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There is something that makes me bright eyed and bushy tailed way before sunrise on some a day.
Something special the fragrance of which will have you run to the kitchen. 

And place the butter dish with the danish or french butter and your fav spreader out at the patio , warming in the rising sun , and as you sip in your esspreso or chai flavored with ginger , lemon grass or cardomn or all, let that freshly baked bread melt the butter, the delicate crumb, giving your taste buds , a great sunshine morning. . .

Yeah , no prizes for guessing this one, baking bread for breakfast is a delight i love to indulge in.
Peter r , thru his books, has given me something precious, the span of time, and along with it loads of convience , of proofing in refrigeration.

Slow proofing with instant dry yeast, (oh i love SAF perfect rise sachets but make do with gloripan angel instant yeast most of the time, due to un availia , but gloripan will soon be available in sachets too.

This would be wonderful, coz once opened , the strenght of the yeast declines, even in refrigeration, what i do is use sealers and seal it right back.
 oK back to mornings of bread baking, now you can proof it for the first rise in refrigeration, and knock the dough down shape it, and have the second rise around 2 to 3 hours before baking.Well thats quite early to awake, to get the bread by for breakfast, unless im studying
Sure i can bake a cake , or a crumble and finish all the cooking for the day till then, or sit in the patio , in the cool of the morning breeze, or enjoy the quite shower and gaze at the chives and garlic sprouts , waving thru.
But what i did this time was, had my first rise in the refrigeration , it was double in 2hours flat :)
knock it down, form only 10rolls, in a 9 inch pie plate, cover lightly with an oiled wrap, back into refrigeration and keep the rest of the dough for a second  first rise.

The best parts, that i read later, 2 rises, before shaping will give you a lighter texture. .
Bliss is here.

So good with coffee and lods of blackberry jam, cheese and butter....
I love a combi of Butter and sugar too, brown or white!!
Here the first batch,well risen before baking!
With lods of cornmeal sprinkled over!!
 Baked this quite a bit ago, when i was without my laptop but the fragrance that wafts and the gorgeous texture and flavor is fresh in my senses!
 Ahh ,the Spinach swirls and these had 2 rises before the final one!
 Spinach rolled as in for swiss rolls with a nice spread of salted butter !
 And 2 of them have cheese in too:-)
 And baked to perfection......
 Oh brush on some butter atop....
 Or maybe some portuguese olive oil [so good]......

adapted from Baking by Martha Day

3/4oz- 20grams fresh yeast [i used half of instant dry yeast]
8 fl oz - 250 ml luke warm water
8oz -225grams maize meal /corn meal [polenta]
1 lb - 450 grams unbleached white flour [used ap flour]
1/4th pint - 150ml milk
2 tbh - 30ml olive oil [i used a little more Portuguese extra virgin olive oil
1.5tsp salt
polenta for dusting

1] Put the yeast in a bowl, and gradually mix in the water till smooth.
Stir in  half the maize meal/polenta and 2 oz [50grams] of the flour and mix to a batter with a wooden spoon.

2] Cover the bowl with lightly oiled [same p.extra virgin oil] cling wrap and leave the batter undisturbed in a warm place [warm oven or micro], for about 30mins or till bubbles start to appear in the surface.
Remove cling wrap.

3]Stir milk into the batter and then olive oil.
Gradually mix in the remaining maize meal/polenta and flour and salt, knead to a smooth pliable dough.

4]Turn the dough onto a floured surface and knead for about 10mins till smooth and elastic.

5]Place in a lightly oiled bowl and leave to rise till doubled in bulk [or overnight in refrigeration].

6]Turn out the dough onto floured surface and knock back.

7] Shape into whole loaf or into little mini loaves to fit a pie pan or baking tray, that has been dusted with the polenta/maize meal.

8]Dust with polenta on top,cover with a large upturned bowl and leave for the 2nd rise ,until double in size.

9]Bake for 10 mins in a preheated oven @240 C/450 F/gas mark8 ,spraying the inside of the oven 2 to 3 times with water.
i did many more times coz this activity is so enjoyable.

10]Lower to 190 C/375 F/gas mark5 and bake for a further 20 to 25 mins.
Now this depends on ur oven ,mine takes double the time but what we are looking for is golden,hollow sounding when tapped bread!
Enjoy with ur sweet or sav goodies or jus cafe!

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  1. Hi Mia
    Both the Bread & Swirls look super delicious. Very nice recipe.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  2. Thanks for Dropping in to
    Very Pleased to visit ur Lovely space over here...Great recipes...Keep going...
    Btw Im settled in Aussie land so it wasnt hard to get black poppy seeds...Sorry that Ive not much idea of their availability in India..
    The Portuguese corn bread looks great...never tried them...

  3. @deepa thannk u!!

    @deepti ha ha, i also did wonder!!
    i got mine from the US ,but thought its available out here too!
    thannk u!!

  4. Love the rolls, and the coffee cake too. Beautiful photos, and the recipe is great. Would like to try this out.
    Thanks for your kind comment on my blog!

  5. I would love to wake up to the smell of these baking!

  6. What a wonderful collection of rolls! Is there anything better than spending a morning baking? Thank you for sharing and for your warm thoughts for my family. They mean so much!

  7. What a beautiful bakes! Both are lovely to look at and I bet you can't eat just a piece...

  8. Beautiful rolls! I like that the one with spinach swirls especially.
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog.

  9. @elizabeth Thannxx to ya too and ur so welcome!
    Would love to hear from ya,if u do try it out:-)

    @barbara, Same here!

