Wednesday, March 16, 2011


My heart skips a beat…no 2 , im so overwhelmed and excited that am still tingling all over….this is totally wonderful!

Dom , thannxx a ton , i am loving reading ur thoughts(no , i am sure u dont want to know how many times i did:-) ), and u have company , V ,who i baked these for , refused to share or give them to anyone , ever…

Thannxxx a ton Sarah for bringing us this wonderful world of Forever Nigella!!!

Sign off while doing the happy feet dance , must write to Dom too!
 Forever Nigella , by Sarah , is famous by now , i mean 60 + entries last month , how cool is that.
And yeah i send these brownies for the Seduced by chocolate theme , little knowing these would make me smile and all over the top.
Dom  , i am honored to have u chose me as a winner , and so humbled , coz there were all truly wonderful entries from the best of the best in bloggy town. 
Here's and excerpt straight from Sarah' site.

Whoever exudes the most Nigella-ness this month will be able to lovingly caress their salad (or anything or anyone they choose) with these shiny red melamine serving hands. This prize is very definitely open to international readers – I am deliberately choosing small items that can be posted overseas.
This month’s judge will be Dom from the mighty Chocablog, the chocolate blog. What he doesn’t know about chocolate isn’t worth knowing.
Do your best to uncover Nigella’s lesser known chocolate recipes and that way we can get a round up showing a good range of dishes!

 '''So that’s sixty plus entries…. wow I just couldn’t believe how they kept popping into my inbox every day. But there can only be one winner and Dom at Chocablog has been visiting each chocolatey Nigella delight to come up with this month’s winning post:

….It’s….. Mia of Bright Morning Stars Foodie!
Here’s what Dom has to say about Mia’s entry:
“I was looking for something that was indulgent and chocolatey without being too fussy. This looks simple enough that I could make it, but decadent enough that I would want to eat it all myself (don’t expect me to share!).  I love the idea of using cacao nibs and cherries together, but it was the gooeyness that won me over. And I really, really want one right now.” 
(Dom , so wish i could :-) )
So well done Mia and I’ll be in touch with you to arrange delivery of your Forever Nigella prize '''.

Thannnxx a bunch Sarah , for bringing us this world and Dom for humbling me with this honor.

And some more news from Sarah , for this months Forever Nigella.
Its delicious , its fun and there's a prize too.
If you haven’t heard yet, a further reminder Forever Nigella #3 has started already. This time our theme is Italian and you can find out all the information in the announcement post here. I’m getting into a habit of announcing one theme the day after the previous one closes with the previous round up published ASAP so you can get going on the next month’s theme without hanging about!
Whew! I never imagined this would be SO popular nor SO quickly.  I will be handing over the baton to new hosts from Forever Nigella #4 onwards so if you’re interested in playing Forever Nigella hostess and you’ve not let me know already please drop me an email to sarahATmaisoncupcakeDOTcom  Thank you!