Sunday, September 26, 2010

B'MB♥BLOGGN BY MAIL BUDDY WITH♥ LOVE♥,a super fun blog event for Indian Bloggers

hulloTringgggggggg...rings the gate bell...or maybe u have a musical one.......

Ahh the courier/post delivery guy is all looking for U...Standing @ur gate/door ....yeah for u amd ur as excited to sight him with a nice parcel in hand...

yeah ,dat and more will be Blogg'n by mail w Love B'MB...and for India...yeah for us Indian BLoggers good dat to my ears and i hope urs too!!

Im sure many of you heart of the blogging by mail by Stephnie, am i rite?

I dont know the status , but i thought, why not we have a similiar group in India too?[maybe later international too]
B'MB for Us Indian Bloggers.....

Like i know how it took me forever to find good baking powder and soda, cream of tartar and black poppy seeds, butterscotch chips, and good chocolate, sprinkles and lite corn syrup.
And i finally have them from the US + Calleabaut is now available in India but i do love hersheys milk chocolate chips too.
I dont mind sharing my little extras and am sure you wont mind either, and you never know just what your partner may send ya.

Oh sure you can go over board, add your fav book, share you imported baking powder and baking soda, herbs and seasoning , you wont find here or fav cookie cutter.
Or your fav book maybe.
Anything goes.

Like a package Swap!

Thats not all, there will be special giveaways on the host site, only for blogging by mail w love, members.

There will be a few rules, which will email to those who register and maybe start a google group later.

or you can sign up on behalf of someone in India, maybe a friend or family, and you or your friend can send the parcel to your blogging by mail buddy, and your blogging by mail buddy, will send it your friend family in India.
This time, the theme will be anything goes, so you have to send 7 goodies which can be anything right from spices to chocolate to books to molds or jus about anything really...

Next will be a Valentine theme maybe. . .

Lets get to the world of bubble wrap and ribbons....boxes and tissue paper....oh yeah ...dont we all love that....
and d excitement when the parcel finally arrives!!!

Yeah , lets celebrate blogging in India,  

B'MB,how does that sound....


What exactly is this B'MB  going to be?
30 bloggers, will be paired, from India ie, and they will correspond with each other,only thru email ,[unless u want otherwise] ,for awhile and then exchange a parcel ,from my state/city to another.
 This time, the theme will be anything goes, so you have to send 7 goodies which can be anything right from spices to chocolate to books to molds or jus about anything really...
 OFcourse i dont need to tell any of u here this ,but there will not be any rudeness or personal attack here in this group.
We all love to live in a society wer we build and pat and encourage one another ,not tear each other down:-)
Love...a little love ,is all it takes!!

Parcel, what parcel?
Well , for this time ,we wont have a theme, anything goes , like say the special blend spices of or sweets of Goa, Baking stuff or rare ingredients from Bombay , or herb seeds and a mold from Delhi , or anything like that.
Oh sure u can add anything u like, say a book , or a mold or jus about anything and before u send the parcel u will write to ur  B'MB pal for a bit ,so u'll jus about know each other more.

What would be its value?
Its personal choice to exceed though not required, what we will fix is like 7 to 14 of ur fav items!!

Do i join in only if i write a blog from India/am in India?
No , u can join in from overseas too, and u could send ur pal a parcel from anywhere too, but since this is going to have Indian participants , its best if u have an Indian address for ur bloggn by mail buddy to send u her/his parcel too.

When will this be ?
 This will be around Jan,or maybe a little earlier!like as in dec!


Write an email avanillaflower@gmail with the following details.
 If u have any questions , u can leave them in the comments below and we will try to answer them as far as possible here.
 Sign up would require commitment coz every Blogging 'Mail Buddy will expect a parcel

1] Ur name, and from which state/city in India u are?
2] which city/state u would love to be paired with .if possible and what would be ur expecations or what would u love in ur parcel from there?
3]what u would love to add to ur parcel ,which u will send to ur blogging by mail pal ,and up to what max value is ok with u?
4]u dont have to have a blog but it would be wonderful if u did and takes a few minutes to sign up...u'll love it i assure u!
and if u do ,send in a link too!!

Now i aint a techie and would loveee .if some one could make a button for us.
It has to be pink and white with a polka dot border on the outside and gingham on the inside, with little hearts and the Bloggn 'Mail Buddy with Love logo ie B'MB  

GiveAWay Update....
the giveaway for the Gourmet Vanilla beans+a wooden gift box with beans is still on here...


  1. Great idea, Mia. Good luck with this. Sounds like loads of fun.

  2. @chaya, so so thrilled to find u here first!!

    @avanika , register fast ...filling up already!!

  3. Sounds good to me Mia ... will reply tomorrow!

  4. Awesome event! Makes me wish I lived in India! But for the record, if you ever want US goods let me know and I'll send em over!

  5. @joanne, u have been one of the best bloogers i've met and a great buddy too, thanxx a ton and hugs!!!

  6. Super idea! Like a little new year gift from the blogging world. I totally love it. I hope I am not too late though. Have dropped you a mail. Looking forward to the reply.


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