Saturday, June 26, 2010

THE LOOT-♥Pretty ♥Stuff ♥and♥ Blogger ♥Props♥

To being with thanxx a ton lods , Amanda, for this cutesy pic u have for me ...she's one of  the most helpful gal i met online and her blogs full of so many giveaways ...that u actually win believe me...

Hah, am glad ur with me today ,for i have some pretty interesting , cute stuff to share with u....u'll love it too i know..

A few beats skipped .....a few beats missed......[am talkin heart beats incase u call salad beets, beats @times,i do , they well.....ok forget ] wobble in the knees..... ok i m  donuts allright....

YEah i m in Love [as i fall every single day]....ok dont sit aint my knight in shining armour ....ok sit up .....its something to sit up......

Something we all love ...SHop ...Shop ...Shopp...for cutey hearts and tools and pretty stuff......

ANd if u live in India, u no longer have to fret, coz there is a real special site @ ur service now, who'll get anything for u Welcome to Shop YOur World...and fall in love....
If ur in the US , the baking supplies and cuppy cakes and sprinkles are from BAke It

Customer service ....find me a word beyond excellente, way way good .....etc...very friendly and always so so happy to help.
They deliver their goods [within the stipulated time if not earlier-assured] ...and keep u so happy [at the time of writing this im a day short of recievn my very first consignment...hah!!!]
ANd am super excited of whats going to be in there!

Yup,as a blogger,everything excites me.

Mom i can hear you say , well everything did excite you already . . .

I loved shopping for cute little props for our next do, more than i did picking an outfit.
I loved picking those flowers , and converting everything pretty , that holds water ,into floaters for pretty flowers, more than a pair of shoes i was asked to pick.

And i love color coordinated themes.

Red and white, add pink ruffles for a romantic hearty love you will love.

Add green for Christmas time.
pink and blue balloons and candles, for all that suprise party.
Or yellow and Winnie de pooh for my cuz's 1st birthday. . .

Well i am pretty much the same. After a few months of blogging, i still love pretty table ware and heart shaped ramekins. . . .

 hah, whats inside i wondered...what i saw made me pretty pretty Happy
And am so thrilled to find Bake it Pretty, well guys they ship internationally , but it would be great if u have some body who is coming down, and u ship it to them instead!
Or hop by to
Cheaper and a happier u!

But ok am a bit more obsessed or am i?

What wont i do to find those polka dotted ribbons or soft tissue. . . . . And yes i love all things heart.......

Heart shaped from pinks to reds . . . . Honestly what would i do!

I live in a small tiny beautiful state, that aint exactly a heaven for baking goodies et all. . .

When i jumped with glee squealing when i sighted  these sprinkles and cupcake cups you,d think dad got me a SLK or Beatle. . . . Or sure i♥love that curves are back by the way.
I mean these are mine to explore now....and u'll see more of them and a few more in some of my little bakes soon......

Well i cant believe i actually have meringue powder, though am still looking for baking powder, soda and yeast. . . . . .

As also am looking for which is the best julienne peeler to pick between these 3
Between these 3  Julienne  peelers, i cant chose......
And no i cant have all 3 :-((((....

If u want to have a look  at my store ,they are at Nifty Tools.
ITs between the  Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler with Blade Protector or   Trudeau Elite Y Shape Julienne Peeler and Swissmar Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler

BEgining extreme left ,is the Kuhn Rikon Julienne Peeler with Blade Protector , a beauty isnt she?
Swiss made too, u sure know why this is my all time fav!

 Trudeau Elite Y Shape Julienne Peeler comes middle , i love the shape , i think it will fit beautifully in my hand ....

And the Swissmar Stainless Steel Julienne Peeler has a grip.....a good one...[ has them all]

Ahh, most of the stuff down is added to my astore @ amazon , where as an affiliate , i make a tiny bit of green stuff, but so far havent :-((
Most of these goodies are under CUte stuff and i do add from time to time what i find here! or Tools!!!
I mean u'll find the cutest heart everything here and here and here , and if ur shopping from India or wanna send a gift to India , well hop by shop your world ,enter the name and there u go

I love all things heart and loved these. .Cuteeeee Creme Brulee Hearts that double as little ramekins too:-))
Check them here !

