Thursday, July 21, 2011


Is this the longest time i have been away ...though i would totally love to say Yeah yeah yeah , it aint so coz omce i was without a computer and the company too the longest time to deliver the new laptop , and well i was away.

This was one long crazy month and i say it in such a good way , but this was really really not planned ok , absolutely NOt.....

Though der is a niggly little heart break dat refuses to budge i still had a very beautiful month , even away from the internet and life is jus getting so beautiful that i still wanna throw up both my hands high in the air and say in love.......

And i so missed being around and saying hullo to u all and though its gng to take me a bit to catch i sure sure will...and absoultely...

I have been cooking and baking lots and lots of good food , mostly local goodies,coz we have been entertaining a bit and though we sure can get somebody to cater there is nothing like home cooked goodness topped with love.
Lets get talking about food right away and to begin with is my very very late posting for the secret recipe club...

Secret recipe club begun by Amanda of Amanda's cooking  is a fun group to be a part of and u can join in here , and believe me , its totally fun not only coz till the last day u dont k now who is assigned ur blog but u do get to discover some very wonderful blogs and some very wonderful foods.

I have know Lizzy for awhile now and before i go gaga about her wonderful blog i must say she has one of the most wonderful hearts , she is so kind and sweet and her words and thoughts to me always scream so.
I love the love about her and to top that she has an absolutely delicious drool worthy blog....oh its soo yummy!!

I have bookmarked so muc from her blog and was more than jus thrilled to be assinged with her blog.
This and this and this and this ....oh there is more too and i sure have to try the stuff soooonnn.Its also an added bonus that her recipes are so so quick and easy and so good to have at hand on a busy weekday night or relaxed weekend ...

And more so if u have guests , unannounced, whatever ur situation or ur tastebuds demand , she has a recipe for u.....

Now having jus come online , was a little lost catching up and though had planned on min of 3 recipes from her blog i simply couldn do it and went with this favourite.

I had everything , except bread crumbs in the pantry and am sure u do too , this recipe comes together at the snap of the finger , and not to forget is soooo absolutely delish too.

I didn add muc butter as the original recipe and used one red serrano peppers , for a little bite .

 Also stuck to whole black peppers , which i love to bite into.
Where crushed pepper goes Habareno pepper and Chipotle pepper flakes worked well for me , infact very well.

All u need to do , is toss all the ingredients together or simply line the shrimps in a single layer on a baking tray and sprinkle it all over and bake..

If u have some garlic bread u can add it to the oven , in the final minutes of baking so u have some warm bread to dip the juices in.
Lizzy does delicious with some warm french bread... me love...


Easily double and please triple actually :-)

12 shrimps ( peeled and deveined with heads and tails intact)
a good drizzle of olive oil
2 tablespoons red pepper chopped
2 tbh parsely/cilantro minced
4-7 cloves garlic minced
1 serranno pepper,deseeded sliced long(optional)
  red pepper flakes to taste
   black pepper to taste
   garlic powder (optional)
   butterdepending how buttery u want it
parmesan cheese to sprinkle.
salt to taste

Arrange the shrimps in a single layer in a baking dish and sprinkle all other ingredients except butter and cheese atop.
Dot with butter , sprinkle with cheese and bake in a preheated oven till done .

Here are all the goodies of the Secret Recipe club members...enjoy....