Thursday, October 21, 2010


Cherry's and Crumbles....
Apples and Fall...
Oh Clafouti is here....
Oh Dessert i love ......

 Clafouti, a baked french dessert, where Pancake like batter is poured over buttered and maybe sugared molds, atop Cherries ,traditionally unpitted and baked till jus firm of very firm!!

But honestly,is it it aint....

Is it an eggy custard???? it aint....

Clafouti is Claflouti , special ,elegant, yet simple to make!!

Simple to make but absolutely creates delightfully delicious memories!!

I adapted the Julia Child recipe, for Cherry Clafouti with jus a few additions, like melted butter [Julia would never say no to this one] and ground cashewnuts.....

Ahh ,i used Apples too....

Straight outa the oven , a dream , and the next day ,cold or warmed for breakfast ,even a better dream!

Coulis , a fruit sauce with a hint of lime/vanilla, with sugar ! [all pureed together]
A refreshing addition!!

u can make it with a cherry and a berry on alone, still rocks!!
Fantastic with Cherry Coulis to with Vanilla, see the tiny specs, they make u so happy and ur taste buds dance with glee!!

And after a day or 2 , gosh ,its all the better!!

Originally or traditionally , Cherries with pits are used , to impart the slightly bitter, almondy flavour while baking!!

But my cherries already had the flavor on strong coz i used tinned cherries and besides ,wasnt i itchin to try my new Progressive multi Cherry Pitter, i have tried another one too , but this is fantastic, the pits stay below ,instead of flying all over the place!

I loved what the ground cashewnuts did to the whole bite , and thought the recipe calls for milk i used part lite cream [25% ]

source-mastering the art of french cooking

1 1/4th cup whole milk and 25% cream [can use whole milk also only]
1/3rd cup sugar [ i did add a bit more]
3 eggs
1 whole vanilla bean, the innards scraped or 1tbh vanilla extract
1/2 cup flour OR
1/4th cup flour and 1/4th cup ground ,fine,cashewnuts [optional]
1/2 stick melted butter [optional]

Pitted cherries /chopped apples

~~~u can flavor this with cinnamon or cardomon too, or how about saffron or lavendor?

~~~the recipe call for 3 cups of pitted cherries, i had more+ i chopped in an apple or 2!


All u need too do , is add the ingredients, in order of listing and go top speed with a hand blender for a minute or 2 and viola batter is done!

If u dont have a blender, a wooden spoon will work too ,work in the eggs in to the flour, gradually add the liquids, but would require so muc more strength from ur part.

Butter the molds or a 9inch pie plate, add 1/4th of the batter, bake till firm and set at the bottom!
Remove and sprinkle cherries/apples, sprinkle 1/3 cup sugar and pour remaining batter and bake till well puffed and browned and a knife inserted in the centre comes clean.


Sprinkle Cherries on Buttered Mold ,sprinkle sugar , pour all the batter and bake till done!

I tried both the methods and love them both!!

The first ,where a nice batter sets below is gorgeous too!!

This is also called Cherry Flan, or Blueberry,plum or Apple flan.

Am sending this Cherry Clafouti to the lovely host of this months Monthly Mingle, Deeba of Passionate about Baking , a truly delightfull blog filled with gorgeous bakes, and am delighted that this months theme is fruits, and fruity delights! Monthly Mingle was started by Meeta ,of another fantastic blog, What for Lunch Honey?


  1. Such a beautiful dessert, Mia! Cherries are one of my favorite things and they really are wonderful in this dish. The addition of cashews was a great idea!

  2. @faith, thannnk u , and mine too:-)))

  3. How sweet! The heart cups are just adorable and perfectly paired with sweet cherries :D

  4. @Lorraine thannnk u, i find heartss super cute too!!

  5. Those are so adorable in your heart molds, Mia! I love clafouti, smart of you to add nuts. I never thought of that and my next one I'm also going to try lavender! (Although I do love those vanilla bean seeds!)

  6. Loved the Cherry Apple Clafouti. Pics look so inviting. Loved the way you have presented. For a very long time I could not close your blog. Excellent Preparation.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. How delicious! I love your heart shaped dishes - and I agree, Julia would NEVER say no to more butter!

  8. Divine! Those clafoutis must taste so good. I love your moulds.



  9. Those heart shape moulds are so cool! Love it so much. And your clafouti looks as awesome. I'm fine over the other side of the globe and hope you're well too, Mia darling. Do keep in touch, dear friend. Hope you're having a great day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  10. Lovely clicks and delicious clafouti

  11. Querida Mia,
    as tuas sobremesas são divinas! Tens umas mãos de anjo! E as fotos são magníficas! Parabéns!
    Um grande beijinho no teu coração desta tua amiga virtual portuguesa.

  12. I've always wanted to make a clafouti because the texture seems just perfect to me. It looks like these came out beautifully!

  13. @barbara, ur so sweet, yeah we think the same about the vanilla and Lavndr rocks too:-)
    Thannnxx a ton!

    @Hamaree Rasoi ,aww so sweet, thannnk u!!

    @Erin,thannnnk u, butter,yeah :-)

    @rosa, thannnnk u!!

    @kristy, so happy to hear from u ,thannk u and lookn 4ward to catcha agn!

    @nitha, thannnk u!!

  14. @isabelinha, o minha amiginha ,muitissmo obrigadinha querindinha!!

    @jo thnnnnk u:-)

  15. Love the heart shaped ramekins, and your fancy hi tech cherry pitter...and now I am convinced you are not in Goa...tell me true Mia, tell me! Thank you for another gorgeous entry to the Mingle. I am overwhelmed!

  16. He he, i loveee ur thoughts,Deeba, i ♥♥♥ them too:-)ha ha, ur so cute , the stuff definately aint from Goa coz u get n.o.t.h.i.n.g. here!lol!
    Am so thrilled to be at Mingle ,looking forward to the round up, ahh delicious!


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