 Arent they irresistable?Measuring cups in Hearts

I mean my fav colors in my fav shape too.... hearts in measuring tools. . . .[sppons here ]
My wishlist grows longer each day, and there is no sweet pal coming down from the US , to pick me tin of baking powder, lori ann buttery emulsion and princess  flavors....but i survive and how.......  

Ya pretty much on my own. . . .
But for a few things, shop your world comes to rescue. . . .
And this KITchen Aid Chopper will Come to ur rescue too:-)
Or this 6 piece gadget set is a cool deal....

You can buy anything you want thru them , they clear the customs for, and dont charge too much.
How cute is this Spatula ...

Snipping herbs or fish fins...jus got easier with these shears....Kitchen Aid addition to ur tools!!!

I mean ok, lets face it, being in India means high shipping, but if its a gift , its duty free.
But if u have happy pals in the US[ for those in INDIa], who dont really come down and get ur goodies ,they'll be more than helpful to send u something!!!
Call up the very helpful team @ and they'll make ur shopping a breeze...
Wont u love this Cake stand.....

Rosanna Red Dots has the cutest stuff and u'll love the whole collection!!!

I mean ,whatever u only gawked at on Amazon...can now be yoursss....

Call [INDia]  to know more. . . You'll love them. . . . . .I do

Like i had to have this microplane zestor . . .its around 14 to 20 $ in the US and i had to shell 1600 INR [ok if its gifted]. . . .but then honestly , its going to zest me lemons like a dream.

I have been looking for ramekins forever, and these beauties seemed a distant dream. . .
have been pining for these since saw dem last Christmas/valentines @KAF [vermont online store]...hah now i have them:-)))

Now i touch them and they are [going to be] mine. . . .

Hah and how exciting is it that Le creuset's in India, well check out their stuff at JW Marriot  and Indigo.

All my favs are right here ...

Honestly being in Goa wont find you much in stores, but WeSTSIDE, opens in panjim  this october and trent sure is going to take Goa byGoa by storm.
For those of you in Metros, yeah lifestyles and Westsides and Inorbits are just a drive away. .
But for Goa its a flight away. .
Of course we have super fast rails but flight sounded better.

Hah i love Home Stop way way much, for all its nifty tools and oxo's and rubbermaids.
Bangalore has the biggest Home stop and when i do get loads of goodies i would love to have a whole separate post for home stop.[yeah some goodies coming my way]

And there is good news for book lovers too. I discovered flip kart and honestly its a delight to have all my fav books and more. . .

Search for Books :

Another post for that, but honestly they ship well, beautifully and the rates are almost the same as you'd pay for them on Amazon. . . .

Hamilton beach or kitchen aid any one?     

Must not miss out on arife in bandra. . They have just stocked on some super muffin trays and have Wilton products and paper cups too.
Pretty cutey stuff. . .

Blogging jus got better...but am still looking for a cherry pitter, chocolate and butter curler, baking powder and yeast....

Help anyone with tips on brands and more???

I mean i really cant decide on which of these rolling pins to get.
Both are silicone [cool] , the first with handles is 3*3* 22inches and the second with is 2*2*20 inches....
I think that size would include the handles rite?
that means the second one is longer?
Both are not the tapering kind ,which is good!
Was really wondering which one would be great to roll out cookies and tarts as well as Indian Chappattis!
Thats a Mickey mouse cookie cutter and a measuring cup with digital scale cool is that...both are at my astore and if u want to send it ur family in India...well  will be happy to help!

Or which nifty tool would give me some great chocolate curls...And  the chocolate and butter curlers make my work a little more ...err...difficult for now but so muc easier when i do get them...
I would have loved these ...
But my choice is between these..
Cherry pitters 
Ok am chosin between the [they r all here ]
2. the Talisman-Designs-Cherry-Chomper-Pitter
4.Progressive-International-Cherry-Multiple-CherrY Pitter.

Ahh ,cant forget a stand mixer ,can i?

For those ,like me, for whom their SLK or Beetle [read Kitchen Aid Artisan/all metal hamilton beach ] is a dream for later, well here's an excellent deal....
Really cool for less than 4k INR.


  1. This stuff is all so cute! I love the plaid cupcake liners, they are truly adorable! There's some really useful kitchen tools here too! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, Mia! :)

  2. Cute little Ramekins..I love them and then I love the butter curlers. Have fun! Enjoy the ramekins! Happy weekend dear!

