....


1.) I love chocolate and enough so to be a chocoholic , but i simply dont ever order for chocolate ice cream.

2.) when i say i love seafood i mean  shrimps. Oysters. Clams . Mussels. And the like.

3.) I simply cant have delicious duck, i visualise them quacking and squealing away trying to fly over ponds and streams of fresh water on lush green farms.
( well i should hardly be saying this on a foodie blog but am honest with this strange but true fact )   

4.) i love the beach, i love the sand and the sea BUT ...................Nay nay , not the sun. . But would love to live in a place where it snows. . So o o romantic. . 

5. ) Make up aint my forte but love my hello kitty m.a.c. Lip balm, they are simply fab.

6. )  I love perfumes and love spraying some after a shower before i head to bed.

7. ) On the same note, i simply cant have a single fav, there are way too many fantastic ones to have a fav so its more like i have loads of favs a few of 'em being :- pleasures , pleasures intense , dune, flower(k), fahrenheit  [ok its a guys perfume but i still love that whole range], 5th avenue [full range], rush .............ok my list is way too long.........

Yeah and when i talk about perfumes i simply cant stop so would love to ask you too, whats the fragrance that rocks your boat? 
And which lip balm keeps your lips smiling broadly?
Feedback is always awesome when u go shopping aint it? :-)))))) 


  1. Love...Love...knowing more about you Mia! Those colors are so pretty and the cookies...very original and special...just like you!

    I don't like to shop either for clothes, but putting me in a health food store or kitchen store too and I'm!!

    Have a great day Sweet Mia!


  2. Oh what delightful Spring cookies! May your day be as sweet as them! xoxo

  3. PAM, how very sweet....oh the joys of shopping :-)))))
    thanx a ton ,u sure have me grinning happily...

    AIMEE.thanx a ton,now that u say it ,it does feel like spring :-))))

  4. What pretty cookies! So bright and happy. Like you! I love that movie too! My favorite thing for putting on after the shower is body spray from Victoria's Secret called 'Love Spell'.

  5. I think it is fitting that your blog is filled with color, like your colorful personality.

    Where do you get such vibrant color?

    I love what you wrote about being happy with your five senses. You are quite deep inside with wonderful thoughts.

    Now, I complain. Is there a way you can get your name to link up to this blog rather than your old one.

    I end up clicking on your name, going to the other blog which, on my computer, takes a long time to load and then starting all over. After all, you are keeping me waiting to see your wonderful words.

    Ok, you are worth waiting for.

    Happy baking.

  6. I absolutely love this post! You're such a fun person, Mia, and your blog really reflects what a sweetheart you are. Your cookies all look so pretty -- and delicious! Thank you so much for entering your lovely Easter cookies in our All Through the Year Cheer Event!

    I'm a chocoholic too! :)

  7. Hey,
    The Clover leaf cookie looks adorable and too cute to eat. Nice to know a little more about you.
    My Fav Perfume - Jadore by Dior and Vera Wang By Vera Wang.
    Balm - C.O.bigelow Rose Salve, Rosebud Perfume Co Rosebud Salve. I am a sucker for those brand of lip balms.
    BTW, Love the Sugar Plum Fairy Signature. My hubby created one for me like ages ago from livesignature but I am such a lazy bum that I don't feel like sprucing my blog. Every week I think I should do something Yet I don't. I am a true definition of a lazy bum.

  8. Thanks so much for visiting and your sweet comments glad to have you on board, these cookies are so pretty, love both of them definitely tasted great too...

  9. HEY MIA!
    ANother infectious post... of joy ... happiness and love... you are a darling... you have loads of love to share and to inspire with. your colors are vibrant and it spells HAPPINESS!

  10. wow thats a very pretty cookie..never seen such beautiful ones anywhere...

  11. CINNAMON GURL....oh u thrill me with glee,thanx sweetie,i do have VS parfum's set gifted to me and quite love it but ''LoveSpell'' aint in there,am sure it rocks!!!!

    CHAYA- HA ha ,ur adorably a sweetie pooh, oh u know me well by now and i so love how beautifully u put it , thanx CHaya dear ,u always make my day!!!!

    Oh ur thoughts about my love of the senses,makes me so so glad, i love my senses, arent they a very important part of us?
    Am sorry ,my blog always troubles u ,doesnt it?
    Yeah will change the site on ur next post :-)))))
    Sweety heart ur -totally....

    FAITH, i am loving ur all year cheer event so so muc but the button aint showing on my blog sweety.
    Thanx for u thoughts, love what u have to say,am so fllattered:-)))
    oh i have another chocoholic post coming by soon too:-)))

    COOL LASSIE, woowowow, thats cool...i lve J'adore so muc too and their bottles rock dont they?
    I know somebody who so loves Vera WAng that she wants it as her wedding day perfume :-)))
    I still havent decided on mine.
    Ur lip balms sound super and the froggie in me (like frog in the well) knows nothing about these super ones,have to check if they are available here:-))))
    Till then ,i have 3 pots of my HELLO KITTY.
    Oh the signature thing is so so muc fun,and at livesignatures its so so easy,if u want the code to add to ur format page i can help u with it,ur blog doesnt say ur a lazy bum though...there's so so muc of deliciousness there:-)))

    Am so glad u like the clover leaf shape and am glad i could do it with a 3petal flower cookie cutter.

