Monday, August 1, 2011


I know , a long name as ever but thats what it is (lots of) VANILLA COCONUT LAVENDER CREME BRULEE with a sprinkle of VANILLA SEA SALT on some and dotted with SALTED BUTTER on some.....
Like that Creme Brulee is a French word for what the English refer to as burnt cream..
Simple ingredients Milk , cream , eggs ,sugar and Vanilla come together to make this delicious dessert.
Never too much Vanilla.....

For this months recipe choice for Baking with Dorie GrapeFruit picked the Creme BRulee and aint we all glad she did.
We bake together once a month and would love u to join along too , come here  and lets bake all the wonderful goodies together , so much fun....

When i begun getting down to bake this Creme Brulee , my first ever , i hadnt realized how easy this elegant dessert is to put together.
Not only easy but really pretty quick...very very quick.

U begin with warming some milk and cream , coconut milk if u want it coconuty.
Infusing the warmed liquids with Vanilla and Lavender is something i throughly enjoyed , am sure u would too.

I think Lime zest would be a great pairing with the coconut milk , as would some pineapple pieces or dried pineapple , to make it go the tropical way but that sure is for another time.

Whisking the egg yolks  with sugar is easier than u think but make sure , very very sure that u dont whisk in bubbles, whisk jus till blended .

I think i sure did over whisk this one, and had lods of bubbles all around , even after all the tapping , but not that it hindered the flavour but ofcourse i would look out for this one the next time round for sure....

Next comes adding the warm liquid to the eggs to temper, in parts.
And baking it in creme brulee moulds or ramekins....

Yuppp , thats it (ok the brulee comes later the next day)..
I always thought  that u bake a Creme brulee in a water bath or baine marie but this recipe doesn't call for that at all.
Another mistake (maybe ) i committed was i didnt strain the custard into the moulds , jus poured it in directly.
Well , next time and then i would really know the difference.

The creme Brulee is absolutely creamy and delicious.
Love the contrast of the jus so slightly salty crust and creamy custard, the lavender and vanilla flavours are absolutely pronounced which i loved.

The addition of coconut milk (thick or cream) gives a nice coconutty edge to the Brulee.

Full recipe here
~~~Playing around with flavours as far as ur imagination and taste buds take u.
Coconut milk gives u a coconutty flavour and i though Vanilla and Lavender simply go hand in hand, though Lime zest or coarsely ground pistas or pineapple would be so so good.

If using spices , add to the warmed milk and cream , let infuse , i prefer not straining though thats what's usually called for.

The only cream i had was lite cream , so i was to make it all milk  i would use all lite cream.

~~~I dont know if i whisked too much but i sure had lots of bubbles around and didn't strain the custard too , but it didnt work bad (i think )
I use local free range eggs with real YELLOW yolks so may be my creme was a little bit creamier (in colour)

~~~The recipe calls for baking for around 50-60 mins , but i was done in less than 30 mins , but then maybe my oven is too hot , and i did use the shallow creme brulee moulds .not ramekins so WATCH OUT...

~~~Caramelizing the sugar is funnnnn, i tried different sugars and the the finer and darker the sugar the better.

Did this under the griller/ broiler this time round coz my brand new chef's torch aint filled in , but it was cool .

Jus for a touch of saltiness , which i love , i sprinkled some Vanilla fluer de sal on some and dotted with salted butter on some ..
RESULT- nice shiny crackly topping....with jus a hint of saltiness thats soo welcome.

Must try again soon , and this time with lite cream or milk....