Tuesday, May 10, 2011


"Oh i make cheese at home u know" ...sounds like music to my taste buds and  have been reading Deeba's wonderful posts , i so wanted to try cheese making ever since and at last was pushed into it coz the Ricotta i had sitting in the refrigeration smelled weird enough to make me want to throw it out.
Deeba , thannxx for making me fall in love yet again , with Cheesy delites in a different light!
(i really didnt mean for dat to rhyme )
Cheesy love and some more...

There is no fancy equipment and ingredients u need here and that will make u a happier person as it did make and the end result is still deliciously inviting.

Plus all that u need would be in ur pantry right now and this is something really i would go back to again and again and i am sure so would u.

I mean , how can i not want some fresh ricotta to have to slather or pinch on to sandwiches or salads and enjoy the cream , ever so slightly tangy , fresh flavor.

Do u need any more reasons to get some whole milk , lite cream and yogurt out this evening , this will change the way u look at cheese and u will find urself making this several time over i did.

+ u have the option of making delightful spreads with this , how about roasted garlic and pink pepper , with some lettuce and bits of leftover roast , u will have one hearty sandwich at lunch time.

Or maybe u'd really be tickled pink with some olives and salsa added in , some more fresh basil , egg /any meats and u will soon have another big fat sandwich to make u gay.
Or good!

I think of lods of combis galore for spreads with this Home made Ricotta cheese ( and an amazingly awesome dessert one coming soon), but i can assure u even a snip of some herbs fresh from ur window sill and smoked salt will make this more than worth the time (which is barely)

And next time round, i have to make really lods of this.

So here's to the cast or characters as Ree would say....
Creamy milk , lite cream (25%) ,creamy yogurt and White distilled Vinegar ,and not to forget a pinch ( more if not using for sweet love baking) of pink organic salt.
And while that simmers on a low flame , ready a measuring jars or something similar to strain the cheese curd , a strainer and some cheese cloth to line the strainer.
Its jus takes a bit and more to simmer , till the milk curdles and then ALL  u need to get going is strain in the cheese cloth lined strainer and let stand for 15mins...
 Oh cheesy moments....
Once ur time is up gather the C.cloth around to drain out a little more of the whey...
And thats it....didn i tell ya so ?
Creamy creamy cheesy moments (couldn resist the urge to repeat )
A nice bowl and some cling wrap later , its ready to sit in the refirgerator but u know what , its is jus as good warm and nice.

Homemade Ricotta Cheese
Recipe posted by David Lebovitz of thru dear sweet Deeba
1 litre  whole milk
1 cup plain whole-milk yogurt (used 800grams by mistake ,but it was good)
 1/2 cup heavy cream (agn used 400ml by mistake bt ,yes it was good)
2 teaspoons white vinegar
1 teaspoon salt ( a big pinch if not using for savoury)

In a large pot, bring the milk, yogurt, heavy cream (if using), vinegar, and salt to a boil. 
Very gently boil for one to two minutes, until the milk is curdled.
Meanwhile, line a strainer with a few layers of cheesecloth and set it over a deep bowl.
Pour the milk mixture into the strainer and let drain for 15 minutes. 
Gather the cheesecloth around the curds and squeeze gently to extract any excess liquid.

Storage: Homemade ricotta is best served slightly warm, although it can be refrigerated for up to three days, if desired.
Makes 2 cups.
See all the whey here, well am off to figure out some recipes for this,(any links are so welcome) so have to say bye for now but will catch u again and soooonnnn , with lods of sunshine love....
Ahh and yes , if u have any of Ina's recipes posted on ur blogs u can still link here or here , or even hop by for details to link for any recipes u may whip up in future.