Friday, April 15, 2011


Its noon and as i look outside i see the blazing sun , shining and hot , its cool in , actually cold enough to have a coffee and cookies , which i am after many a days.
Firstly i apologize for not replying to all ur sprinkle fairies on my previous post and i will now and catch up with ur blogs too.
The move is not complete and when its in bits and parts due to some pending work or otherwise , it does bring a lot of change in ur schedules.
Wasnt really complaining but truly enjoying it totally , till something very sad happened mid way and brought life to a stand still , and i m still getting over the nightmare.
There is a lot on my mind and heart right now , sad stuff , and i dont really reach out when am sad.
 Till i begin baking again ( well the oven aint connected yet), had to share with u these cute Chocolate cakes that i baked from the very cute book Chocolate Chocolate , complete with a pink cover.
Baked these ions ago , but still think they are cute , and had these pics staring at me for a long time.
There are different flowers to go and a nice chocolate glaze too.
I dont have the book with me right now , but would love to share the recipe with anyone who wants to bake these.
They have melted chocolate in them, and i did these with milk chocolate , but am sure dark chocolate would be even better.
Which one do u like the best?
I love dolls , as muc i do teddies , so here is one...
I love the glaze , its so good and slices pretty too.
And smeared with some Nutella , they get even better.

Nice yummy the little adorable specs o Vanilla , dont u?
Oh a little bite.....
So leaving u with some love in a chocolate cake and will catch u soon.
Till am back again , do any of u have any links recipes for cakes or cookies or the like but to be baked in a normal microwave , the one we use for heating food , not with the oven option.
I did find one cake and must try that one soon , but am looking for more recipes , so can bake a bit till the oven is connected (and i pray its soon)