  3. Oh my ..everything is so gud...dont know which one to say is best...wonderful post...u r sure the kitchen aid mixer is less than 4K INR??

  4. Very beautiful kitchen appliances mia...some of them are really lovely

  5. Lovely post ;) I love that cake stand, so beautiful.

  6. Hi Mia

    Loved the collection of your kitchen appliances. Hope to get such an array of equipments one day.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  7. Hey Priti , its even cheaper than than that:-))

    check out these links


  8. PRITI,its a hamilton beach ,not kitchen aid, the best i loved in that range, if u look around there are lods more options and bdw, Shop your world , is based in Singapore..

    Check this one too , its only 1.8k inr.

  9. Thanxx FAITH and same to u too!!!

    i love 'em too COOL LASSIE!!!

    SUSH , thanxx a ton!!

    ANCOO , am so waiting for the cake stand to come too:-))

    DEEPA, am sure u will have some soonnnnnnnn,hop by to shop ur ,some of the stuff is so affordable!!

  10. Beautiful stuff !! love all of them...enjoy the weekend Mia !

  11. Beautiful stuff! I particularly like the heart shaped measuring tools :-)

    Enjoy the weekend, dear Mia!

  12. Same to u guys too , JAGS and RACHANA , have a super weekend!!!

    Isnt the stuff so so adorable......RACHANA???LOve the hearts so muc too!!!

  13. My my I'm head over heals after goin thro ur wondeful collection.Luv 2 get some of these..ah,hope n hope i can get it delivered to my place.your ramekins are super cool!

  14. les cuillères en forme de cœur elles sont sublimes, j'adore
    bonne journée

  15. NIMI ,they will deliver to ur doorstep and they have an excellent network and service too!!!
    U'll love how easy shopping is now:-))

    Obrigado Fimère.

  16. I can't blame you if you're so thrilled, becauser I myself would be so excited having all those gadgets and stuff. Funny that I shop more kitchen stuff rather than clothes.


  17. Wow so many things i loved every bit of it.... nd especially the cake holder i dont have one :(

  18. MALOU,im on the same page as u , id rather shop for these goodies than clothes:-))
    But am happy with both

  19. APS..i love the cake plate too and am so waitin for mine to come in..

  20. What a dazzling display of kitchen ware. I, too, love the cake stand. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  21. Such fun, my dear Mia! Don't you adore the heart cupcake liners? I got my order and LOVE what I ordered...such pretty little liners. Can't wait to make some cupcakes!

    Your lists and photos of odds and ends for the kitchen is perfect! I have lots of them already (because I am obsessed!) but there sure were some I'd like to add!

    Have a lovely week!

  22. Yeah BARBARA, i am loving BIP so so muc, all their stuff is cool and pretty and cute!!

    Ur jus some1 i need to talk to about tools and am off to dart u an email!

    Would love to see u post about ur collection sometime!!!

  23. Your site is dangerous to visit today with all of these goodies! I want it all!

  24. Que de jolis ustensiles de cuisine. j'en ai certains mais pas tous.
    Ils sont très jolis.
    A bientôt.

  25. I LOVE all the stuff you've purchased and love all the links to where I can buy them :) I really really love all those gorgeous cupcake liners and will be ordering some soon. So glad we have the net to find almost anything we want for purchase! I'm going to follow some of your links to shop. Oh..btw..are curves really back in? I'm so out of the loop lately lol

  26. I love all this beautiful stuff for baking and cooking! I would love to have all those cupcake liners. So pretty! Have fun baking!!

  27. JO ...LOL...

    Muitissmo Obrigado NAdji!!!

  28. LISA, u make me grin ...u make me laugh ...u make me love and smile...

    YEah all the stuff is so so excitn...
    Sure curves are back...on the BEETLe, did u see the ad?
    Well dont watch it when ur hungry!!

    And LISA , for me u r never outa loop , whatever the mirror my say!!!

  29. Thanxx CINNAMON GURL, am on the same page and yeah baking jus got prettier and fun too.

  30. Thanks again, Mia! The herbal waters arrived just now (in time for my BBQ on the 4th) and I put them in the fridge. Can't wait to try one!

  31. BARBARA , am so excited for u and thrilled about their timely arrival!!
    Am sure u and ur daughter loved them @ 4th July BBQ!


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