    @monet, oh m so glad ,ur so precious and thannnk u!
    Yeah i love a morning of baking too!

    @treat& trick , ur so rite, u jus cant stop!!

    @angie, me too and ur so welcome!

  10. Beautiful rolls! Truly drool worthy. I just want to reach in the monitor and grab one! ;)

  11. I like those rolls with the spinach, they look so cute!

  12. Such a delicious looking bread ! You are very talented baker for sure :)

  13. I have to visit you, early in the morning, to share that aroma. Both of these recipes looks yummy. I think the one with spinach is my first choice but I am not sure. You are one amazing baker.

  14. Wow, your cornbread is really gorgeous, Mia! The texture looks so light and fluffy...perfect! I love your idea of the spinach rolls too, very tasty and delicious!

  15. These bread look delicious and the pictures are beautiful. What a great looking blog u have here!

  16. Thanks for stopping by my blog! These look beautiful and delicious.

  17. wow this bread with spinach looks amazing bravo i got the meatball spice in Turkey you may need to find a Turkish store ? or make your own sorry


  18. What can I say about your skill Mia?...super duper and yes I would love to have this bread and swirl anytime..tempting..great pics..bookmarking it Swirl recipe !

  19. @megan, please do:-)
    wish u cud!!

    @Cheah, thannk u!!

    @elra thannnk u!!!

    @chaya, oh wud so love to have u over anytime, actually i wanna come over too, u bake so muc of delicious gorgeousness galore!!
    thannk u for all the love buddy!
    love ya!

    @faith, we loved them so muc too, thannxx a ton!!

  20. @crustabakes,thannk u ,so sweet!!

    @julie ,ur so welcome and thannk u too!!

    @Rebecca, thannk u , must look for it or look for a recipe:-))

  21. @Jagruti જાગૃતિ, aww w ur always sooo sweet!!
    Thannnk u!

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  23. These look amazing! And it's the kind of thing that would totally wake me up in the morning! :)

  24. @lorraine, my family so agrees with u!!

  25. I am so glad you chose to link the spinach one up. It is pretty besides yummy. Also, the vanilla will be great for the readers to pick up new info.

    You da Buddy.

  26. @ Chaya, yo buddy , am so thrilled to have u back here!
    And love linking to meatless mondays too!!
    Am jus linkin to meatless modays!

  27. I love your presentation! Everything looks so incredibly tasty! and unique!

  28. I love Portuguese cornbread ever since I ate it in Brazil. But, your idea of rolling spinach and cheese in it is awesome. This looks delicious. By the way, I'm having a CSN giveaway on my blog starting today. Be sure to come by for a chance to enter.

  29. @erin , thannnk u!!!

    @lisa oh eating it in Brazil sounds so so good!!
    Ofcourse i will be there!!
    And thannnk u!!

  30. Love the spinach swirl, I think I will make the raspberry marmalade swirl instead, must be just as beautiful. Thanks for sharing :-)

    Sawadee from Bangkok,

  31. @kris O dat will be so gorgeous!!
    Thannx a ton!!

  32. I am positively drooling over the photos with your rolls and the butter and jam, Mia! Wish it was sitting in my kitchen right now.
    And the spinach whirls looks wonderful too....

  33. Oh Barbara, i wish so too:-)
    thannnk u pal!!

  34. Your bread looks amazing! The pictures are so great. I bet its delicious.

  35. Yeah Katie,very , and little bits of crunch from the cornmeal!!
    Thannk u so muc!!

  36. Your rolls are beautiful! What lovely photographs!

  37. Those are positively GORGEOUS, Mia!! :-) ohhh, how lovely. I can almost imagine how wonderful your house smelled as these were baking. :-) I'd love one of these with a hot bowl of soup. :-)

  38. thannxxx Krista, id love to send u some across with a pot of ,amybe french onion soup?

  39. Oh wow.
    You just made my day.
    I am now really very proud to be Portuguese, awesome work ♥

  40. Both the corn bread and the spinach swirls look great. Great photography!

  41. The cornbread definitely looks fluffy and flaky. To be honest I have never seen such a nice flaky cornbread... and as if that was not enough, I am totally in love with your spinach swirl bread... I love baking my own bread and when I see an awesome variation like this one, I just have to try it out.

    US Masala

  42. The spinach swirls look so pretty, perfect for company.. thanks for the great pictures too.

  43. @Ana, aww so sweet, i love portuguese eerything too:-)
    Muitissmo prazera menina com amor e bejinhos!

    @rachana , thannnnk u sweets!!

    @aipi, ooo ,dat is soooo sweet [blush...blush],thannnk u for the pat!!

    @judee, so happy to have u here , next pleassee do leave me ur blog link too and thannnk u!!

  44. Lovely baked goodies, Mia. Love the clicks. he bread looks perfect.

  45. Oh absolutely gorgeous and the designed butter oh adorable :)

  46. The rolls look so fluffy and scrumptious! and I love the green in the spinach swirls!

  47. The smell of freshly baked bread is definitely one that cannot be matched. Especially not bread as good as this! I can see you got the texture just perfect!

  48. @sANJEETA, thannnx babe!!w a pinch of love:-)

  49. @ananda, oh thannk u gurl with lods of pinches of love:-)

    @natashya, happy to have u here and thankk u!!

    @joanne,if u say so, am flattered:-)

  50. All I would need is some marinara sauce for the spinach rolls and I'm set! They look great!


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