  12. TREAT AND TRICK-am so so glad to be on board and am so thrilled ya loves the cookies,thanx a ton!!!!

    MALOU, oh sweetie,u add to the joy jus with ur Name that brings hearts and stars ,more so ur presence here.......HAPPINESS in our hearts!!!!

    SUSHMA,oh dear how sweet and thanx a ton ,u make my day.....

  13. Hey Mia
    Congrats on your new space..I just love it..fantastic!! I'll show it to my daughter...sorry I'm bit late here..:-(( Nice to know about you..I've got few perfum which I love...Pure poision from Dior and Amarige from Givenchy...

    cheers sweet...

  14. Oh here you are! How pretty is the cookie! Love the green.. looks really scrumptious! Happy Easter Day to you too and may you have a wonderful time!
    Best regards,

  15. Beautiful, gorgeous cookies...OOh i m drooling

  16. Good Morning Mia! Thank you so much for adding your post to my blog, it is an honor to have you! Please remember to email your address to me so I can send your your surprise! Your spring cookies are beautiful and so cheerful! Have a lovely day! You made me smile ~ LeslieMichele

  17. Hey so colorful cookies...they look so irresistibly yumm :-)Got to do some Easter day fun for my kids too :-)

  18. Fabulous cookies! They look gorgeous!!!

  19. The colors in your post today are remarkable. They are so bright you can't help but be happy when you look at them. The cookies look gorgeous. I'll wager they're also delicious.

  20. Hola JAGS,nice to have u here buddy ,yeah sure ,would love to have ur daughter over .....i so agree with u Dior has some of the best perfumes and i kinda miss the GIVenchy now,yeah i had it :-)))

    KRISTY, oh sure am here :-)))so happy to have u so glad u love the cookie,i do too!!!!

    SARAH, thanx a ton lods....

    LESLIE,oh sweety u have me super excited awaiting for ur email,i di leave u my email on 2 posts :-))))
    Am jus as thrilled and honoured to be with ur SUPER SUPPER CLUB.......
    thanx a ton lods....

    U sure are going to have fun for Easter with cookies for kiddies ,arent u GULMOHAR, thanx a ton dear ....

    KRIS,am so glad u hopped by..thanx....

  21. You are full on MARY , they are really super and actually jus a few left now ,which have actually hidden away from me only :-))))), for some kiddies....
    Oh i love being happy .....and with u i always do:-)))

  22. Your posts always make me smile! Lovely cookies!Have a great week!

  23. I love your energy and the way you write posts, it so cute :)
    Cookies look fabulous, love the colors!
    I too love fahrenheit perfume too, my brother uses it and i too love to spray on myself when he isnt :D

  24. I loved that film! I'm really not a shopaholic when it comes to clothes, but like you, I do love to buy kitchen stuff ;)

  25. Isn't it great how much a good movie can lift your spirits? I've seen that one and it's definitely amusing. A feel-good kind of film.

    I'm loving these St. Paddy's day cookies! Your icing skills are excellent and you shaped the cookies so perfectly. Can't ever go wrong with chocolate chip!

  26. you sure have a gift of happiness, Mia, that is just so very infectious :) i cant help but smile whenever i read your post! cookies look wonderful and perfect treat for St. Patrick's day. Incidentally about the movie, i am reading another book of the same author (can you keep a secret -- book name :D)for a book club this month, and i really liked it, haven't read or seen this one though.

  27. Your cookies look fantastic and so cute! Happy belated St. Paddy's day!

  28. Oh Mia! I adore both your St. Paddy's Day cookies and your Easter cookies! You sure know how to decorate in a fun way!

    I confess: I love shopping!

  29. hi mia...loved this nice n colourful icing on loved it..nt nly kids but adults vl love thm...

  30. I always thought that cream of tartar made my cookies softer! Back to the drawing board. :)

  31. Fantastic cookies! Love the vividness of them.

  32. Gorgeous spring cookies! So pretty and colorful and I bet they are delicious besides :-)

  33. MEGAN - thanx a ton sweets, was thinking about u when the next thing i know is i have a hullo form u right here:-))))))

    PARITA- u jus dont know how thrilled i am to meet another Fahrenhiet fan too...i love the whole range but the classic is the best......
    Ha ha ,my bro loves it too but thank God for me ,he love more :-)))))))

    RACHEL- Ha ha Im totally with u and know jus what u mean:-))))
    Loved the film too ,i sure did!!!

    JOANNE- It sure is ,i love the magic of movies .....
    Oh u flatter my icing skills , hope to get good someday:-)))
    And please do take the green cookies for ur Irish Fest....

  34. PJ ....u add to the happiness here too.....and now ur making me no....grin happily.......
    An so happy u think so ....
    yeah ,am still posting my Paddys goodies but they have more of a easter finish now:-))))
    I dont know the author:-)))),but maybe another book means another movie round the corner:-)))))

    Thanx XIAOLU and same to ya...

    BARBARA...i do too!!!!
    Thanx a ton ,yeah i di have fun while dressing them yeah!!!!

    Thanx a ton SIDDHI ,so true..we all loved them....

    CHOU,now am baking some COT cookies next but did i mention it here,yeah as far as i know :-))) COT and bakers ammonia adds a crunch....which i love .

    Oh ELLIE, thanx a ton loads....

    MARTHA, so true ,they are absolutely fantastic....thanx a ton too!!!

  35. I am dazzled, the stars are in my eyes after looking at all your beautiful photos!

  36. Ha ha sweet its my turn to be starry eyed after reading ur Sprinkle KATY....

  37. Finally I’ve found something that helped me. Kudos!


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